. Almost all cars are safe, now.. Fortunately, Volvo is synonymous with something else. Sleeper. And given the XC40 Recharge has over 400 horsepower and three and a half civics of torque, this things a certified sleeper., And fortunately this thing is not just fast., With an infotainment designed by Google and a commitment to no nonsense, unlike like other EVs. This things really nice to live with. Just like its nice to live with our sponsor CableMod. CableMod allows you to personalize the look of your PC with custom. Colored sleeved cables., Try out their configurator and build your cables exactly how you want them with a realistic cable. Preview. Check it out at the link below. upbeat music. 12 years ago. Volvo was in a tough spot with Ford nearly running them into the ground. Since being acquired by Chinese car manufacturer Geely in 2010. For a fraction of what Ford paid things have been looking, up. Geely was able to turn around the company with a devious plan. Ford never could have dreamt of give Volvo money and full autonomy.. The focus now is on beating the Germans, with Scandinavian simplicity and the sales numbers show. The plan has been working. Now Volvo is aggressively investing in electric vehicles, with all their models planned to be fully electric by 2030.. So how good is their first? Entry From the outside, I think the XC40 Recharge looks great.. Sometimes when a car goes from gas to electric, it ends up.

Looking like a fish with its face, smushed against a glass pane., Volvo has shown us that the grill delete doesnt have to look terrible.. Just take it in for a second, its pretty and you dont have to assemble it.. Given the marketing photos, you might think there is a generous frunk but … Yeah, not exactly. Theres space for a charging, cable and not much more. But theres. A very Volvo reason for why the frunk sucks safety. With the removal of the engine and addition of a couple thousand pounds they needed to put a massive reinforcement structure under here to improve safety and chassis rigidity., But yeah less of a frunk and more of a Furse., The interior is simple., It feels nice, although not over the top luxurious.. If you have a Louis Vuitton earbuds, it might be a bit too plain, but Im a fan., The suede and vegan leather seats are extremely comfortable and the start button is below my butt.. So lets give it a go. upbeat, music Flooring. It not only sends you back in the seat, but the whole thing sits: down., Just planting the rear tires as the front scramble for traction. Its uncanny. How this can just put down power? No matter the conditions. Were on winters and in the wet it still can do like 4.9 seconds zero to 60, which is the same as the Model. Y. And other publications have measured 4.2 seconds zero to 60, which is crazy, given how much this thing weighs.

. The way it silently accelerates allows you to be a BMW driver, just chopping commuters at lights and getting into those tight spots without feeling like one., Although it does get pretty mad when you dont use your turn signal.. There are two options for the go pedal standard and one pedal. Standard enacts pretty much like an automatic transmission in an SUV., Let off the gas it doesnt immediately slow down and you have to hit the brakes to stop.. I think it kind of sucks.. It has really aggressive creep that makes it kind of hard to stop smoothly.. That was pretty good though. And you have to hold the brake cause. Well, it doesnt have brake hold.. I suspect most people will just settle on one pedal mode. If youve never driven an EV before it will take a day or so to get used to, but it is really worth it.. It makes it so that when you get off the gas it uses regenerative. Braking to slow you down, instead of you having to hit the brake pedal., It can increase. Your range allows me to drive smoother, and it also allows you to have more fun. In a corner. You can just with your right foot change the balance from the front to the rear and really kind of feel what the car is doing. Or if youre me, it makes it way easier to be an idiot.. Unfortunately, there is no way to disable traction.

Control., Although like I get it, you could definitely just do a comically large skid straight into a rollover if they allowed you to disable it., But I really did not expect to have this much fun in a crossover SUV, thats, not even advertised as sporty.. If you really want to get into it, you can kind of see, saw your way through corners., Going from understeer from overloaded front tires to you know you punch it and then you get understeer from not enough weight on the front tires.. It is without a doubt, slower than the Model Y in corners, but Im leaving the end of the corner, with a big grin on my face. Instead of just cursing the electronics groans, energetic rock music, Oh Jesus, it that guy car engine roars Sounds so good though.. Our freshly minted Volvo fan boy over there, hes glassing over. Quite a few things.. Give me the keys. soft music Like see this here. You think its some nice felt or soft material, but its just floor liner.. You know the stuff they use to line floors. And for how well thought out the interior is. There are some comical oversights. I mean look, there is loads of storage. Space. Weve got a laptop holder, a tissue holder, trash bin cable holder phone charger purse hook. But where do I put my sunglasses Theyre? The one thing I wan na have safe dedicated storage for., Not to mention the fancy Harman Kardon sound system.

Seems like it was tuned by a horny teenager that just discovered bass. bass, thumping beat Even after turning the subwoofer to its absolute minimum. Its still a bit much for my taste. Once you start driving groans this thing hauls ass. For something that size. Mind you, the steering is not quite up to the same level., Although this is far from the worst electric steering setup that Ive ever felt its got. This terrible self centering that dominates the first one, eighth of return or so. Like look turning turning, let go, and it goes straight immediately. Its almost like the car has 12 degrees of castor or something. Past. A certain point. The self centering kind of starts to chill out. So determining whether its understeer or just the weird tuning is kind of difficult., Its just not confidence inspiring.. In fairness, though, I highly doubt the average EX40 driver is gon na to be too concerned about the subpar handling. Even if it makes dodging potholes or going around a left lane hog kind of sketchy., What they might be concerned about is the ride quality, which is a bit of a sore spot here.. Even after accounting for the winter tires, you can tell the dampers in this car were not designed for this much weight. At low speeds. The suspension is kind of busy and at high speeds groans lets go. They are just kind of floaty.. It feels like a truck with a towing package, but with nothing to tow.

, Potholes or bumps in the road make the entire car audibly shutter., And when you punch it groans, you can see how hard she tilts. Adjustable. Electronic dampers would have gone a long way to help alleviate these problems, but those are typically reserved for cars in a higher price bracket than this.. So you hate, it., Not exactly.. Dont. Get me wrong, theres a lot to like here.. The panoramic roof opens like a normal sunroof, the on wiper washer fluid is great and you can even fit real human adults in the rear. Seats.. The trunk which can be opened with a foot, opens and closes quickly revealing more than enough space for a hockey bag, or maybe even four., And for trips to the grocery store the floor. Folds up to create a shelf for your bags.. The cargo cover can even be stored below it.. The XC40 honestly could be a perfect car for a lot of people, just not for me. car engine roars Realistically for car enthusiasts like us, the Polestar 2 is what we should be driving. Review coming soon by the way, get subscribed its gon na be sick.. The thing that will have you coming back to the XC40 Recharge is the simplicity, and a large portion of that is thanks to Google.. In here we have Android Automotive different than Android Auto, and it is easily the best infotainment currently in cars., The past 10 years or so. Automakers have struggled to figure out how to integrate your phone with the car, and here you just dont, need the phone.

Hop onto the Play, store, download the app that you want and if bitty bop, you can run it straight through the interface.. Like look theres Spotify.. Having instant access to my music and podcasts through the infotainment screen has been awesome. And Google Assistant makes things like requesting guidance or texting super easy.. There are some notable emissions like Audible and Apple Music, arent on it yet. But this is very early days and the number of apps is rapidly increasing. In some parts of the world. They already have YouTube and Netflix running on this screen. Awesome for one year stuck charging and I cant wait for it to arrive here. Overall, the system has been stable and has a lot of nice. Features. Weve got the car settings can be changed based off, of which Google account you select and accounts can be assigned to different keys.. It does have some annoyances like the buttons down here are just too small and I regularly hit the wrong one on a bumpy road., And I really wish there were physical controls for the climate, because this just sucks. Like at least enables swiping. If youre going to do, this. Come on Volvo and Google. All in all, though it only took me about a day to learn how all of this works and thats like a full week before, I would have learned at German car. Now how well over the air Updates will pan out is yet to be seen how long it takes some Android phones to get updates, doesnt exactly inspire confidence, but Google has committed to monthly security updates and theres a lot of potential.

With the likes of GM Ford, Honda and Nissan all signing up For Android Automotive in the next couple of years, its hard to imagine this program getting relegated to the cemetery.. There is one potential fatal flaw, though, without LTE the whole thing is basically useless.. The XC40 Recharge comes with Volvos Digital services package free for four years, although they currently wont tell you how much it will cost to extend the functionality past that., Even if you dont renew the internal LTE, the Bluetooth makes it easy to tether your phone and, failing That the bones of the car are still great.. The driver assists are solid with adaptive cruise control thats better than Teslas, although not quite at the level of Audi.. The auto lane centering is great, although without a physical button to toggle, I ended up just leaving it. Disabled. Also, the 360 parking camera is …, Well its better than not having one, but it is way to susceptible to rain and dirt.. Of course, you get all of the safety assists and I havent found them to be too intrusive in everyday driving. Like this is a Volvo. You expect it to be safe and it is. The seat, isnt just comfortable to sit in, but also very safe.. It has an anti whiplash design that protects both male and female occupants, equally., Something that a lot of automakers cant say. They only used an average male crash test, dummy. There, even as an airbag at the side of the seats that deploys to protect a pregnant womans.

Tummy, if you get T boned. Volvos Equal Vehicles for all initiative is seriously awesome. Cause. Not only did they put in the research to make sure their cars are equally safe for everyone, but they also made over 100 research reports freely available to other automakers for reference.. Honestly, this is the first electric car Ive driven where, at the end, Im not excited to go back to daily driving my Golf.. So then, should you buy it At 55000, its five grand less than the Model Y Long Range, but with a couple options, its very easy to get them price comparable.. The XC40 Recharge has 356 kilometers of range 150 less than the Model Y, and currently you dont get access to Teslas network of superchargers. Ive had less weirdness charging the Volvo than the Porsche, but the superchargers alone could be reason enough to give Musk your money. Or The knowledge that your panels wont fall off might be reason enough to get the Volvo.. If your goal is to be wowed by tech, then Tesla or Mercedes might be a better options., But if you want a no fuss commute that well, it looks like this. The XC40 Recharge may be the perfect choice., But not as perfect as my segue to our sponsor Squarespace., Thanks to Squarespace for sponsoring todays video.. You think you dont need a website. Of course, you do., You can make anything you want and its super easy to make a website that can do almost anything on Squarespace.

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