Today we are looking at a 2018 chevrolet bolt ev. Here is your key fob. It has the chevrolet logo on the back and heres your unlock, lock, remote start and panic, and you do have a key that you can take out in case the battery dies or something you do have keyless entry on all four doors: stepping inside to start the Car you put the key fob anywhere inside the car. You put your foot on the brake and hit the blue power button to start it. You do have a three spoke final wrap steering wheel right here. You have your shifter and your electronic parking brake. So to change gears, you press the button on the side and then pull it down into drive and then l mode is a regenerative braking. So it helps you um regain charge when you slow down, go up to neutral and then up and then to the left. For reverse and in reverse, you do have a backup camera and you can turn on and off the guidelines and to put it in park, press this button and to lower the part and to disengage the parking brake he presses down and to reengage the parking brake. You pull it up right here. You do have your signals and over here you have your windshield wiper controls, so pull it down once to just do one seat with the windshield pull it up for low and you can adjust the intermittent settings, pull it up for a constant low sweep and then Pull it up for fast sweeping here, you can pull it back to spray windshield, washer, fluid and right here you have your back windshield wiper controls so turn it once to intermittently sweep the wipers and then turn it one more, and then it constantly sweeps and to Pull and to squirt the rear, windshield wiper, with which we can shield washer fluid you pull that button down on the steering wheel.

You have many different buttons. This is for cruise control and you can scroll between your favorite channels on the radio. You have voice command and you can hang up. You can hang up the telephone and this is to navigate this screen right here right here. You do, have your odometer, it says you can change that between miles an hour and kilometers an hour. You have your range over there, you have your miles your total miles and you have your power usage and what gear youre in down in the bottom right corner and right there. It does say the car is ready over here. You have your window controls the drivers, side, windows, fully automatic Music. You have your window lock and your mirror controls over here. You also have your door locks right here, so you press it to lock press it to unlock. You also have your headlight controls here. So pull it down here to disengage the auto light control and then turn it once again to re re engage the auto light control. You also have your display brightness settings here. You do have your vents right here. You can adjust them up and down over here. You have your um screen its a very nice big screen, which i like um here you can you have your you? Can you can use this to scroll or you can do it on the screen? You have the heated seat button, but since the base model it does not have heated seats, so you cant turn them on.

Sadly, actually right here. If we got the premiere, it would have heated steering wheel and it would have leather, but sadly we dont you have your power button to turn on the radio to the growers and it wasnt hard to find them its an okay, sound system, its not the best, Though you can press this button to go to home, and then you have your hazards button down here, sport mode on and off you have your traction control on and off right here you have your um climate settings right now you can its to the just to The drivers face you can turn it so its also to the drivers. Foot. You have your defrost settings right here. You can adjust the temperature right here. You have your auto fan speed and you also have your fan speed right here, Applause. You have blank switches here and you have a very not well made and very cheap uh white trim right here. Yeah it fell off like maybe a year after we got the car and we were – and we did not touch this here. You can also adjust the seats, so you can pull this to raise the seat height, pull it down to lower the seat height, pull this up to make the um hole this whole part of the seat move forward and back and down here you can pull this Lever to move up the seat and make it move back same with the passenger seat up here you do have your sun visors and pull them out and they do extend, which is very nice.

You have your um onstar and your voice command. I believe that is, and you have your sls button, you have your map lights here. You can turn them on and off over. Here you have another sun visor, you have your mirror, you can adjust and back here you do have um. Sorry. Let me turn around: you do have your rear mat lights, reading lights or whatever you call them so thats, a nice, oh and over here you do have more storage as well as here and here you have your um center console. You can rest your arm. Its somewhat okay, its i mean its somewhat comfortable, you can make it move forward and back open it. You can store some. You can store a good amount of stuff. You can lift this up and store a lot of stuff. Its very deep down here. You do have usb ports and a headphone jack and down here you have some extra storage and a cigarette outlet. You can store some tissues or some other stuff. You want down there right here. You do have your charging port up here and you do have more vents there. This car is very high off the ground. It almost feels like youre sitting in a minivan or suv over here you have your glove box, its a average size, glove box. You can fit a good amount of stuff in here. The drivers side, windows, fully automatic stepping outside you do have your charging port right here.

This is for fast charging this for normal charging. You also have your hood release inside the car. Pull that up its hard to open, if you have to pull it sideways there we go in here. You do have your electric motor, and this is your um hood holder. So you pull this up and then plug it into that hole. So the hood holds right here. You have your turn signals and your headlights led running headlights, your reflectors, your high beams. You have your grill and your chevrolet logo. You have your bottom grille right here and your other headlights. It says bolt ev right here. You have your mirrors and you also have your um. I believe these are five spoke um silver alloy wheels on the premiere. You do get black accenting, but this is a base model, its all silver. You do have your rear, windshield wiper, your logo, your rear, taillights. Your funky pattern, which i like you, have your reflectors and down here. You have your access: okay, clean air, vehicle, reflectors, reverse lights, and your signals – and here you do – have your lights youre in your backup camera and you pull up this button to open the trunk. So in here you get a very deep trunk, you can put a decent amount of stuff, you have your lights here, and this is to anchor a car seat back here in case you need that you also have your cargo net and to close the trunk you Hold this, you have your volt ev right here, stepping into the back seat, its very high off the ground.

This car, you do have your um door, handle your window controls its automatic down, but its not automatic. You have your door lock right here, your seat belt, and you have your white and gray claw seats and you can make these headrests turn back like that in case. You want to do that and you can adjust them on the back of the front of the drivers seat. You have a soft, i guess you can see mesh like material. You have hard touch plastic here. Most of the plastic is um honestly pretty cheap. It doesnt feel that well made. This is all hard touch. This is um its basically hard touch, theres, no padding so its very uncomfortable. When you rest your arm like that, you do have storage here and you can put a cup there or some other storage. Oh, oh gosh, sorry about that um! You do not have any storage here, its all plastic and for the same for the other side, so lets shut the car off. It has a rear seat reminder so you dont forget, like your child or something back there or someone back there press this to clear that. Oh it cleared itself and then here it tells you how much energy usage you have.