You put gasoline in a vehicle, you burn it and you only get about 25 of the energy out of that gasoline. The rest is just up in smoke. Literally, we started with horse and buggy four wheel technology over 100 years ago, and now weve evolved that four wheel technology into uh, big suvs and sedans. The automotive landscape of today is far too concerned with risk and would never think about stepping. You know outside of the box to make a composite vehicle thats super lightweight and aerodynamic, because its so much different than whats available see losses and heat. We see losses in friction, we see losses in aerodynamics and weight. Everything to us is an engineering challenge to make things more aerodynamic lightweight, so they use use less energy when we first started the company and were looking at the shape and going through matlab calculations of different vehicles and saying well, what kind of vehicle could we use As a base vehicle and we sort of asked ourselves a rhetorical question, what would it be like if you made the drag go to zero in terms of the equation? Why, then, your range would go way way up. So then i asked the next question. So what does that shape? Look like? Surely there must be a shape that mathematically would equal zero for, drag or close to it, close enough and thats how we discovered this shape and began working with it and refining it.

We think that energy should be used to turn your wheels uh. That starts with aerodynamics, because in a typical vehicle you use over 60 of your fuel just pushing the air out of the way at highway speeds. So if you could take that aerodynamic drag down to zero youd instantly get sixty percent better fuel economy with aptera. We did just that more aerodynamics lighter weight. Efficient powertrain gets you further with less energy. We have a strong focus on composite technologies and ai generative design, because it lowers the overall weight of the vehicle while making it one of the strongest offerings on the road. Today, when you think about vehicle safety, you think about strength. You know. Is this thing going to protect me? Our composite monocoque chassis is built a lot like a formula. One vehicle is very strong. The structure surrounding you is going to be safer or stronger than virtually anything thats out there, because the strength of the composites compared to steel, for example, is superior. We take pasture safety very seriously and its one of our top priorities. The upterra drastically lowers the materials needed to build your transportation device. These bodies, instead of having two or three hundred parts to the body. They have four parts to the main structure, and that makes it much easier to build track and assemble. A thousand mile range vehicle seemed absolutely absurd. It was an insane claim, but its just its all science, its all numbers.

Really you can charge the aptera with a regular 110 volt outlet, the same outlet that you charge your cell phone on and overnight you can get 150 miles of range thats, unlike any other vehicle out there. One of our best new design features is our never charged solar package. It allows you to charge over 40 miles a day free from the sun and allows for most daily driving needs to never have to plug in to go anywhere 40 miles. Doesnt sound like a lot, but its the equivalent of parking, your car and having it magically, fill up with two gallons of gas overnight. Its a fact that you could park it at work or wherever and go back to it with more energy in the tank than when you left it. Freedom in the sense of being able to go, go long distances go without having to think about it. Go without having to worry about if its charged or not have it charge itself without having to pay a dime to drive it. Every day i mean thats a kind of freedom. I think a lot of a lot of people love. You dont need super large charging infrastructure to keep your aptera going on a large trip. When you stop at a roadside charger, you can charge for 10 minutes and realistically be back on the road. Unlike other electric vehicles, where you have to stop for more than an hour, so the efficiency of uptera really opens up a lot of possibilities for owners to use their vehicles in different ways than they currently do.

The electric vehicle world of today is much more advanced than it was 10 years ago were leveraging every bit of new battery technology. Drivetrain technology composite technology, thats available to make things more efficient for your transportation needs. Heptera is actually greek for wingless flight people. Look at it, they tap the to roll down the window, and they want to ask you what it is amazed and shocked when they see the up terra its not designed to get attention. It just gets attention because of what it is. You tell them how efficient it is and it just blows their mind. The first thing thats going to strike you is different, is the integration of the solar cells into the body and the dash and other places every square inch of where sunlight hits that vehicle and a way to harvest it and make use of it without making it Look like some high school eco marathon project when driving the vehicle dynamics are very stable. The acceleration is brisk. The one notable thing is its very, very quiet. Before i drove the aptera i had, i had dreams about driving it and, and the first time i did it was it was virtually as i imagined it would be. Aerodynamics comes with the benefit of being a lot quieter. You dont hear the wind buffeting noise at high speeds, like you would in any other vehicle available today, the first feeling while driving it is the feeling of spaciousness, because you think its just a normal sized vehicle, or maybe some people might even think that its smaller On the inside or a cramp, but it felt like a football field.

You know that i had between my elbow and the door. I just had all of the space and it was comfortable. The all wheel, drive aptera handles great in snow ice, certain climate conditions. We have torque vectoring to each wheel that dynamically responds within 1 30 seconds of a revolution, so we can infinitely tweak the stability of the vehicle at any time and tackle almost any adverse condition you can imagine and with all of this glass, i could see everything And it was an amazing experience. Hopefully my children will grow up in a world where they never have to put gasoline in a vehicle again, my son already knows how to put the charger into my electric vehicle. My daughter already knows what a battery is. I think ensuring that electric vehicles arent sort of a compliance move by oems or that theyre not a thing that only rich people can afford with you know very expensive electric vehicles, but ensuring that there is a mainstream path to make electric vehicles there. For everyone is the legacy that wed like to leave to our kids because thats the kind of world we want them to grow up in the upter service network will be unique and that most of the time will come to you to fix your problems. But if you have an aptera in a remote location, where service agents might not be, we will help you repair your vehicle on site. Well, ship! You parts within 24 hours.

Well, give you all the build and service information. We have and really help facilitate you in keeping your vehicle on the road. We think this right to repair mindset can really help keep more aptera on the road longer and make our customers happy theres, nothing more unique than aptera a vehicle focused on efficiency solely over styling and its really the most efficient way. To get from point a to point b, we started aptera to build the best electric car in the world. I think a lot of people have latched on to optera, because its an amazing solution to a lot of todays energy use problems and its also just cool engineering youre, far less efficient on a bicycle than you are in an aptera.