Your support means a lot to us. Thank you, Music. The 2022 mazda mx 30 is a compelling vehicle at face value, its a stylish electric compact with the dynamics you expect of a modern mazda, a quirky interior and great features, and in terms of price. The base mx30 costs 33 470, while the premium plus model adds more features for 36 480. But those attributes only paint part of a more disappointing picture with 100 miles of range and a puny 35.5 kilowatt hour battery pack mazdas first foray into the ev space falls. Well, below average, its also only available in california for the time being, which some might categorize as a compliance car, not to mention just 560 brave souls, will be able to get their hands on one this year. The good news is that a plug in hybrid version will be available in all 50 states, although that wont happen for another few months. Until then, ev shoppers in the market for a mazda should probably hold out to see what the next few years provide. While the mx30 is an electric crossover high on charm and style. Those benefits dont outweigh this cars. Many faults: mazdas kodo design language, looks beautiful on all of its vehicles, mx30 included. The compact crossover borrows cues from the cx 30, like the sloped roofline and cladding, but it employs a sharper design language than the gas alternative. The mx30s front, grille is smaller. The headlights are flatter and cleaner and the c pillar introduces a stylish silver trim with mazda embossing.

The tail lights with rounded led finishes. Look great too, and, of course, the rear freestyle doors are a cool carryover from the dearly departed rx 8 and give the mx30 a sleeker look. The ceramic metallic paint on this tester with a standard black roof is an 895 option. Although we recommend you spend the extra 100 bucks for mazdas signature, soul, red metallic 995, its way more interesting and a single set of 18 inch wheels comes standard across the board, so the visual options are limited inside is where the mx30 stands out from the rest Of the mazda range it features a revised take on the brands, traditional interior design, with a new shifter, an additional touchscreen for climate controls and a gorgeous floating center console with storage behind it. The mx30 even introduces a material uncommon in modern cars. Cork, its a fun nod to the company s inception as a cork manufacturer cloth coats, the center of the seats with faux leather accents surrounding it, black pleather dots, the other surfaces of the mx30s cabin and all of it looks and feels high quality, hard black plastics And brushed aluminum fixtures make up most of the center console too, and both of those materials are sturdy and feel nice to the touch. The mx30 offers ample overhead space and legroom if youre sitting in either of the front chairs the 38.5 inches of front headroom arent. As good as what alternatives like the ford, mustang mach e, 40.

5 inches and chevrolet bolt 40.1 inches offer, but the difference is barely noticeable for your six foot tall author, the mazdas 41.6 inches of front legroom, on the other hand, are class, competitive, besting, the volkswagen id .4, 41.4 inches and tesla model y 41.0 by a smidge, but still down compared to others like the mach e. The flat nature of the dash and the low mounted center console helps things feel airy from the front compartment too.