Try comfortable, okay, all right. I think you should go a little bit: okay, good, okay, thats, not bad its quite comfortable. Yes, all right so tell me about the interior. Tell me about the features of this. You can see it has a very beautiful interior, but of course the the petrol variant is much more plush than this uh. So tell us about the interior of this car uh in this car you will get the 3.5 inches of stream. Okay. This is 8.5. Yes, that is 10 inch. Yes, okay, all right, so theres a difference, yeah and you will get the value information here right, right, uh, which is connected to accuweather, accuweather, sure, thats, good, then uh. We have partner here for tomtom. Oh the navigation! I see in this, you will get live traffic, so this is this is mark. This is actually google maps. This is tom tom. Yes, this is okay, all right all right, thats right and in ascend. We, okay, all right all right sure, all right. It has also um the android carplay and the car is there and apple carplay? Is there, then you will get radio bluetooth phone okay. Also the ghana inbuilt. Oh, it has the gunner involved, all the other, all the the best idioms you can search for your favorite song, okay, which one is my favorite song uh. Oh okay, well, come back to that later. Dont worry, okay, all right so theres, our um climbing control button, climate control, okay, physical buttons, okay from the temperature um; okay, all right sure.

So considering considering the fact that this is an electric vehicle um, this is an automatic. Yes, this is automatic, so um. It has, is it five speed or actually, this is a seamless case up there. Oh okay theres, no transmission, theres, no transmission, its just, oh okay, okay, okay, theres, no gate, shifting no clutch plates. You could just thats good thats, good and thats the this is uh. If you dont want to put anything just close it beautiful, i was, i was expecting it to come with a wireless. You know charging system wireless charging system. You will not get in this car. Now you have two usbs. Okay, you can plug two usb okay or you can uh purchase separately. Okay, okay, thats, like a customization, okay, all right, but this doesnt have the artificial intelligence right. No, it doesnt have why it should have had it. I mean it has um. It has, but not uh upgraded, not upgraded like that one: okay, okay! This is just a normal voice, command normal voice commands. Are there oh, okay through voice? So if you want to give a voice command, whats whats, the whats, the command, for instance, i want. I want to open the sunroof okay, hello mg im here, Music. I want to see the sky – oh, my goodness thats beautiful so can i can i try yes, hello mg hi. Can you close sunroof now thats, pretty cool guys, pretty pretty cool? Okay, okay, okay, well, thats it its actually its actually good.

So what was the starting price of this car? Um uh enterprising is 25 lakh 25 for the lower one. Really, yes, is it its expensive than the the petrol vehicle? This is expensive and for the top variant uh for this variant, you have to pay 29 lakh wow, so um, where the top variant. What are the special features of the of the toggle rooms uh in this video? You were getting this panoramic sunroof, okay, okay, then you will wait. Is this the top variant yeah? This is top reading. Oh really! Yes, okay! So the the the normal variant doesnt come with panoramic exactly: okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, but its also automatic yes, okay. No, it comes only in automatic, it comes only automatically uh. Here we battery percentage, total kilometers. Then we have the curse mode. Also so you can uh customize your driving okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, which increases your kilometers; okay; okay, Music, um, okay, okay, sports mode, normal mode; and oh, i go to economy mode which increases or fluctuates the kilometers right. So this is the end of the video and please dont forget to subscribe to this channel and dont forget to go on this channel to subscribe too um.