Applause. So before we start id like to get the numbers out of the way, so how much is this guy well theres, just no international pricing given yet not even for kia ev6, so we just dont know yet, but i can tell you this that the genesis gv60 Starts around hundred 8500 dollars more compared to a kia ev6, what about range whats a bit tricky to explain because there just isnt epa or wltp range given just yet. So let me just show you what the genesis got from the korean government officials. As you can see, kia ev6 has better range compared to the genesis gv60. So if you want better range, then you should go with kia ev6. You can also notice that korean government standard is very stingy, so lets wait and check out the epa or wltp numbers soon in the future, and this is what key fob looks like and also take a walk with your genesis. Gv60. Its getting ready and its got lots and lots of unique features throughout the car which were gon na, show you pretty soon, but now id like to take a moment and talk about the face recognition system and answer some of your questions from the first drive. Okay, let me just leave the key here, because i do not need a key okay, so the first question was: can i open the door using a digital picture? Looking like this first, you need to hit this button right here.

Um, so lets try one more time in case, so it does not work. So you actually need your face to open the door see. Another question was: will it work properly in the very cold, cold weather? Well, its about four degrees celsius here and seems to be working, fine and its even working fine, while the water is dripping all over so yeah. I think its a good system and last question was how many faces can you register and the answer is up to two. So pretty good system im so curious about the 060 time. So let me just talk about the battery and electric motors. We have the dual motor system, because this is the performance model cranking out about 360 kilowatts and 700 newton meters of the torque, using the boost button. Okay, now let me just show you how fast this genesis gv60 can be so lets. Take the esc off two stage: there we go put the car into sports mode and go was pulling very nicely its a very slippery day, and it took 4.4 seconds to hit 60 miles per hour. Even this slippery condition so uh this time lets, do it with the boost mode. Okay, okay, this time lets leave the esc on press the boost buttons. Oh my god, its pulling much harder this time with the esc ons. It only took four points two seconds, even in this very slippery condition. It actually snowed here in korea, so they put lots of uh.

You know government officials put lots of calcium chloride on the road, so uh genesis says this performance model will do not to 100 kilometers per hour within four seconds flat end, i think its possible. I mean this guy can do better. I think, oh, my god, it just feels like instant power. There is there a franc, yes, but a tiny one, because we have the dual motor system and we have a large clamshell type hood on the top. So when you close everything, it closes very cleanly and genesis logo on the top and genesis says its now thinner, so this guy can stay more efficient and rather than a cresco in the middle. We just have openings on the bottom and grill shutter inside thats radar sensor for the adaptive cruise control, 360, camera air curtains on the side and we also have led headlamp systems. So let me just show you the system working in action, thats, drl, headlamp, high beam, turn signal, theres, no fog lamp, and this is what horn sounds like alright guys and genesis. Gv60 is also based on the all new egmp platform. That is also shared with hyundai ironic, 5 and kia ev6 and dimensions. Wise genesis, gv60 is the shortest and kia ev6 is the lowest off the ground and actually honey. Ironic 5 has the longest wheelbase and we also have a plus type door handle and also this almost lightning design elements along the roof light, and you can get genesis gv60 with either 1920 or 21 inches and a tester is the performance model.

So we have the 21 inches lets, see its wearing 255 40 by 21 inches front and back and now lets go out and check out the braking performance of the genesis. Gv 60. Then a bit more speed, no problem. It took genesis gv60 about 142 feet to a complete stop, just like on the irony, 5 and kia ev6 having the battery on the bottom really makes the car feel much more secure and planted be careful wow. It just pulls like crazy. Oh my god, Applause. Okay, now let me just quickly show you the second row: seat seats are very nicely down: napa leather, suede and leather piping. So it looks quite nice from here. You guys. Dont know im about six. Two and theres good amount of leg, room and headroom is decent. As well really loving the flat floor on the bottom, we have a double laminate windows that comes down not all the way, but almost all the way, its really nice to have manual sunshade for the side. Events on the b pillar, a cup holder, three stage – heated seats. We also have a walk in device, usb charging ports, some storage area on the bottom – and we even have a v2l connector even from inside goods armrest with two cup holders, and we have a large pairing sunroof on the top, but does not open so its a Large roof on the top, so with better materials, genesis gv60 definitely feels more premium from inside and if you guys are enjoying this, please like this video and subscribe.

So we can grow this channel together and have more fun and just like on the ironic 5, there isnt any rear window. Wiper really wish. We had one back here. It says genesis gv60, but it just does not say performance anywhere. Thats, reflector, thats, backup, lamp and trunk seems to be quite same as hyundai rna5 and kia. Ev6 uh were also given some tools: a v2o connector and, of course, you can fold the second roses to yield more cargo room, yeah, almost full flat. Okay. Now let me just show you the car from the driver seat. Okay, once you get in youre greeted with many many screens. First of all, we have a 12.3 inch gauge cluster, which even shows you the augmented reality turn by turn direction like that and to the right. We also have a 12.3 inch infotainment screen. It looks good and also responds very quickly, and we also have a large head up display and also two more digital side mirrors. I dont think you guys will be getting this in north america, but i still think its not unnecessary, because we also have blind spots monitoring system, so i think its a little bit redundant. You can also use the fingerprint recognition system, so you can start driving the car without any key in the vehicle, and you also have this good looking crystal spear when the car is ready to be driven its going to rotate and give you this dial type gear.

Selector and when youre all done its going to give you the crystal spear again, it also is connected to the ambient light. So it looks pretty nice okay, too much talking now lets go out and drive this genesis. Gv60. There really hope the road is dry. Now, Applause: first, i thought that was a speaker, but genesis says its a diffuser very interesting. Okay, now lets do talk about the visibility we have a large windows up to here, but rear visibility is a little bit limited, but we still have blind spots monitoring system and also alert system which will greatly help you during your lane, changes and no problem, because You can just press this boost button and pass most of the cars. Oh, my god, they can do it over over again ridiculous. Okay lets do talk about the dual motor system, so we have a two motors one up front, one at the rear producing about 360 kilowatts and 700 newton meters of torque. Yes, you can feel it even before pressing this boost button. Let me just put the car into sports mode and wow really feel enormous, monitor starting from the bottom one more yes, its a neck, breaker really pulls nicely even up to very high speed and having battery on the bottom really makes the car feel stable nicely done. Applause and when you do press this push button its gon na give you a boost for about 10 seconds, and, oh my god, it really pulls like crazy.

You can really feel the all 700 newton meters of the tour. Can i save lets, say five seconds and use it later, but can keep on using the 10 seconds over and over and oh man, its just its a neck, breaker, really three two ones one more time. It definitely pulls harder compared to the sports mode and yeah. I think the this is the fastest model compared among the hyundai nav5 and kia ev6, really something we also have active sound design for the genesis. Gv60 love the fact i can definitely turn it off, but for this demonstration purposes, lets just put it into the largest. The first one is futuristic sounds like that. The second one is the g engines wow and the last one is the e motor, so one more time, futuristic g engines and e motor uh. My favorite is actually g engines, so guys do. Let me know which one is your favorite and let me know what do you think about the active, sound design with all electric vehicles? Music, Applause, all right guys lets, try a few corners and lets check out the handling capability. This is the performance model, so we even have an elsd. So take it very nicely. Wow love the fact that the esc isnt engaging too early, letting me just have some fun and the the chassis really felt rock solid, and i was just feeling that the car is, you know, stepping outside a little bit, but nonetheless it felt very stable.

I i think it was just letting me have some more ah too much so much fun, so lets. Try it one more time. Okay, lets try one more time on this hard left, wow stacking very nicely. I can really feel the rear popping out and elsd esc and all drive, especially just making this car stick to the ground and just turn very impressive. I mean, i think, like i told you, i think, among county irony, 5 and kia ev6. I think this genesis. Gv60 performance model, especially, is the best performing car boost button, and this genesis, gv60 also comes with adaptive cruise control. Working with lane, keepers is, as you can see, its a very delicate system, placing the car right on the center and also keeping a safe distance. Of course, in a minute or so its going to say, hey driver its time to put your hands back on the steering wall like right now, but even before that, you should always keep your hands back on the steering wall. Let me just put the car back into sports mode, and this genesis gv60 feels very stable, even on very high high speeds and its quite nicely isolated, because we have double laminated windows even for the first and second row, passengers and great good brakes, Music. All right guys, this has been a test drive with the genesis. Gv60. Many of you guys asked me: is it worth the extra money? Yes, i think so it looks more premium.

It just feels more luxurious, so hope you guys enjoyed it and well be back with much much more. So if you love cars and car reviews, please do support us by subscribing to our channel and also hit that bell notification, so you dont miss out in the future. Thank you guys see.