and its not only game changing for the hyundai brand, its not only game changing for the world of battery electric vehicles, but i think it might be game changing for the entire Automotive industry were going to drive. It were going to find out what its like, compared with competition from the tesla model y to the ford mustang machi to the volkswagen 94 and talk about the value, because there is a ton of value in this new vehicle. But first lets get it on the road and see what its like to drive lets see how the acceleration is in the all electric hyundai ionic five, so they say zero to sixty in five point. One seconds in this model lets see how that feels in the real world im gon na floor it in three two one floored 30: 40. 50 60. There whoa. So what are we dealing with? That was a little rocket 320 horsepower out of a two motor setup. So theres a motor in the front and a motor in the rear. Now you can get this car in both rear wheel, drive and all wheel drive this one being the two motor is an all wheel, drive configuration and you do get that snappy, electric car acceleration. Now it does taper off right around 45 or 50 miles an hour, its not going to break your neck like a model y performance would continue to do or perhaps a mock egt. But the passing power is enough to send every item in the car flying toward the rear trunk gate, so lots and lots of instant torque and its smooth.

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This is more meant to be a comfortable, luxurious, refined and tech savvy family car, and it really does that very well. So what were looking at here are dual 12 inch screens, one for the driver and one of course, for the main infotainment screen. The driver display shows you all the relevant information speed. It shows you your charge, um and then all the trip stuff is in there. As well now, the main 12 inch info screen is, of course, where youre going to find your navigation, your climate control, um screens youre, going to find your phone connectivity, your apple carplay thats, all in there very easy to use, works very, very well, and if youre Used to like a hyundai, tucson or any of the new hyundai screens, this is going to make a lot of sense to you really really quickly. Now we do have a little stretch of kind of canyon road here we are still in sport. Mode might as well see how this vehicle performs, after i just said its not a canyon carver, but surprisingly competent. Although when you push it, you do feel the weight and the size of the vehicle and im very okay with that. Actually, because im a little tired of like the tesla ride quality, even like the standard model 3 and the standard tesla model y um long range, theyre, just so firm and theyre, so incredibly stiff, so its nice being in the hyundai, which yeah its a little bit.

More roly poly, but when youre driving it around every single day, this is the ride quality. I prefer 10 out of 10 times. I would take this ride over a tesla ride in everyday situations, because its compliant and its more soft and its much more sorted and you can hit big bumps and the car doesnt feel like its going to jitter to a thousand pieces. So its a very, very sordid ride, quality in the hyundai ionic, five and honestly might as well take it out of sport mode, because this is not a car to be setting lap time records in its just meant to be a cruiser and as a cruiser, its Beautifully quiet so hyundai says that this car is something like four uh decibels: quieter compared to the tesla they rated the tesla like 67. This is more like 63 and sure enough at 50, 55 miles an hour dead silent. This is like approaching mercedes es class levels of refinement. It really is that quiet Music. Now one of the cool things about the ionic 5 is the regenerative braking capability. What i mean by that is, when you let off the throttle, there are actually a few levels of regen that put electricity back into the battery. Now at the base level is level zero. You let off the throttle and the car will coast like a traditional gasoline car, and then you use the brake like any other car, but then theres levels, one two and three and the higher you go up in the level the more the car will slow down.

When you let off the throttle and the more electricity will be delivered back into the battery pack and then theres an eye pedal function, which is a true one, footed driving experience, you let go of the throttle and it will bring the car to a complete, stop And quickly now you change the regen levels by using paddle shifters on the two spoke steering wheel, which is really cool, so theres, a paddle on the left and a paddle on the right and an indicator in the middle. That shows you what level you have selected now. Hyundai calls this a crossover suv. I am not so sure to be brutally honest, but whatever you call it, this thing is an incredible piece of design, its futuristic, its retro all at the same time, its beautifully executed. The proportions are incredible: what they did is they pushed the wheels all the way out to the corners of the car, and what that does is make the car look smaller than it is in person. So its got kind of a a nice 1980s hot hatch feel when you see it from a distance, but when you get up close, you realize well, it really isnt all that much smaller than something like a tesla model y. It does have an insanely long wheelbase, though, because the wheels are right at the corners, so the wheelbase on this vehicle is longer than a 2020 chevy tahoe thats, how long the wheelbase is, but it gives it these cool kind of concept, car proportions with the short Overhangs um in the front weve got these very squared off.

Headlight main beams just looks fantastic super aggressive. You see these perfect little squares and these perfect little rectangles throughout the grill thats carried over throughout the vehicle. Pretty much. I love these wheels 20 inch wheels. The largest wheels ever fitted to a hyundai electric car in the back. You can see that little square motive continues. Ionic 5 written across this clear lamp got these like louvers in the rear tail, just a beautiful piece of design. So what you may have noticed there? It does have a very kind of complicated key, so the door handles will pop out as you walk up to the vehicle and then, when you lock it, they will retract in same thing with the mirrors, and then this car also has smart park. So what that means is that you can remote start it and then use the key to essentially walk the car forward and back, which is a really cool feature. So, if youre jammed into like a parking spot, push a button on the key and the car will move remotely without you doing anything. How crazy is that, but that is just the beginning of the technology, because it goes so much further than that. Lets talk about the range specs on the ionic 5 because, of course, how far it can go on a single charge is a pretty big deal in the world of ev. So on the base end of the spectrum is the standard range rear, wheel, drive ionic 220 miles according to the epa up from there is the long range rear, wheel, drive 303 miles on the epa cycle and then finally, the one were driving today, the all wheel Drive model 256 miles according to the epa thats out of a 77.

4 kilowatt hour battery, so on paper it is kind of mid pack against its competition, so the hyundai all wheel, drive 256, the tesla all wheel, drive 326. The ford extended range all wheel, drive 270 and the volkswagen all wheel, drive 240 miles. But of course, were gon na have to get all these cars out in the real world and see just what that means in actual traffic and in the winter and in the summer and see what these vehicles will perform like 256, i think is plenty. It is plenty for the average driver. How often do you really drive more than 250 miles in a single day as long as you have a place to plug it in at home overnight? This vehicle should be perfectly fine for daily commuting and even longer trips, because the charging is crazy. Well get to that a little bit later. Music, one of the coolest features in the ionic 5, is something called v2l which stands for vehicle to load. You can essentially use the ionic 5 as a ginormous power bank. You can use the electricity in the battery to power other things like tailgating. Maybe you need to charge a computer or a phone or whatever. Now they will sell you an adapter that plugs into the charge port, and then you can use that to power your life. Now it is still like a standard three prong wall outlet, but unlike a lot of other kind of in car power plugs that might be rated at like 400 watts, maybe 600 watts or 800 watts.

This is rated for nearly 2 000 watts, so it is a pretty juicy amount of power and the cool thing is, as my friend miriam found out, you can actually use it to charge another ionic thats, how much power it will output so check out miriam at This twitter handle miriam also has a really really really good podcast, a big thanks to miriam for sending me this video. This is a hyundai ioniq 5 and its charging another one right now so theres this mode here, vehicle to load which lets you use this adapter. That has a regular outlet in it and plug anything you want into it and then in here is the charging adapter for the other car and heres the cable going to the other car and, as you can see, charging the other car right there. As you can see, the leds happily charging all right now lets talk about the most impressive hyundai ioniq spec, the charging capability im talking dc fast charging capability, hyundai rates, this vehicle at a maximum of 235 peak kilowatts of dc fast charging. Now? What does that mean? Well, what that means is that this is one of the quickest charging new evs on the market, its an 800 volt system by the way, so teslas run on 400 volts. This is 800 volts, which means you can get crazy power into the battery. Now they did send us this little comparison sheet to the competition.

So lets take a look at this. They say 10 to 80 on a 350 kilowatt charger in just 18 minutes in the hyundai compared to 45 minutes for the ford and 30 minutes for the tesla. On a v3 supercharger, 18 minutes from 10 to 80 now were, of course, gon na get it back here to colorado in person and see how that works in the real world. But that is absurdly quick technology and something to be extremely excited about level 2 charging by the way at home. If you have the right, 240 volt plug 6 hours and 43 minutes, pretty darn quick as well now lets see how the autonomous technology is. We do have adaptive cruise control, of course, in this model and one of the kind of the interesting things about this adaptive cruise control is, they say its been designed to learn your driving habits. So if it knows that you dont, like big gaps between you and the car in front of you, if it knows that you like to be pretty snappy and accelerating uh to minimize those gaps, the car will learn that and mimic your driving behavior. In terms of lane, keep assist same thing, the uh, the automated um steering assistant right, which will help you maintain the the center of the lane, is actually designed to know its surrounding them and if it senses a truck drifting toward you, itll actually change lane position Depending on the surroundings of the vehicle, which is very cool now, it is, of course, still level two.

You still have to have your hand on the steering wheel at all times, or it will disengage very quickly, its not meant to be a full self driving thing, but the lane centering, the hyundai uses is very effective and very very cool. And then, of course, we have like blind spot monitoring the usual emergency uh uh ford, um braking, and it also is more sophisticated. Now, like itll, stop for cyclists, potentially as well, if youre about to turn into a cyclist which is cool and then the rear. Its got the cross traffic alert and all all the safety gear in this car, i would say, even more than tesla, because uh like im, not a huge fan of teslas integration, of their blind spot monitoring in the middle screen having it on the mirror, is old. School, but it is much much better in my opinion now. One thing i am a little curious about is: let me go into the navigation here. Let me, for example, search for a place, so what ive done here is ive plugged in boulder colorado into the navigation, which of course, is well more than 151 miles from san diego california? Where were at right now and it says, search for stations because, of course, we need to stop and charge and its coming up with a plan on how its going to get us to colorado um, but its not doing a very good job. Of that. Its its recommending ac stops as well.

Yeah thats, not great, like tesla, if you plugged in a destination, it would be like stop here at this supercharger for 19 minutes then go to this supercharger and then go to this one. This is a little bit more primitive. So thats not quite as good as like a tesla, so under the hood no front trunk or is there that is the front storage area in the ionic five. So just a little flap, maybe put some hot dogs in there and some buns or something but not a very large front trunk, but thats not too big of an issue because it does have an extremely large rear trunk, which i think is what most folks are Going to be looking for anyway, so power liftgate in this model, you can see seats, fold down three breaths seating in the back, got the view blocker here, so very good cargo capacity in the rear of the vehicle. That brings us to the most impressive part of the hyundai ioniq 5, the price, the base price ‘ 700 for the short range rear, wheel, drive 43 650 for the long range wheel, drive and 47 154, the starting price on the all wheel drive. This is a heck of a lot of car for the mid 40 000 range before tax credits, because, of course you can get the full 7 500. If you apply uh, which is just crazy, crazy value, i mean this car the one i was driving was loaded.

So were probably looking at like low 50s, i didnt have the exact pricing, but probably low 50s to mid 50s, but when you consider thats before the tax credit and then a tesla model y will start in the 60, 000 range, its so impressive. The levels of refinement, the driving uh assistance technology, the build quality, just blows, tesla out of the water. In my opinion, in terms of how the fit and finish feels the panel gaps, the interior material qualities are just incredible, its its better than the volkswagen. In my opinion is better than the ford, its more usable than all those vehicles, what an incredible value now i know on paper the 0 60 time 5 seconds, the range 256 in this model, not not earth shattering, but just the fit and finish the quality. The packaging is superb 1200 destination feed by the way, and then we get to the warranty. 10 year, 100 000 mile battery warranty 10 year, 100 000 mile powertrain warranty. This is such good value, guys such incredible value for one of the coolest looking cars on the entire market, with an incredible ride, a very sophisticated powertrain, great charging. This car, in my opinion, absolute winner, put this at the top of your list. If youre looking for an all electric crossover, let me know what you guys think in the comments section below. As always, this has been tommy with tfl car check out tfo card.