So this is my car actually, no its, not my new car. It is my friends new car, so he has kindly lent us this new genesis, gv60 thats just out today, Music. It is finally here gv60, it is looking so fresh, so gorgeous Music. So gv60 is the first ev from genesis that actually uses the brand new eva platform called egmp Music Music. So you guys can see that this is in the beautiful matte horn white color. So it is the matte finish. It looks so beautiful, so smooth, very modern, very genesis, and this two line it is signature to the genesis card. The design is absolutely beautiful. It is all ice cubes, Music. All right so today is actually absolutely cold at minus four degrees, but it actually feels like minus 10 degrees. However, it doesnt stop us from seeing the inside of the car. It has a bit of like plastic, because today is day one. We only got this car about a few hours ago, so please excuse us. We will come back with the full review in the course. Oh and one thing this is the side mirror. It does have digital side mirror as an option. However, if you order the digital side mirror, then you have to wait probably another one year because of the chip shortage. Well, my mouth is freezing right now. You know we want to get it fast, so thats why my friend he ordered the physical mirror.

So lets get inside the car. This is a drivers seat and you can see that this is a signature. Two selection. This is a monster, green leather. It has the camel beige suede finish very luxury. It is the highest of the selection, very beautiful, so im inside the brand new gv60, so thats why its super new it hasnt been unwrapped yet because the owner friend, he will get the something and so on, thats, why you know were leaving it until the tinting Work is finished, however, you can see that so it has a dual 12.3 inch display so absolutely vague, and it shows you all the information that you need to drive the car, the steering wheel, absolutely beautiful. The beige camel design with the genesis logo with all the buttons that you need. It does have the cruise mode and the special customize button here here and here, and also the volume up and down and a lot of different functions that we will show you soon. Today is first impression, so, please bear with us. We will come back with a full review Music on the floating console. The crystal sphere offers the design that youve probably never seen before. It is absolutely gorgeous and im sure you guys can appreciate by watching the video Music you can change the color to whatever mood youre in, but we thought the purple looked good. One thing i have to say is that it is on the egmp platform, so the battery is at the bottom.

So of course with ev you do get super duper spacious, interior. You do, you can put the little bag here. You can put like big handbag here at the bottom and inside you do get more space. You do get the wireless mobile phone charger, so we are at the trunk. So i think there is a button here. I pressed it and voila we get a trunk. So we have a little bit of luggage here we do get the mat, but yeah it is brand new. We only got it so we havent even placed the mat on the ground and also at the side you get the manual book. It looks a bit like bible, so the owner should read it and also some little goodies. This is a triangle for emergency and the net, so you can put the luggage and then put a net over it or something and with ev. You do get even more space at the bottom here here there is the tire mobility kit. Hopefully, we dont need the tire mobility kit ever, but it is there – and this is the vtl adapter. So it is basically like an adapter if you want to use some other electronics that you have when you go out, camping or something i guess so here there is a 12 volt charger and also the line with the seat with the seat. It goes all the way down here, also this side as well.

So if you want to do some card camping or something, although i dont recommend it like in this weather right now, it is freezing. Then you can do so. You can go outdoor its a little bit like suv and as an evgv60 also has a little trunk space in the front as well back side quickly show you. It is spacious. I am kind of a big girl and you do get a plenty of room and then you can actually go all the way down to this angle. So even the vaccine, you do get very comfortable each seat, even the back seats. They do enjoy ventilation as well as heating its so warm in the first instance when we got the car gv60 had 14 kilometers already run and 44 battery left. The display indicated more than 190 kilometers distance left. Here. You can see that with 40 remaining, i can drive up to 174 kilometers, so we decided to check out the battery charging in the car park that we were in using the designated app. We charge the battery just for 30 minutes which only costed us 871 korean one, which translates into about 70 cents, because the station was slow charging, so we had to actually charge more than eight hours to fully charge. So 30 minutes gave us only three percent increase Music. As the final part of this first impression, video. I want to quickly show you guys, the bang and wilson sound system, so my friend loves listening to music, so he paid that extra buck to get the bno sound system, which consists of 17 speakers all around inside car.

So this is the sound that you get with even the protective plastic sticker on because were not gon na, take it off until the tinting is done, but this is what you get, and i thought that extra, but was definitely worth it. If you are a music lover, Music, so just imagine going on a date and then you can change the ambient light to whatever color that you want and im sure you can have some cozy time inside a car. So that was the first impression from us. We will come back with more videos the full review on genesis gv60.