As of today, the trouble is: are we ready for electric cars or lets put it? The other way? Are electric cars ready for us? Can they meet our day to day expectations? Can you actually live with the navy today? Can you drive it for a week of normal commute without needing to charge it well thats what we are about to find out in this video? We have the brand new mercedes, benz eqc with us. It has a claim range of 450 kilometers well realistically, its going to give us close to 350 or 370 kilometers. In fact, on the instrument cluster. It shows 370 kilometers of range well, that is a realistic figure and, of course, on paper it sounds great, but is it enough for a weeks commute well lets find out now before we get going? I have to say that this car really impressed me with the kind of features it has with the space it has and its quite comfortable. This is a typical mercedes suv, in fact, its based on the glc and uh. It feels very special also. It looks quite cool, its quite practical, also it uh when youre driving it it just shrinks around you. It feels like a small suv, so even if youre driving it in daily city traffic or you are parking it in tight spaces. Well, i think it is quite practical. The size is just about right and, of course, its a mercedes suv, so it feels every bit as luxurious as it should be.

Well, so today is just the second day with the eqc and i think, uh, what im really liking about this car is. The performance is the acceleration, because this being an electric car? Well, the torque delivery is just instantaneous and it absolutely pins you back into the seat once you mash that throttle pedal. Now all of this performance comes by an 80 kilowatt hour battery pack, lithium ion battery pack and it delivers 402 bhp and 760 newton meters of torque. So of course, thats a lot of performance and it does 0 100 kilometers per hour in just 5.1 seconds. So thats, quite quick, actually for a car of its size, its brilliant now other thing about this car is that it comes with five modes of brake recuperation system. So so that means even when youre accelerating hard and you lift off well what uh the braking system does is that it feeds more voltage to the battery pack. Well, yes, uh! This is the advantage of having an electric car one thats, so advanced like the eqc that it recharges the battery pack. Once you are on the move, as in once, you are off the throttle its day, three with the eqc, and i think its going really well. Uh, so between yesterday and day before that was day one and day two i did close to 110 kilometers. That was my commute when i was traveling but uh, the range is still at 66 percent, so realistically it has dropped to 244 kilometers.

So that means uh. It is showing that ive used close to 126 kilometers, but uh ive done, like i said, uh like 109 kilometers, as per my calculations, so theres a very marginal drop in range and i think thats quite impressive, because ive been driving in peak car traffic. So i was expecting the range to drop significantly, but that hasnt been the case and still this is day three. There are four more days to go, but im still at 66 percent and im hopeful that thats how its going to be so uh till now there has been no range anxiety as such and im enjoying the experience Music. Also, i have to mention the music system on this car. Its absolutely amazing. It comes with the burmester system and in everyday driving. Well, youll! Absolutely absolutely adore it, because the sound quality is brilliant. Its a high quality system and every drive is just so enjoyable, especially uh, with the kind of refinement that this car has. You dont hear anything else, its just your favorite, music and, of course, uh. Nothing else its day: five with the hqc uh the last day of the working week and uh. Today i have come for a long drive in the sense i had to go to gurgaon iceland, noida so thats uh. The distance is around 60 kilometers to and fro ill be doing. 120 kilometers, so ive come to gurgaon today and i have to say its been a quite pleasant drive, because this car is very comfortable, like ive already said its very refined.

The ride quality is also great and the range has dropped. Predictably, i mean i still have close to 170 kilometers of range left, so in terms of range anxiety. Well, i dont think that has been a problem with this car because, to be honest, it has dropped very predictably uh since day one – and there was no point in time where i felt i needed a charge – thats uh throughout the week now and uh. Of course, uh you know range anxiety is something that we are so used to with electric cars, but this one, if you know youre running like this whole week, i probably did around 250 kilometers and thats, including this drive, which is 100 kilometers or 120 kilometers. So, overall, i still have close to 100 120 kilometers left in reserve uh for the weekend and thats. Why? I came to one of my favorite bits of road here in gurgaon. In fact, the eqc, with its handling well despite the fact that its an electric vehicle well, it handles really well – and i have to say i thoroughly enjoyed my drive without bothering about the range. So today is our final day with the eqc. This is day six theres still 90 kilometers of range left, but we have decided to juice up the battery pack again and we have come to a mercedes, benz dealership and we have got a fast charger here. So its going to take about three to four hours to juice it up for the next week.

So all you have to do is lock the car and its simple plug and play, and the charging has started after living with an electric car for a week.