This is the 2022 mercedes benz eqs 450. Music Music. This is our first electric vehicle and im very proud to show you this vehicle. Today i had a great pleasure today of driving it for the first time kind of seeing what it was like, and i got to tell you i liked it, as you can see, with the electric vehicle this here. The front end is its a lot rounder than our cars. Usually are this one? Has the beautiful led lights, the digital light technology and all these little beautiful little stars here, the emblem inside the front of the grill the front facing camera and the huge look big that star is right here in the front, this car has 20 inch wheels and Its very comfortable and very quiet now the thing about this is being the 450 version. This is a 329 horsepower car with 417 pound feet of torque, and it has about a 350 mile range on a full charge. So im going to walk you around to the back, show you what it looks like and were going to talk a little bit more about it for on the inside. So here we are at the back of the eqs 450. This car has all the things that the mercedes has the parking, sensors and surround view cameras and all of that stuff. I want to show you the trunk space. This is something thats important, so, as you can tell its a hatchback lots of space in here, this one happens to come with the emergency.

This is an option, though the 110 charging cord. This one happens to have that and then under here, its all empty and storage space, so it kind of is a mixture of kind of like the gt, hatch and obviously a vehicle you hit. The button here to close it over here is where you plug in its like a gas cap, so its lighted, so that when you plug it in itll, let you know and itll change different colors, and it tells you right here on the the door here exactly What each color means: theres, yellow uh, red and blue to complete its charging, so thats pretty nice. It is set up as an s class. So when you hit the unlock button, your handles will protrude out and easy to get into the car. They light up its pretty good space and were going to sit inside and ill show you exactly what kind of room you can expect inside of it. So here we are inside the beautiful eqs 450 and everything inside the car, its pretty good size. Its i mean its comfortable one of the things mercedes did that i particularly love is this new suede uh interior. This is pretty cool. Its very you know. Soft and supple and luxurious um, very nice here and the suede here is on the door handles here up here on the top. It goes all the way around the dashboard, so its pretty cool and then theres the this beautiful black wood.

With the you know, vertical lines is pretty nice and it goes along here on the door handle as well. It has, of course, heated ventilated seats like normal in our three memory. One of my favorite features is the push the button. You just touch the seat button and it doesnt move, but the seat moves is very cool and then everything else is standard mercedes. You know you have your power tilt. Wheel is here. You have this beautiful 12 inch digital screen here and, of course, the big 20 inch screen here in the middle. Now, as many of you may or may not know, the eqs is going to come with our beautiful new hyper screen. This vehicle is equipped with the standard screen, so this is the screen. The standard screen that you get when you order the vehicle. The hyper screen is the optional screen um, but that and thats available in both the eqs 450 and the eqs 580. um. The 580 is just a little bit more power with the vehicle, but um good leg room stretch out pretty nice. You still have your lumbar controls. Your digital screen, um dynamic selectors over here ambient lighting is still here so its very nice. It theyve lit up theyve chosen to kind of light up the car in different ways, so the light up uh ambient lighting is up here at the top as well um. Just a comfortable car. Like i said, i drove the car.

I love the car, its very quiet, very quick, um sport mode obviously gives you the most performance, but its definitely nice. You have two cup holders here, two usb ports here and then your wireless charger is here um. Of course, this is just cubby hole for storage, beautiful leather, seating, um, and you still have your optional uh control, the passenger seat from over here and everything. So very nice. Its laid out pretty easy, youre gon na mercedes customers are gon na recognize it new customers to the car will find it very intuitive to learn it now. We also have a class were going to show you how to use a lot of the things in the vehicle as well, so we have product concierge specialists for that um. I, like one thing i want to point out, is how they did the air vents here. So theyre in between the dash and this panel here, so they just kind of slide back and forth and then its got this beautiful kind of bronze trim around the door. The the fit and finish on the car is beautiful. They thought everything through they have the audio the burmester audio sound. The top of the line audio system in here everything is touch. Of course, you can use voice control, uh phone connectivity, all of the latest greatest things that we have come to be accustomed to with technology is in this vehicle, so its a wonderful car.

If you have time stop by and take a look at it, we have one here for a test drive for customers to see just ask for me when you come in and well be more than happy to show you the vehicle.