My blue painters tape is holding on here is our situation. This is the brand new x5 45e, the plug in hybrid x5, by the way plug in hybrids, wont have this issue. This is a tesla model, three, with zero percent state of charge, completely dead stranded here plugged into a wall outlet and the reason that drew is plugged into a wall. Outlet is actually a road was closed on the way to the supercharger and the next nearest charger is over a mountain pass that he couldnt make it to with frigid temperatures outside theres, less usable capacity in the battery pack and well just couldnt quite make it, however, Drew was smart, its your fault, really totally. Okay, you were smart and came to a charge point station. What how many? What percent did you arrive with zero and uh, really windy out here and cold frigid, and the charge point unit that drew could have charged up on is completely bricked and not working? So this is a situation as to what do you do when you have no cell service to call anyone and your batterys dead well were going to toe charge you so so were going to try. It were going to hook it up to the x5, the plug in hybrid, that has the 3 liter turbocharged combustion engine for the extra power. You know just that future stuff for a dinosaur juice were going to hook it up to your tesla were actually going to see how much power we can get back into your battery pack.

Now worst case, you could have stayed overnight on the 110. yeah yeah sure yeah yeah. They would let you sleep here, maybe yeah and heres the charger thats, not working. So when you arrive to a charger you expect to work and you cant activate it well. This is quite a problem. I spoke to some of the ladies inside of this non profit, the old gallery here just outside of estes park, i believe its an allens park. They said theyve been trying to get this to work for years and get it connected. Theyve been paying for connected services and apparently all of their emails and phone calls are going completely unanswered. So if anyone at chargepoint or the service providers watching please lets get this sorted because right now we have to tow the tesla, because charging infrastructure is letting us down so heres. How we have it set up, looks like we got it hooked here. That looks secure onto the tesla tow hook into the tow package on the x5. We got to be really gentle, because these technically arent really load rated. This is a little janky, but hey its. What we got to do so lets uh lets head out. You ready were duct taping, this thing painters, tape, doesnt, like yeah, lose tension and pop out. Basically, this is great jordan. Why dont you ride in the tesla and ah and film, and i will ride in the x5 im gon na, try and tow you in the electric mode on the x5 and see? If? Because how much horsepower is the electric, i think motor horsepower electric motor and thats ahead of the transmission, so its just gon na its gon na well go slow hazards on and youre gon na go full regen? Are you gon na do track mode with regen increased um? That would be the quickest way lets.

Try that, because i can always turn it off, you can always turn it off. Yeah, okay, it is cold out there, 25 degrees. Fahrenheit lets start this thing up because we have a combustion engine. I can turn all the heated seat. Heated steering wheel stuff on uh, like i mentioned, were gon na try telling in electric mode. Individual settings is basically all of the consumption we have just under 50 state of charge in the battery pack. Here its about 18 kilowatt hours, usable, i think, were probably gon na – have to go into combustion mode, but basically thats. All im gon na do im just gon na hook. This thing up, put it in drive and were gon na rock and roll. I have no idea how to communicate with the guys behind us, because we dont have walkie talkies or cell phone receptions, so i guess um yeah well use a series of beeps lets establish some communication before we head out back into park on the crystal shifter. All right, kyles pulling us in the x5, were figuring it out. Weve set our region to 100.. What else are we doing? Yeah yeah thats, pretty much it i mean i guess were not racing. So maybe some stability control is a good idea. Hows. The temperature in here uh 28 degrees Laughter. We have no heat. Meanwhile kyles in there with his heated armrest heated seats, heated steering wheel, sweating. I guess we should have a bit of communication between us, okay, so so i i think one beep one long beep means from me from you yeah, because i can just stop yeah uh is like faster and then a lot of beeps would be slower.

Um. Does that make sense, okay, whatever sure it works, or how about ill just do flashlights. If you can see them, i cant really see you in the mirror. So well, okay got it at least the way we are so long beep is go faster. Yeah just is faster and jordan youre gon na film. How you got this thing, set up cold battery at zero yikes lets. Do it off. We go im pulling them. Oh boy. This is going to be wild hope. He keeps the tension on the line thats. The worst part, can i pull up the camera behind me. Doesnt seem to let me theres the tension building up and i guess well go hazards on and were gon na pull out onto this main road. Are you kidding me so then theyve stopped im applying power? Oh theyve, let us go and were full throttle in electric mode on to the floor, you can see were using all the power available got the tesla right there behind us. This is awesome, pretty good uh if he is in electric mode, thats, pretty impressive, honestly yeah, but were gon na need yeah. This is wide open 20 miles an hour in electric mode were going to need more juice than this, so um yeah lets just keep it at 25 miles an hour or so, but were going downhill im going to keep it in ev mode. This is a little sketchy, i think, but hilarious yeah, you cant, even see him in the mirror you can over here.

I guess yeah. All right we are off. Cute seats are on so now we can survive. We got mount massive in the distance or whatever its called yeah beautiful, beautiful, beautiful place to get stranded good good job weve got the little tape holding us there, its working out great getting showered with rocks good thing. I dont care too much about my pain Music, which is fine, zeros, fine, yeah, better than uh right yeah. I know i like keep having like moments of like wanting to panic break. My blue painters tape is holding on its good well, we were cruising along nicely, but its running out of electric juice were at 22 miles an hour in ev mode. Weve got cars going by so were just driving down the shoulder here and uh. Im wide open throttle in ev mode 16 miles an hour. I was trying to get our consumption data, but it doesnt yeah 0.6 miles per kilowatt hour. Yeah were gon na have to go into hybrid mode yeah. So now were now. We have the combustion engine, helping us out. You can hear it working away in the back. It was fun to try ev mode, but for some of the hill climbs it just couldnt. Do it so yeah now its revving out. This is awesome. We just hit one percent state of charge, so we are moving in the correct direction. Think kyles switching modes so hows the the the driving dynamics being toe charged, drew uh its a little jerky uh kyles uh in control of our speed, so im just basically a passenger here passenger with a brake pedal right with my with my foot over the brake Um because yeah well have you know 0.

01 seconds to react if he needs to stop quickly yeah, but we just hit two percent instead of charge, so its working yeah, its working thats, actually pretty good yeah, pretty quick way faster than charging on the wall outlet. Ten times faster, three percent wow – i dont know if this is sketchy or not, but were doing 45 miles an hour with the tesla hooked up. Downshifting working this thing up: the hills, man. This is a strong powertrain here in the x5. It just does not even care about this thing behind it. Im just touching the throttle, but im keeping the revs up just to keep it happy were hitting the corners honestly. I dont even feel this thing behind us, its great all right, so we are now at seven percent state of charge and weve only gone like four miles. Maybe five miles yep, no, its really oh thats, so cringy yeah, the battery is warming up, were warming up its great its great, except for the rocks. Was that chipped there before yeah? It was okay coming to a stop now at nine percent. That was an interesting uh cars freaking outside i dont know disabled, probably getting a little hot, but now we can now we got enough to make it all right. Success, wow, all right, howd it go back there. We did like 50. yeah were going 50 miles out. How many miles have we gone? Maybe five i dont even know i reset the trip computer yeah 2.

3 miles ago. I dont know, lets take a look at the efficiency on this engine. Fans are running. I guess it just shuts off. I wanted to keep it running. Uh driving information trip, data 2.4 miles per kilowatt hour was good, but only four and a half miles to the gallon. When you were behind me, it was about a half a mile per kilowatt hour, which is 2 000 watt hour per mile. Weve gone exactly three and a half miles: okay, so three and a half miles and weve charged nine percent really yeah thats the. So we literally went three miles. You got nine percent thats almost 25 miles of range right, so thats. Why we stopped you its like? Now we can get to estes, yeah, yeah and and uh. It must have got too hot or something because it just freaked out and said: regen disabled, oh okay, well, thats! All you needed! So you drive it down to zero again, then we tell you again. If you need, i think we can make it this things got torque, though, did you feel it yeah yeah, weird to feel it yeah? Well, when we went like 10 miles an hour, i was wide open in electric mode and then kicked on the combustion engine, and then this thing just rocketed from that point: the little plug in x5 x545e with laser headlights. All right lets get this thing to the supercharger and well finish off this little video.

Well, after just a little quick charge, look were doing 60 miles an hour behind drew and uh thats all an eevee needs. I think rivians have a specific toe charge mode right. Uh i dont know uh. I know they did it in the long way, yeah yeah, but either way. You know we weve done this for a long time. Ive done towing with ev videos before for our out of spec motoring channel back when that was the only thing, and we wanted to see what the efficiency losses were by doing this between a model x, towing our smart car, but at the end of the day, Like that is one of the most useful things you can keep in an electric car is just a tow rope and find some dude give him five bucks and say: hey. Can you drive me up the road for three miles because three miles we generated about 20 ish miles of range 25., nine percent – the cars technically – is about 300 miles, so its almost yeah 28 27 miles away. Something like that over three miles of tow charging. Thats, incredible thats amazing and look hes just driving around like normal traffic. Now, although he probably has hvac off and is freezing in there – and we have the heated armrests – oh thats, lovely the lovely x5. But i will say our plug in range is now down to under 25 um. We could just set it to charge off the combustion engine, we can plug it in or we could just drive downhill on the way into town and thatll charge us up.

So a lot of options here ive been a plug in hybrid naysayer. Fundamentally but honestly, in a situation like this, that this thing came in handy and really any car with juice could have helped, but um yeah, just just up here today: cold weather 25 degrees fahrenheit outside. We never once worried about running out of range in this and well. We ran the tesla out, but well blame drew because he didnt charge on his way up and welcome to the stanley hotel, where i think they filmed the shining thats where it was inspired. Yeah inspired by yeah and the x5 did pretty well so whatd you actually arrive with uh four percent. Thats amazing yeah. So lets see your bet. Oh chargeports, not happy Laughter come on baby. There you go all right. Lets. Take a look at the charging speeds cold battery and it was just abused so lets see. Also you see all those fire trucks heading the other way yeah and like police, and it wasnt us for the first time. Yeah all right lets take a look at this thing. Two kilowatts, cold weather super charging is always pretty bad, so lets turn off. All ancillary loads. Heated seats wont make a difference, wow, damn its doing well. 80, 90 holy smokes, 114 kilowatts, theres, a version 250 kilowatt, of course, but uh thats, pretty impressive for showing the blue battery icon. So one last thing before we wrap up the video ill flip, the camera and ill explain.

You guys said you had seen a region limitation, uh yeah, a warning came up that said: regen regen reduced right, uh, yeah, reduced or disabled one of those yeah. So if you go down a really steep hill in a tesla, i think it overheats the inverters feeding pack, and so we probably hit that limit and what would probably have helped is if we werent at 100 regen in track mode sure if we had used 50 Percent, we probably could have towed you longer, but i dont know if the total energy gained would be better would have been half or twice the distance like i or you know, dont know, but either way we got you here, tow charging that saved. You know having to send a tow truck up that way and waiting and finding service and very cold night uh sleeping at that yeah. With a one point outlet, yeah and um yeah, i got ta say the x5 didnt even care that uh we were towing behind. Pretty amazing didnt even feel you didnt bend any of the tow hook stuff, so we are were good and good no damage and rescued. Well, i guess well see you later appreciate it.