They tend to be good at stretching out for their size. The thing is up to this point: if you wanted more than five seats, then you would essentially be forced into something that was a van with windows or youd have to buy a tesla model x, which costs a hundred thousand pounds and you cant buy one of Them at the moment, anyway, and thats no good for those of us who dont like postman pack, jokes and actually have overdrafts. The thing is, this might be a bit of an answer, its the new pure electric, mercedes eqb, and it comes with a 7 seat option. But before we get into that, please do like and subscribe and let us know what you think of the eqb in the comments, because i kind of like to hear what you think also log on to If you want to know anything about cars with a plug and were here to clear the air, so the mercedes benz eqb, basically a fully electric version of mercs glb, an suv that was designed to have an actual piston engine under the bonnet, which is not ideal. When you want to take full advantage of electric power, but as we said, this is one of the very few pure electric cars that can seat seven souls and thats not to be sniffed at at launch in the uk, therell be a pair of dual motor four Wheel, drive models one a bit faster than the other and a cheaper slower single motor version coming later for now were talking at over 50 grand for the slightly less powerful 4×4 version, and a few thousand more for this one, the eqb 350 4matic.

Have you got that good, so theres, no great surprises, with the way that the eqb looks now the way mercedes names. Its models is that the first two letters give you an idea as to what it is and the last one is an idea of size. So an eq b is eq, which is electric and b means its slightly bigger than an eqa, and not quite as big as an eqc. You get that. So that means you end up with an suv that looks like pretty much every other mid sized suv theres. No outlandish styling here this is electric power by stealth: okay, so its got a new nose, which is the kind of eq family face and theres. Some little blue highlights around the car some little eqb badges some new wheels and down at the back. It has got a wrap around light bar that is quite slick but theres. Nothing here to scare you which, actually, i think is, is quite nice in a way because youre easing yourself into the world of electric and away from petrol or diesel its not going to freak you out at all. All in all, though, i think its fine, its perfectly uncontroversial Applause, uncontroversial, is a good way to describe it in here as well, especially if youve driven any modern mercedes, because this is basically like a glb would be one of the things that actually really annoys me Is its still got? What is essentially a transmission tool right here and its not storage its solid apart from these little cup holders? And that annoys me because most bespoke electric cars have a big space here and this car doesnt feel spacious.

Because of that, its a little bit annoying saying that it has got these two 10 inch screens here and they are really quite slick. Everything works really nicely and it has loads of information, its really crisp and clear. It makes it feel expensive. The front seats are nice and comfy its quite an upright driving position and the little things i like, like its got physical controls for the aircon down here, and then a little touch pad in the middle here, which has got a little heel of your hand. Rest. So you put your your palm there and then you can just make all of the different screens do what you want, although it is very sensitive. So i have changed the radio station randomly a few times, but then again i have got big ham hands, as you might expect for a car that costs over 50 000 pounds. There are loads of gadgets as standard and a load of driver assistance systems, but if you want the full download on that, then you best head over to where everything is available to look at. Otherwise. This will be a very long review and um thats. Actually about it, if i didnt know this was an eqb and i hadnt seen some of these very specific eqb charging data screens. I might not know this car had batteries under the floor Applause, so this is where the eqb scores against rivals like audis, q4 e, tron or bmws ix 3, because eventually you will be able to option this car with two little jump seats that will live in The boot, the basics are good, no matter which one you choose decent first row: rear passenger space with sliding seats and a generous boot thats, also a useful shape.

Theres no frunk, though boo. It seems to be full of bits of electrical motor option. The third row and they fold away completely and individually into the floor, which is good and they have a neat mechanism. One thing to note, though, its a bit of an effort to get people into the two rear most seats and when you do they cant be giants. Even mercedes admits that these are more occasional seats than full time places for adults. But for those times when you need emergency, multiple person, transport, their ace dont forget until tesla sorts out the seven seat option for the model y or brings back the model x. This is the only place youre going to find a seven seat option outside of a van with windows, its a bit of a shame that the eqb seems to be a little bit off the pace when it comes to range and charging not terrible, but certainly not Moving the game on in terms of range theres, a 66.5 kilowatt hour battery that should see 260 miles on the official cycle, which would mean about 200 in the real world. Theres 11 kilowatt ac capability, which is nice, but the eqb only gets a maximum of 100 kilowatts of dc charging, which means it cant take full advantage of the larger ultra rapid charges that are popping up still youre. Only looking at 35 minutes to charge from 10 to 80 percent on 100 kilowatts or above and just over an hour on the more common 50 kilowatt charges, a home wall box will see flat to fall in just under 11 hours.

But bear in mind that, though the eqb doesnt actually have an inbuilt charge timer. So if you want to take advantage of cheap nighttime rates for electricity, youll need to have a smart charger at your house, because the car isnt actually that smart thats. One of the reasons it gets scored down in our electrifying efficiency rating and is only good enough for a b. There are more details about that on the website. As far as driving goes well, the eqb actually, quite surprisingly, hits the spot quite nicely. This four wheel, drive model, is actually rear. Wheel drive most of the time for efficiency and only switches into four wheel drive when it needs extra traction or the speeds get a little bit higher, and generally i quite like it, it works too. When you put your foot down in this 350 model Music, its turn of speed is actually quite surprising, but when youre not being a hooligan, you can knock this car back into sport or eco modes. Then it knocks the car back quite significantly. So if youre in comfort or eco, then you get an 80 mile an hour top speed, which is enough and a sort of softer throttle response, which makes it much more relaxing. If you switch it into sport, you get a lot more throttle response. The steerings a bit different, but the throttle becomes a bit of an on off switch its very jerky quite jiggly, far better to knock it back into comfort and just swung around being a bit more relaxed thats, where the eqb feels best is when youre, just basically Being calmer, its not a sports car, so the sport modes, a bit incongruous and when you do do that, you can use a lot more of the brake regen, which you access from these panels here.

So if you pull on the left hand, one you increase the brake regeneration and you can put it into d minus, which basically makes it all, but one pedal its actually more aggressive than i remember, and you can drive it around town or like here, where theres Loads of roundabouts and basically never touch the friction brake, which is quite good, its not the most aggressive ive ever felt, but it is enough. Theres also a thing called situation: optimized regen when youre in eco mode, which basically gives you the maximum regeneration possible. According to what youre doing at the time, so that works pretty well its a new bitter tech and i really enjoy it. Do you know its a lot better in comfort and eco, just more relaxed its a good car? You know you can see out of it. Ive got plenty of vision, its quite square, so its easy to place on the road, its not too big everything about. It is fine Applause with less range than a lot of its rivals and charging ability that is nowhere near class. Leading these days, the eqb might look a little bit last generation on paper, its not helped by the fact that this car is still based on a glb that is used to having a petrol or diesel up front. And that makes it even more obvious. When you can see the obvious advantages of having something thats bespoke, like i dont know, skoda, enyak or vw id4, but in reality the fact that you can option seven seats, albeit the seats in the back, are quite small and the fact that this car is very Relaxing to drive means that it does have some appeal.

This is not a car that wears its electrified heart on its sleeve, but it is a very nice mercedes if you like, mercs youll, probably like this car. So this is a solid effort from merck, but not a groundbreaking one, as ever. If youd like to know more about the eqb or any of its rivals like the audi q4 e tron or the bmw, ix3 or even the vw, id4 or skoda eniac, then please do log on to electrifying.