com im here in pasadena, california and im sitting in a mercedes, benz eqs 450 plus. This is a big luxurious. All electric sedan from mercedes and im gon na take it for a quick test, drive drive it on the freeway head up to the angelus crest and see how something this large actually handles in the hills a little bit and then drive it through some city driving At stop and go traffic in the meantime, please, like this video and subscribe to our channel. It really helps us out thanks Music im fresh off driving an audi rs e tron gt, which is lower taller smaller and got almost twice as much power. This thing has 329 horsepower and 406 pound feet of torque, so lets see how it does flooring it on this on ramp now, thats fast, but its not nearly as fast as what you would expect from a high end, tesla with the dual motor system or the Tycon and audi rs e tron gt, this thing is rear, drive only and its lower spec. There is like an amg version with more power and all wheel drive this one, however, does 350 miles of range, which is really in competition with tesla and sort of the lower end lucid. I guess this car costs 103 000 to start and the amg one costs a lot more, but the purpose from mercedes of unveiling the eqs, which is a 2022 model year, is more for sort of luxury cruising its not for that sporty eevee vibe that porsche and Audi and sort of the high spec tesla model s plaid is going for.

This has so much room im six foot one you can see. Ive got a good amount of headroom here, the seats all the way down, but its not nearly all the way back. Weve got these little cushions here just for the coved precautions, but the impressive part to me is i set up my seat and then i went and sat in the back tons of leg room. I got in the audi rs itron gt, did the exact same thing and felt super cramped now the seats here in the back are a little upright and weve got sort of that semi sort of sportback coupe roofline that basically, everyone is doing these days because it Gives such aerodynamic benefits – and this is a true hatchback, so you can open it up, and the roof, as you can see here, is above the rear seats entirely. Weve also got huge, panoramic, sunroofs and, of course, its impossible not to talk about this enormous touchscreen dash, which is absolutely ludicrous. This is the future of automotive interior design, infotainment dash control gauges. I dont even know whats going on over there and im, not even going to have anything close to enough time to check out what it can all do. Right now, ive just got the nav going. You can see im headed up towards the angeles press here on the freeway and the ride is super smooth, so far, ive got it in max regen. So if i take my foot off the brake, it does slow down for you, which i really like its kind of my thing with electric cars.

I want that one pedal driving the interior is also super. Nice textures weve got what feels like a synthetic leather steering wheel, but its pretty nice, its not alcantara, though this is sort of a fake suede. I do not like slayed it. I do not like how kantara it gives me the willies, but that would only be applicable if i had a more sensitive elbow im really appreciating the whole interior design. I like these sort of turbine ac vents, which are doing a moderate job. Keeping me cool and im sure i could turn the fan up a little bit here. This huge touch screen is pretty. Nice would take a little bit of getting used to again. Ive only got this car for a few minutes, so im not going to be able to go through every little feature here. Weve got this little glow line on the smooth waterline of the dash that comes around youve got the classic mercedes benz seat, adjusters on the door, which you know – okay, i guess thats cool, but its. Not that cool one funny little detail that i do know about this car, but im not again gon na have a chance to check out is. I believe that it has scents as in smells. It will create artificial odors to improve the ambiance of your driving experience. Automakers have realized that the only way to really differentiate these cars other than styling is with these creature.

Comforts like the huge dash and apparently all the way down to your olfactory sense of smell the wheels and tires on this thing are 20 inch, wheels, theyre wearing 255 rubber and its square all around again thats helping to create sort of a softer ride than some Of the other evs ive driven, which go with the biggest wheels possible low profile towers and really wide tires to help put all that torque to the ground immediately and not just burn out. This thing, doesnt have quite so much power but having narrower tires, make for a quieter ride, theyre, more aerodynamic and theyre a little softer. But here we are up in the corners. The angelus christ is starting to have some turns, were off the freeway, and this thing definitely has a lot more body, roll than say a tesla model 3 or model s or an audi rsd tron gt like the one i just drove then again, its taller and More comfortable, so thats, just a trade off you have to make. Is anybody really buying an ev for a hardcore track monster? No, because how many laps are you gon na get in before you killed your battery its a legitimate question? Probably you want a gas vehicle for that. This is sort of for the true purpose of an ev, which is why the tesla model x, the model s and model y, are sort of larger and more comfortable, like this mercedes eqs.

Its got a really good turning radius. You just saw that. U turn because this does have four wheel, steering you can sort of feel it kick in as youre turning, and this probably comes more in handy in town, but this is a large vehicle and that four wheel steering you sort of turn the steering wheel and you Have normal steering and then you feel it go and it changes the weight a little bit so its not as refined as i would maybe expect from a hundred thousand dollar electric sedan from mercedes benz, which is all about prioritizing the luxurious, feel and predictable driving dynamics. But itll probably help keep that turning radius down on such a big vehicle heading back downhill its sort of a hassle to keep my foot on the gas. Even though the accelerator pedal in this car is very nice, its got a very linear travel motion to go with your power delivery, but as im going downhill, and i want to be sort of engine breaking rather than keeping my foot on, i can change the regen Or what mercedes calls recuperation by using these paddle shifters on the steering wheel, which is sort of something that ive seen in a number of different evs now? And i always thought it was a gimmick. And this is the first time that ive really liked it. And in fact now ive got no recuperation on all and were just cruising down the hill quite nicely, and then i can turn it on its like a downshift.

You would call it. Maybe it says minus on the paddle shifter, but shouldnt it be plus because theres more regen or recuperation now its getting a little steeper ive got increased, recuperation and now its going to bring me to a full stop. So i got ta keep going now. Im not usually a big fan of massive panoramic sunroofs like this. They tend to let the cabin heat up a little too much, and then you worry about getting sun in your eyes and you worry about sun entering the cabin just when the car is parked normally. So thats an important consideration when it comes to aging, but then again this is an ev lets, be honest, no ones buying these things, theyre just leasing them because they dont want to have them for more than three or five years before the batteries need to be Replaced or they start worrying about electric vehicle reliability pulling onto the freeway again youve just got plenty of power, but now the sun is in my eyes because of this panoramic sunroof, i dont know how to close the shade, so were just gon na deal with it. Oh its a touch function. You just slide your finger along this little touchpad here and it closes that thats nice. Now the glare is out of my eye. I really appreciate it. This is just a mesh thing, but it helps its not a fully solid sunroof sort of visor. Some things to talk about are sort of the touch functions of the non touch screen area.

The steering wheel. Controls are sort of that sensitive plastic piano black plastic material. That feels a little cheap with 100 000 car same for the mirror controls over here and they sort of like depress slightly and then go click, but its just one smooth surface its, not an actual button im, not really a big fan of that at all. I do, however, appreciate that we do still have buttons on the steering wheel and for controlling some of the more physical functions, whereas tesla has everything going on in the center screen down to adjusting the rear view mirrors, you have to select that in the large center Screen and then use the little balls on the steering wheel now were coming up on some city streets, as i go back to return this vehicle because ive only got 30 minutes in it. These are a little bit bumpy roads here in pasadena and im going to be curious to see how this eqs handles it. So far, it has been very smooth and quiet, which is kind of the point of again a family hauler with enough space and all electric power, its just a smooth ride. You have very linear pedal travel for power delivery, which is sort of a concern with the really powerful evs you just end up sort of punching it by accident. Thats, probably something you get used to if you live with one, but with this one i feel like im, already sort of unconsciously being conscious of saving battery and that long pedal travel actually contributes to that now i just came to a stop and i had turned Off the regen coming down the hill on the angeles crest and i was like why isnt it breaking and then i had to push the brake harder than expected thats.

Just again, you got to keep track of what settings youre in now, im in increased recuperation again for city driving and its gon na stop for me here we go im gon na. Do the regen and it sort of starts with the regen and then gets stronger. So you might come up short until you really get used to it. There we go nailed it with just a little bit of practice there. I really, i really like regen. I cant say it enough. It is one of those things you have to get used to, and i kind of dig that mercedes is doing it. So you really modulate how much youre lifting off of the accelerator pedal. Do we call it a throttle. Pedal, i dont know theres no throttle in this car. You got plenty of power here in the city, its theres theres, no concerns with that. I dont think you need to step up to the amg version and pay a lot more just if you want more power. Now, if you want all wheel, drive traction if you live in somewhere with bad weather and youre going to be facing rain and snow. A lot thats another thing because all of these electric cars with so much torque in the rain, unless they have really good traction control systems, they may end up just spinning out thats a concern when youve got the narrower tires that are 255 on this car. Im. Really getting used to the regen in this car, and i really like it, the ride is super smooth.

The interior is pretty nice, although not perfect, and i think mercedes has probably nailed it. The question will be whether enough customers are going to be okay with the sort of bulbous fish like whale like exterior styling, and whether that hundred thousand dollar plus price point is going to be sort of a detriment as more eevees come to the market. I hope you enjoyed watching this video getting a chance to see more of the mercedes benz eqs thanks again for watching and as always, please like this video and subscribe to our channel.