It was this. The renault zoe fifth gear wanted to see what all the fuss was about and while we were at it, we thought wed. Take a look at its rivals as well super minis city, cars and small hatchbacks that roam urban areas need to possess a certain set of skills. Yeah. They need to be easy to drive through busy city centres. Have some practicality to chuck some kids in the back plus have the range to get you to the office and back again and if youre. Anything like me need to be entertaining to drive yeah. So uh not a lot to us. Then renault zoe was originally launched in 2012 as an electric alternative to the clio and its been in a class of its own. Ever since, with no other super mini sized electric cars on the market, the zoe has gone on to sell well over a quarter of a million units, but everything changed in 2019 when a bunch of other car makers crashed the zoes party so to see how the Newcomers stack up against the renault weve gathered the electric versions of the mini, the fiat 500 and peugeot 208, plus the brand new honda e and weve lined up three tests to whittle them down, eliminating the weakest as we go to the winner and the car that You should be happy to drive every single day, well, be assessing interiors and outright performance later on. Yes, but to start were taking each car out on our private track for the kind of quick test drive that youd take when shopping for a new motor.

The two that impress the least will be eliminated right time for the test drives and first up is the original ev city car the zoe. This immediately feels like a conventional hatchback. To me, the steering is pretty accurate, its not the most comfortable seat in the world. I dont have like masses of support, but what there is, i think, is enough for this level of driving. Yes, totally agree with that little bit of air. Should we try the next one? Next? Is the honda e its more expensive than the zoe and thanks to its comparatively smaller battery, its range is also much less but its, not all bad news. I am so excited about this car. Are you do you love the way it looks? I love the way it looks its so much fun as well. Its really like the steering is so direct. Its really responsive, rear wheel drive as well. Yes, i know how cool it is: proper drivers, car, okay, first impressions, yeah yeah, bang on good time for one of the petrol power big hitters to enter the electric ring. The fiat 500 es 42 kilowatt battery pack delivers a respectable range of 277 miles, but long journeys in the electric cinquecento might not be everyones cup of tea. I feel like i am in quite a bouncy thing: yeah its not filling me with as much confidence as the previous card. I dont normally get classic, but i i feel the most carsick and rory that thats music to my ears, because im not going to slow down because id like to see you chuck on camera time to take a look at peugeots e208 at just over 27 grand.

It is the cheapest car in our test, while 56 kilowatt battery is the largest and can travel 217 miles between charges. This is definitely the most grown up of all the cars. The body control is night and day when you compare it to the fiat 500e. It feels like a car and not a shopping trolley. Yes, would you send it over this Music yeah it? Can it can do that? It feels plush. I like it yeah. Finally, its the mini electric: this is the priciest car on test, while its 32.6 kilowatt battery pack is the smallest, but the iconic city car still has a few tricks up its sleeve. It feels very well made very well engineered, really lovely turning. I can feel the whole chassis its talking to me nicely its a typical mini thing: isnt it that go kart driving, feel its robust, totally robust yeah. It feels hewn from a solid piece of granite, almost good job, so rory we have driven all five and now it is time to say goodbye to two of them, based primarily on the driving impression and the range the honda e we have to talk about is Range, i know its not great, i think, in the real world. You might get about 120 miles out of this thing which isnt amazing, but it was fantastic to drive. I really enjoyed that yep for me, that was like the original mini it was. It was fun so that stage absolutely needs to stay cool.

The peugeot e208, i think, is really good. It feels like a good, solid, grown up hatchback that i think anyone would be. You know quite happy with yeah. We want to know more about that, so that stays bigger, stay yep and then the mini i thoroughly enjoyed it had a lot of fun. It does what a mini is supposed to do drives really well handles great. So, even though the range isnt amazing on the mini, i think its another one that needs to stay yeah cool, which means we have found our two that are going to leave us. The first one is the renault zoe, the granddaddy of the group. However, once weve driven the newcomers, we did find this a bit lacking yeah. I know its been around for ages, its set the standard, but i think the standard has been kind of superseded now. So, even though its nice yeah, i think it has to go okay to the floor and then to the fiat, its chow chow, im, afraid the body roll was just too much for me and and the turning wasnt crispy im, not sick yeah.