If you know your castles ive had a lovely haggis for breakfast and im gon na go to london for my dinner, which means ive got quite a lot of driving to do today, but thats no problem, because ive got the very latest in luxury mercedes saloons. To get me there, no, no! No, not that one that one for decades the s class has been the contender for the title of best car in the world. Many have tried to beat it. Few have succeeded, but can mercedes now beat itself at its own game, with a battery powered mega saloon to find out how the eqs stacks up weve devised a very simple test? Can we cruise to nearly 400 miles between edinburgh, scotland and london england without needing to charge and without needing to hype a mile in misery? Okay, so lets set our destination on this hyper screen im going to set it to a proper british landmark buckingham palace, nice 3d model of it there and we get some interesting information as well. Reviews of buckingham palace, not sure whos written those. We know that the what three words location is fence gross bats weve got some weather and theres, actually a phone number, which i think gets you through to her majesty the queen, but well leave her alone well hit lets go so its coming up with a route For us, which we might ignore and take a shorter one, but the interesting bit is up here: the optimize routes menu where the car thinks through what are the smartest charging options.

So you spend least time stopped and the most time on the road. It reckons its sorted all that its factored in the traffic, so we should be set to go Music right. Weve left the grandeur of edinburgh castle behind us and were threading our way out of the city, which is luckily pretty quiet so far this morning, but there are already some problems and first one are the numbers up here. Its telling me ive got 370 miles of range, which is loads, but my destination is exactly 400 miles away, though, that distance keeps growing and shrinking as the car calculates different routes, depending on where theres traffic so thats quite clever. I can take some comfort from the fact there is a max range reading here, which is ‘6 miles thats. What the car could offer me if i was prepared to turn off the lights, not charge my phone not use the air con, just maximum maximum energy saving. However, when i picked this car up yesterday, it had a 490 mile claimed range because someone from mercedes had been driving it, presumably very, very carefully. So hopefully, when we do get to the motorway and were just in the cruise were taking advantage of this cars record. Breakingly slippery aerodynamics that range might just start to stabilize and creep up a little bit while i am in the city, i can use some of this cars superpowers its brains to actually help with the range, so these paddles behind the steering wheel, obviously theyre not for Changing gear, therefore, your energy recuperation, the region when i touch the brake or just when i lift off the throttle, whats really clever in the eqs, is instead of selecting a level which you do just by clicking the paddles.

If you hold the right paddle like that, ive got the intelligent, recuperation, setting and thats now using the cars forward facing sensors cameras and its gps. So it knows right now, im just on a 30 mile, an hour city street, and then it selects how much regen you want and ive kind of used this in other cars before and just found it a bit of a gimmick and not very intelligent, just left It alone in this its freakish, its amazing. It knows exactly where this car is in front, and then it just keeps me the perfect distance away, but maximizing the charge im putting back into the battery and really getting the sense that today, every little increment i can squeeze out of it. Its gon na help. Music, okay, since were making some progress. I can actually go back to the start and tell you what an eqs is. We should probably begin with that shouldnt. We so tell anyone who reckons that an eqs is just an electrified s class. Tell them theyre wrong. You have my permission, because this is not simply the mercedes s class, with the engine ripped out and some batteries shoved in thats. What mercedes has been doing so far if thats, what you thought so fair enough problem is with that is that the bespoke electric cars, the people whove gone away and developed a platform purely for that job, theyre going to have better range, better aero, better space, more Features its just more future proof, so, finally, we get the eqs not an electrified s class.

All new. This doesnt share a single bit of body work with an s class. Its got this much more aerodynamic kind of tear drop stream line of shape, instead of the kind of upright and statesman, like s, class, which looks a lot more. I guess old fashioned, maybe well look at it in a few years and then theres the tech. So, under the skin here an enormous 107.8 kilowatt hour battery thats huge, and that makes up a hell of a lot of the 2480 kilograms that this thing actually weighs. But what that means is weve got a 329 horsepower motor at the rear, so just rear wheel, drive and about 419 pounds feet of torque, not to 60 about as quick as a kind of low end, hot hatch, so 6.2 seconds and its limited to 130 miles. An hour flat out but yeah, a 484 mile range for this car makes it the long distance champ for all of the eqss. Above this, there will be a four wheel, drive version, so dual motors second motor up front that will do north to 64.9 seconds, but therell be a range penalty and gon na be a bit more expensive. Now this car would obviously make it if i was prepared to slipstream lorries all the way and not use any of its features, but thats not why you buy a 100 000 pound luxury mercedes barge. Is it so, i think well say goodbye to the lorries thats better and well live a bit of a life of luxury, so hey mercedes turn on the drivers seat massager driver seat, massage is turned on perfect Music, okay.

So there we are across the border back into england time for a sit rep and not looking good 326 miles of range 342 miles to go now. The car says i can do 342 miles if i turn off everything except the motor thats actually driving us but im enjoying my massages far too much to even think about that. Yet, Music, okay, we are in a big traffic jam, but while thats annoying for my journey time, its not necessarily the worst thing for an electric car see, the s class is actually following us today: thats my plan b to get home that will be wrecking its Mpg, while its sort of bumbling along in traffic, but of course the ev doesnt mind it at all, in fact, theres no economic drag right now, its even getting a little bit of regen as the cruise control follows the car in front, so its actually probably helping Our range a little bit 298 miles says the screen here: 302 miles to the destination says the screen over here, so the gap is closing were not taking the fastest way down today, instead of taking all of the slick, motorways, weve gone for the more scenic route, Partly because the north of england is beautiful, but partly because it actually saved us about 40 miles of distance. This is all the tactics that comes into play when youre driving an electric car, but overall, i have to say, maybe its the pillow, maybe its the massage.

Maybe its, how soft this leather steering wheel is maybe how its expensive it smells in here with all the themed fragrances that are being pumped out from somewhere, but so far 94 miles in no range anxiety, not yet Music heres! Something interesting! If you find not breaking down and ending up stuck on a hard shoulder, interesting, which today i happen to be only going for 121 miles, but the maximum range, the car will offer me if i was like really well behaved – turned everything off that has now been Caught up by the actual range because of the traffic weve been in the kind of advantages that the eqs will offer you or why dont you try having a bit more region. Why dont you try turning off the seat, heater or something thats all been cancelled out. Just because the cars been moving much more efficiently at these lower speeds, and that means that for the first time today the car says were officially going to make it 275 miles left in the battery 272 miles to her majestys gaff buckingham palace at the bottom of The mall in london, so as we just come past gateshead were potentially on to make it Music, its all. The young peoples fault, apparently were going past leeds and there is a big popular music festival happening. It turns out around now leeds festival and the traffic on the a1. The road weve been using to get from edinburgh to london is absolutely gridlocked.

The cars sat nav demanding we get off the a1 google maps, waze just common sense, everythings saying get off this motorway. Its totally gridlocked and find a backroad problem is, everyone else has got those apps, everyone else has had exactly the same thought and the back roads are glued up as well. Now, like i said earlier, traffic should be good for an ev kind of slower speed. Youre not punching that big hole in the air, but when youre, just kind of rolling along at walking pace and its 24 degrees outside its quite warm for an english summers day got ta. Have the air con on as a result, its just bleeding away out the battery so well check in with you in a bit, hopefully when the traffic has improved, maybe after weve had some lunch and well see how were going now? While i take a quick break from driving, allow me to show you around the interior: yes, its hugely spacious and exquisitely, trimmed with tactile woods, leathers and cool metals. But you expect that of a benz whats new are the pixels, the processors and the blade runner spec ambient lighting. That makes this the coolest interior in the world after dark right lets, get back on the road as if by magic, past leads and its opened up again flowing along nicely. So this is all your fault leads if we dont make it sit. Rep is 175 miles of range versus 182 miles left to run so were still a bit short, but a few more downhill stretches like this.

You never know been distracting myself from the stress of range anxiety with this screen lets talk about the hyper screen. This is a 55 inch wide piece of glass, its not really one screen its three behind that one piece of curved glass and the curve means you dont get the 3d gauges. You get a normal s. Class eqs doesnt have that. But what an eqs has is a 17.7 inch display in the middle big touch screen here: gauges, theyre, all digital kind of normally, what youve seen in any other mercedes and then for your passenger. They also get a second mbux and a half inch screen in front of them thats an odd one for me, because you can watch telly on it. You can play games on it. Theres, like built in solitaire and sudoku, like you, got on windows its nowhere near the games, you get a tesla but as weve found when weve been experimenting with it, the second you try and do most things on it. It goes. Oh im not allowed that. That might distract the driver and when all the stuffs greyed out you end up just kind of using it as a bit of a gimmick. Oh ill look at the nav, but then theres a giant nav screen right next door. Why would you do that? Finding it a little bit strange, as is the wallpaper which is a like a mercedes, cyberpunk concept, car thats, just kind of always on, like an advert its a bit odd, can forgive it that, though, this central screen its really really cool it can do some really Impressive stuff, with its widgets, the way it can kind of help you out the way, its tailored to make the best of what the eqs does, which is cover huge distances.

The way it will recommend you charging stations not only based on how fast they are. You know if you want a rapid charge. If youve got a bit more time to kill to have lunch, you can maybe go to a slower charger, but itll also show how many charging stations are at. You know the services youre going to and how many of them are currently occupied, so you can choose tactically, oh lets pull over later on. Perhaps there are a few more free. This just makes the whole electric car going a long distance business that much more stress free, because the car is doing the thinking for you. It gives you the spare mental capacity to go. Should i have the hot stone massage? Yes, yes, i think i will and so liking the hyperscreen for that, not so sure about the interface down below where the temperature controls are kind of like. If that was proximity related its kind of saw your hand coming in and grew to to meet you because sometimes they can be a bit fiddly to hear, and the blue seen a few people comparing it to kind of windows, media player, circa kind of 2000, and If youre old enough to remember that then um yeah youll know what i mean and yeah its its its not as crisp and kind of modern looking, i guess as it could be, but really nitpicking here today has been as youve probably seen a bit of a Stressful one we had the puncture yesterday today, weve had more traffic than you know: youd normally find on the periphery in paris, ive been on the go for eight hours and 52 minutes now, having averaged just 34 miles an hour.

I should be absolutely broken in here. Ive got no neck ache, no backache! No none backside. I feel pretty fresh really like i could keep going if the car had the range too its a real testament to. If you can still do the old school luxury engineering, but team that, with long distance electric powertrain, this is the way we are going to want our electric cars to be Applause ha. I can smell something in here and its not the dodgy motorway snacks that weve brought along. It is tension, 50 miles range remaining 50 miles to destination. It could not be closer. This thing might just make it if it even has to crawl over the finish line, but its gon na be oh, its gon na be so close. Music, Music, Music, yep youre right unless buckingham palace is considerably less grand than i remember it. We didnt quite make it. We gave it a really good. Go got down to two percent battery remaining eight miles left every single warning was coming on the dashboard going. You have really got to charge me up now, but with 25 miles left to run into our intended destination. Central london – probably wasnt safe, to give it a go, but i dont want to be harsh on the eqs. Its got us down here done 370 miles on its charge in exquisite comfort. I cannot stress enough what an absolutely peerless long distance cruiser this is, and then we have to assess what actually happened when we bailed see for a start, ive not been hypermiling.

I cant stress that enough either been doing 70 75 mile an hour weve been using every feature. Ive had more massages today than most people have in a lifetime, but then, at the moment we decided were gon na have to go and get a charge here. It wasnt a case of coast to your grandmas house and hope she can reach a extension lead out. The kitchen window into the hyperscreen show me charges up. They popped loads of them, slow chargers, fast, chargers, rapid charges, we got ourselves one here. I knew on my way here that it was working and that there wasnt someone already parked here and that just immediately took the stress out of the experience, stress and the eqs just dont go together. So that says that, well, the network is improving the interfaces.