My name is derek reilly. Today we are looking at the mg zsev. The new 2022 edition is the refreshed one with the lovely 10 inch screen, and what were going to be talking about is the specifically the mg pilot and within that then were going to look at the traffic jam assist and the intelligent speed control. I know some people are very interested in this, so how do we get that so were going to talk about the intelligent speed control first, so i have to go into the and so youve got dual panes in the settings and in vehicle and then youve got Mg pilot convenience lighting vehicle information. So if we go to mg pilot, it is going to talk about lane assistance, uh emergency lane keeping system have a look at that and rd alert. So itll show you whether you want to uh. It wants to write you into the lane or you want to just be alert the alert sensitivity, the audible, warding, the vibration reminder so thats the lane assistance. Then youve got the front: cliton collision, assistance system, pedestrian automatic braking, rear driving assistance for blind spot, etc, etc, and then the speed assist so the speed warning is on and then speed control mode. I change that then to intelligent, and so what that means then is we have up on the dash here and ive got my gopro set up here. Just record whats up here, youll see that coming on and off so its off all together and then we have it manual well come on and then you can set it by turning up or down down here and thats increasing it.

Then you can see its 35 40., so you can set it manually and its msa manual. Speed, assist up on the top left hand corner there, or if i change that around then to intelligent, then it says isa and so now its set. So now, in theory, the car shouldnt, let me go over the speed limit of the area that im in now. You can override that by pressing by pressing the pedal down uh if you need to get out of somethings away or overtake something or if theres, something coming up behind you. So thats. The intelligent, um, speed, assistance, speed, warning and then the other speed assist and then the other one we want to talk about is the um traffic jam assist. So with that, then youve got your cruise control down here and you can see it up in the dash there and if i twist that up and down that will so im going to turn on so open the dash there. You can see if i twist that up and down its increasing this distance to the car in front of me and if i pull it towards it again double tap. You can see that that second icon came up on the screen, and so now its traffic jam assist. So what that means is it is going to stop starting traffic. So the first thing were going to talk about were going to have to turn that off its unintelligent, so either one or the other you cant have both so were going to try.

The intelligent speed assist first were going to quick, drive around ill speed up the footage and see exactly what were up to, but otherwise it and then well. Do the traffic jam well have to go and find some traffic. Whoever thought youd hear me saying something like that, or somebody want to find traffic so ill. Take the gopros up and we will do intelligent speed assist first, its a nice feature. Actually there, when youre turning it brings up the blind spot on the 360 camera as well, so it hasnt picked up any um speed signs yet just because i havent passed any so you could fill your boots now if you wanted to and then were away. So we are coming up on 60 now, so its picked up to 60 kilometers in theory, it shouldnt. Let me go faster than that, but im up to traffic um, this isnt, the traffic one. This is the one where were doing speed assist. So let me increase this on this. Yes, okay, so were at 30 kilometers an hour 40 50. sick, okay. So its letting me do it. Okay, i have to press the button at the end, so now its engaged cause when its when its amber its not engaged. Okay, interesting thats good to know: can you figure that out fairly quickly, i suppose so? 50. 60! Oh nice, yeah! Okay! So, even though im pursuing the accelerator down further its not letting me go any faster than 60.

very smart, i like it so were going to do a bit of dual carriageway to see. Does it pick it up, thats, very smart, so theres a manual theres, a um, intelligent, okay, so the blind spot only activates below a certain speed. The traffic jam assist only activates less than 56 kilometers an hour as well, so youre obviously not going to be in track. Well, you could be, i suppose, but thats, where the adaptive cruise control takes over then, if youre moving along at that speed so or should be back up to 60, then i didnt see it oh! No. I did were back up to 80., very good. Okay, that works well, Music. We bring it into the town and then ill pull in and turn on. Traffic gem assist id, say john leary, a couple of sundays before christmas will be full of the traffic Music. So, like any speed recognition system its only as good as where the local authority and the national transport authority have put their signs, so if one sign is close to another, it may pick up the wrong signs. You just have to be conscious and be aware of your driving and have control of your vehicle at all times its sensible stuff. Really, when you think about it, but just so that you know so. Intelligent speed assist can only be activated when cruise control and traffic dram assist are all off, and so the secondary stock, on the left hand side the smaller one down near my knee, that is in the off position, which is the furthest away from you for you To activate screws, you pull it forward once and then you can increase or decrease up or down your cruise control, so our traffic jam assist.

It has to have a has to pick up a speed sign. So it says that you know thats 50 double tap forward. I can set it to 30, and so now it knows that theres a car in front of me. What should happen is when this car pulls off, but the the traffic jam assist light hasnt been activated. So let me look on here once that goes green. All youll need to do then, is oh yeah, its working there now interesting, so thats, oh yeah! Here we go green light so its following the car in front its steering as well, and when that car in front breaks im going to break as well. Now, when, if i come to a complete, stop ill need to either press the accelerator or pull the um traffic jam, assist slash cruise control, slash mg pilot stalk towards me, so i wont touch anything. You can see my feet here, theyre not moving, and i think what comes up on the dash is itll say resume or press the accelerator Music. So i think i could increase my speed, limited cruise control because im in a 50. – and so once these lights go green, i should be good to go and i can, when the indicator comes on, i can see whats beside me. Whats been hot around me pick, which camera i want to look at the loudest indicator. Ive ever heard so traffic is pulling away. Nice didnt press the accelerator used the used, the uh, the resume stock, its probably a bit fast for that corner and 40, but um.

Well bring it down to 30 30, as were in an urban area. It knows im gon na cross the line there up 35. So now its in line dont know what ive taken that corner now, but anyway, youre supposed to keep your hands on the steering wheel. Yeah thats traffic jam assist that is intelligent, speed assist, hopefully, youve enjoyed todays episode, just something a bit more detail in some of the key features of electric vehicle. Theyre going to do a bit more of this, you would have seen recently i put out the kia ev6, which has the remote parking smart, assist or remote smart park assist, and that got a good reaction. So i said id give a bit more of this. Okay. Coming up to a car here now it has braked im, not pressing any pedals and the car comes to a stop and because ive got it as one space its going to pull me up in behind it. You can change the distance to the car in front as well bring that down 35 and then, for the final time before we sign off the day ill, just pull the stock towards me to resume, and it says it on the stock. It says off then, cancel on and resume so when it when it beeps that the car in front of me is gone ill. Just pull that towards me and the actual car will move forward. Yeah lots of good assistance, lots of good value in this mg.

Zsev 2022 edition the initial first impressions and first drive video has over 20 25 000 views at this stage and its gone performing really well um very popular across europe. Gon na pull away its gon na beep resume. Thank you, mrs mr mg, and were away following that care in front of us adaptive.