It had some pretty big shoes to fill and whilst the original mustang became one of the best cars on the market almost instantly, this electric mackey finds itself having to compete with a growing list of rivals, namely the polestar 2 and the volkswagen id4. So in this review were going to find out what we like, what we dont like, how it drives and, most importantly, how it competes with the other cars in its class im, charlie atkinson, and welcome to evie powers review of the ford mustang mackie Music Music. Now i know what youre thinking this mackie looks like your typical, sporty mustang, but theres, something not quite right and no your eyes arent playing tricks on you, because this suv crossover has been disguised as a coupe and thats all to do with the two different colors That theyve used because youve got this bit here, which makes it look really sleek and slender, but its actually, this black bit up top here, which gives you the size and the practicality that you want from an suv. It basically looks like your typical mustang thats been hitting the mince pies pretty hard over christmas. But, to be honest, i dont mind that i think it looks really good anyway and im not afraid to put my neck on the line and say that this is probably my favorite looking ev on the market right now. Theres also a few cool features on the outside as well such as, firstly, this fake grille design, with this really cool mustang logo, and also one of the best number plates ive ever seen on a test car and even though you cant use them here in the Uk there is also the option for pin coded entry, which is really cool and something ive never really seen before on a car.

I also really love how the back end of this car lights up look, so the mackie is certainly better looking than its rivals, but how does it compare on all the important bits, such as price and range when it comes to range? The ford mustang mackie really sets the standard for electric vehicles in this class. This model has a range of up to 379 miles and earlier this year it also sets a guinness world record for the lowest energy consumption in an electric car on a journey from lands. End to jono groats, so pretty good, then now in terms of price, the ford mustang mackie starts from just over 42 and a half thousand pounds which seems like a good deal when you compare it to the price of a pulse r2, for example. Now i actually had this delivered on the same day that had an audi e tron and for a car that is significantly cheaper and that beats it on range. It seems well worth its money, especially when theres not too much difference elsewhere, ill start with the inside, because the interior of this car has got absolutely everything you want from an electric car, including this machusiv tesla style ipad, which glued to the dash, which does absolutely Everything you want its got: a million and one features its probably not as advanced as the tesla style one, but its still really really good and is the centerpiece of the inside of this car.

Now it is an suv, so you have got quite a lot of space and as well youve got this panoramic sunroof up there, which bleeds loads of natural light into the car, which makes it feel really nice and airy and, above all else, youve also got these Really comfy seats uh with the red detailing, which is really nice and its just a nice touch and yeah. Just generally, ford have done a really really nice job with the inside of this car elsewhere, theres a decent amount of space in the back, even if you are pretty tall and theres also a massive 402 liters of boot capacity, which is really good and right up. There, with some of the biggest youll, find in an electric suv in terms of tech. You also have 360 degree parking cameras. Wireless charging pads for your phone park assist and a bno sound system as well, so youre, properly kitted out its so far so good. For the mustang, but lets see what its like on the road so lets go over some of the stats. First of all, this car offers 351 brake horsepower and can deliver 580 newton meters of torque, all of which helps this car accelerate from 0 to 60. In 5.1 seconds, so it packs a bit of a punch, but compared to something like the pulse r2, for example, it doesnt feel quite as sharp and thats, mainly due to its weight compared to the polestar 2.

This is over 500 kilograms, heavier and thats, mainly due to the size of the battery that it needs to deliver that really impressive range. However, regardless of whether this is slower or faster than some of its rivals, the fact remains that the ford mustang mackie is an absolute bundle of fun to drive, especially when you start playing around with all the different driving modes. Youve got whisper mode, which is fords equivalent of an eco mode. Youve got active, which is the regular comfort mode if you like, but youve also got the brilliantly named untamed mode, which turns this into an absolute beast and its really so much fun to drive. Once you have it in untamed mode, you can also activate the propulsion sound system which will artificially create the noise of a traditional mustang inside the car, and it will sound a little something like this and that right there is the end result. It just puts a massive smile on your face and i know us ev users go on about how we dont really need the noise from a car and its really not that important. But when you can have a noise like that, it really really is fun and it does make this car so much more enjoyable to drive but of course, on a day to day basis, youre not going to be thrashing this car around every chance you get most Of the time youre just going to be going about your daily business and even when youre just pottering around in town, this car really is comfortable to drive the regen.

Braking on this car is also nice and predictable as well. You can turn it on and off using the infotainment screen. There theres just a little button for it, but it is really nice and predictable and it can grind you to a complete stop quite quickly, even when you are traveling at a decent pace which i quite like. I know theres a bit of a difference of opinion of how people like their regen breaking and how severe they like it. But personally, it just allows me to put my left leg out the way and just sit back, relax and just get on with my one pedal driving this car really does have that perfect split between being really nice and comfortable to drive and having a lovely interior Where you are really nice and relaxed, but its also got that other side and the flip side to the coin, where, if you want to, you really can blast this thing and have so much fun behind the wheel of it im trying to think of an electric Car ive had more fun driving and, to be honest, im really struggling. I mean it feels like im saying this a lot at the moment, but this is hands down one of the best electric cars ive driven, and i suppose that just goes to show how advanced the electric vehicle market is becoming these days. We really are starting to see so many cars like this, which are just simply brilliant and fit for the modern world Music.

Despite my best efforts to find something, i dont like about this car ive got to admit that ive fallen completely in love with the ford mustang mackie. Its got absolutely everything you want from an electric car from an amazing range to being really fun to drive, whilst also being sensible and practical in the same breath and above all else, its just really really cool. It is quite expensive and it doesnt do a lot for the argument that all electric cars are expensive. But if youre looking for a decent sized suv with an amazing range, then you dont need to look any further than the ford mustang mackie thats. All for this video, if you liked it, then please do drop us a like and remember to subscribe as well. You can also head over to our channel and check out all our other electric car reviews for daily news coverage features and much more. You can also head over to