Please subscribe to this channel to get the latest video updates. Thank you. Music Applause, Music Applause, Music chevrolet has decided to join the wave of upcoming electric trucks and announce that they are releasing an all electric version of the silverado as the first electric truck in their lineup. The silverado f is slated to debut on january 5th, at ces 2022. Not much is known about the pickup, but some details about the design and specs have been released. Both fleet and retail versions are being made available, which means consumers should have a multitude of options to choose from on the retail versions. Comes the highlighted segment leading feature: a fixed glass roof? This marks the first time gm uses such a design element on a full size, pickup truck the fixed glass roof, offers greater visibility, increased headroom and an overall feeling of spaciousness for passengers. The silverado ave has been confirmed to be powered by gms altium batteries. This gives the vehicle an estimated range of more than 400 miles when fully charged also confirmed is the use of four wheel steer, as the name suggests. This allows the car to steer all four wheels at once a feature that improves both turning and stability. No new safety features have been announced, but there may be some in the works that have yet to be revealed. Chevy, silverado, f production is set to begin in early 2023. According to the detroit news. As a result, the model may end up being a 2023 or 2024 vehicle official release date.

Information has not yet been announced, well have to wait and see if an official answer comes when chevrolet debuts the truck on january 5th, just like the release date, we cant say for certain what the pricing on this new model will be given all the new features And how its an ev its safe to assume that it will likely be pricier than the current silverado, which ranges from thirty thousand nine hundred ninety five dollars to fifty four thousand nine hundred ninety five dollars, depending on the trim for anyone looking to save some money On this end, pickup truck its important to note that gm is not currently eligible for a federal of tax credit, but the government is considering expanding its eligibility.