I could check the temperature. There was no lag in performance since it, but there are few glitches because im coming to the range, the top speed was 123. Stop the dependence on the oil Music me, Music, Music, Music. All right lets go up in a systematic manner where ill be giving out a lot of positives as well, and quite a few negatives that i founded today. Yeah first thing that i wanted to tell was was really stable on the highways man, where i was cruising uh beside the fat bob and the inline four ninja thousand, and this was keeping up where 115 was ease in the hyper mode i was promote. I was riding it continuously for like what five kilometers 10 kilometers 15 20. Eventually there was no lag in performance so that i can accurately say that so you you have a normal mode, sports mode and uh and hyper mode. So we have tested the top speed of all the modes as well, so ill have a small, dedicated video for that coming out today, so you have already seen it so it will be there in the. I description do check that out. What is the top speed that this goes so will that top speed uh affected the motor battery or the pms? It did not uh. So the battery was still cool. I could check the temperature. It was still under control, yeah and and also uh. It did not hamper the performance see when the heat of the scooter increases.

It eventually reduces the performance, which was not the case here so thats, something that olas worked, and i can actually tell that, after riding for one complete charge cycle where and the other thing was, how was the comfort on the highway see? Even though this is a scooter, it stays planted even at 115 kilometers, so thats a really really good thing. It did not wobble uh. There was no unstability even at that speed. So that was a good thing. I know its not safe for you to ride at more than 100 hundred and ten hundred and fifteen. I dont know how accurate the speeds are, but it stays planted and also brakes brakes are really good, both front and rear, so the combi braking system, so the brake bite is really good. Even if youre, like 115, you have some pedestrian coming in. You can control and stop the scooter, so the brakes are really good. The other thing is suspension, because that that makes that makes or breaks how you feel about the ride, so the front suspension it was holding up really well when youre in the highway its stiff and when there is a small bump, it was acting up absorbing rear Suspension, i really could not comment on because when i had a pillion, the rear suspension was working well, but when youre riding solo uh, i dont feel the suspension working at all. So i have i dont know man. I dont know how to test it because its so low – and i press that also i i dont – see that functioning much yeah and coming to the range.

I really wanted to test the range, but we could not do it because uh overnight there was a problem with the charging charging, so we could not charge it to 100, but we had 72 percent yeah. So the range is not something that uh that was missing. I could not get the accurate range for you guys, so i i will definitely do that, but it was giving good range because i was blasting in warp. I mean the hyper mode all the time and in the end see if it falls down below 15 percent. Then it eventually comes into eco mode, where your top speed is 40. Motor response is very, very slow, so you have to come off and eventually the battery died man it. I had like five kilometers of range and eventually it came to zero in no time so ill. Add small clip of that as well or ill. Have a dedicated video on how i run out of battery uh from we drain the entire battery van and the charging. So here, when we checked right it, it was taking close to six hours of charging, so uh, so thats a long time to charge this 3.8 kilowatt hour battery, so six hours, minimum six hours of charging, sometimes six and a half. According to the timing in the display yeah so uh, we dont have the hyper charging at the fast charging network uh. When we checked it recently, they said that its not yet available.

I dont know, even though its available its not available to the end users. I mean customers, whoever bought this scooter, so its not available to them so ill check in the later week again about the fast charging and hyper charging and throttle response. Throttle response is really good once it kicks in right once that initial 30 kilometers the speed is maintained after that it the motor blasts in. So i really like how the motor performs, but initially it struggles a bit and when the battery percentage came down to 15, the motor response was very, very slow, but the range was reducing drastically, but the motor response is very slow, which i dont know why. So one thing that im still not sure after riding for so long is there is the range i still dont know the range man, because even after riding for so long im, not getting the accurate numbers even im, not able to figure out yeah so ill ill. Make a dedicated video for the range because i did not have the hundred percent. So since i was riding in different modes now, i could not give the accurate numbers to you guys yeah, so uh headlight in the morning was good and uh. Now comes the bits that i did not like, so there were a few things that i did not like, so the charging was not happening properly. So there was a problem last night where it did not charge thats.

The reason why i could not test the range Music where it was it did not charge at all. There was some beep coming in, so it did not charge. So there was a problem, then, eventually you have to reset it multiple times for it to charge and uh. While i was coming back right, it was 30 kilometers. As soon as i wrote, some 10 12 15 kilometers. It eventually dropped down so drastically that it came to five kilometers of range and in few seconds it went to zero. I have the video clippings as well, which ill add later on, so that was a little bizarre. The information is quite uh, not so accurate. So we we had to call the rsa and take the assistant, so they kind of acted quickly and helped out, but still there was. There are few few like lot of problems still in the scooter, even though i am happy that im able to ride and experience it, but there are few glitches, because this is completely supported by software uh, so uh. So if the software is a problem right, we cant do much, so there were quite a few glitches happening where the touch was not responding at all. I had to restart so many times and then eventually, when the battery run out right, it did not charge for like 45 minutes half an hour. We tried it everywhere so and even rsa was little delayed, even when, when we are vlogging, this helicopters will come back.

I am not saying this negatives because i dont, like all i really like hola. I am someone who has paid 20 000 and waiting for me to make the final payment so uh im, just just holding on to uh, get this issues fixed uh so that i can get the scooter man. Why do i have to have range anxiety or pay for petrol because future is eevee, ah yeah, so yeah thats a lot of software problems and uh and also its very unsafe, because i was so scared that if i leave my scooter some might someone might steal It yeah, so that was one problem that i had and as soon as someone comes to meet me right and asked me to start im putting in the pin like the first question, is someone gon na steal it yeah so thats their first question? People are asking it yeah and uh range dropped off very vastly is what i feel the range if youre riding little aggressively the range will drop off very fast, so you, you can hardly write 50, 60 kilometers in the full battery, so thats. What i can tell uh in the hyper mode, if youre blasting, all the time, i dont think you can ride for long how the service gon na be its still uh. A gray area is what i can tell a service. No one has any information its gon na happen. Everything online or people gon na come home and fix it, but i dont know how efficient that gon na be still its a question mark and we kind of found out about the rsa today.

So they were quick to assist, but for them to come down and fix the issue or if there is a small puncher, no its a single sided swing arm, so its aligning everything uh will be a difficult task. So we had a hum amazing uh right today. A lot of drone shots, fpv shots and also in the last video right there was where i was explaining the screen. You can see that the top speed was 123. How can the top speed of a scooter when the claimed top speed is 115b? 123? Even i had doubt, i have no idea man, so theres a lot of software glitches happening and if youre going downhill now the the motor sometimes fails to cut off and it it might go faster too. Sometimes it goes 118, which way which went today 118, but 123 seems little far, so lets find out how it is, and also there were problems like. If you put the side stand, the charge is not happening and quite a few things i think ill get more update about this in the coming days. So dont worry im not saying that its a bad product. This is something that i found, but i think more than the bad. There are a lot of goods too and eventually its giving me the range and the speed and the performance and the convenience for me, im im happy man still im still sick. A lot of you guys uh, ask me like hope: you get well and soon.

Thank you so much guys, uh yeah, you guys asked the range test, which is very important uh, so ill make that one soon, because today, because of some issue with the charging, i could not get it to 100 and then uh do the entire range hundred to Zero, i could not do it so. Series of videos coming enjoy guys hope you liked the video, if you did hit the like button, comment down below and be part of pradeep on wheels family. This is something that i urge all of you guys to be part of, and support me that thats the only way not by the views by supporting like hitting the like button commenting your options, give me feedback. I i ill accept it. I know definitely hit that subscribe button. Dont miss out on that until next time ride, safe, wear your helmets yeah and go test. It go test it whatever the eevee. You want, i think evs are the future lets lets start the adaptation of india lets lets. Stop the dependence on the oil uh oil fuels and lets start start. The electrification have the renewable energies, like the solar wind of windmills lets, use that lets start putting solar in our houses and lets stop depending on the government for the electricity too yeah, so that its pollution free. I think this will definitely give tough competition to all the eye. Scooters, ev scooters and everything looks good. Have good performance good range yeah? If we fix this small things? No, i think no one can catch olaf for sure, yeah and baby sugar wall definitely gon na.