Few financial troubles in there then bought over by a major chinese manufacturing giant bought over again now saic motors are the current owners of the mg brand and theyve been making a car like the predecessor to this company with a rowi brand over in china. But they decided to slap an ev drivetrain into it and send it off to some international markets and what we got a few years ago was the mg zs ev, and it was really well received. People loved it. In fact the owners rave about it, but everybody admitted it was rough around the edges. The software was pretty crap. You know the range maybe could have been a little bit better, but they listened mg listens. They sat around the boardroom said right guys. How can we, how can we update this? How can we refresh it – and this is what we got – we got the updated 2022 version of the mgzs ev hello and welcome back to the channel. My name is blake. Baldwin lets go, have a good look around. So what are we going to notice thats different? Well, the first thing is obviously the closed off grille, its a nice refresh, theres, a few other nip and tucks here, and there slightly different materials different shape, but in general this is the big difference here, but we talked about refreshes earlier on and upgrading listening to Their customers – and what did they do? This was one thing here: weve got the charge flap just off center.

Now a lot smaller. A lot neater integrated a lot better clicks open, but look actual flaps that open up none of those little plasticky nozzles that you tried to fit back in, and the old budget would open up raised like this. It was pretty nasty to use. This is so much better. Not too much has changed from the last one. Weve got the propeller propeller wheels here, 16 inch plastic inserts. Really i mean. Is it the most beautiful piece of design? No, its, not is it adequate? Is it absolutely fine? Yeah, probably a couple of nice little character lines just here stretching along underneath the window frame swoops up over the background to the rear headlights as well, its um yeah, not much to say, lets move on around the back of the mg. I still think it looks pretty decent yeah. I kind of like it a few little tweaks here and there from the older model. Good sized boot in there not too far off 500 liters, but also what you can do is change around the height. So theres a big lip there now im! Okay with that, because i get the extra space i like it, but if you want to raise up the floor quite easy to do, take care of that shelf charging cables in that little pouch, which is velcro to the bottom, and then we put it back in At a higher level and now theres, only a tiny little lip just there netting to hold in our shopping 40 60 splits on the seat to fall down that expanded out to about 1160 liters yeah good space in there nice well inside the mg, zs ev.

What do we think yeah looks nice doesnt, it looks nice now it is a whole different ball game compared to the older model, to its predecessor, its such a step up in quality and appearance and functionality. Yeah hats often for that now, but i do have to say it looks a little bit better than it actually is. So what do i mean by that? Well lovely cross stitching down along the side. You know on the seats on the steering wheel as well. Carbon effect materials here on the dash, looks like leather across the dashs steering wheel. These little perforations. You know it looks quite nice bit of chrome here, but then you dig into it. You start youve got so its just. You know, chrome effect, plastic, its thats, not leather, at all, thats kind of a hard plastic and the touch the dutch yeah, its kind of rubberized plastic. The chrome effect is actually just a little bit of vinyl material um. You know the buttons are just yeah. They find they dont line up perfectly, and then you remind yourself of the price of this car and you go hey, stop complaining, like dont, be giving out about it. This is really really good and ive got a lot of creature comforts in here as well. You know i can adjust my my seat electronically on the upper spec level, one that we have here today and you know down forward back yeah. Pretty nice lumber supports um.

You know youve got a smattering of buttons on the steering wheel, two displays as well the digital one which is upgraded from the predecessor is so much better now as well readouts, its just clearer, theres, more functionality. It looks better. This screen is a lot nicer. The interface is a little bit more interactive, now its still very much gray scale and little tiny bit laggy and stuff its. You know its a far cry from our poster and tesla, but you know yeah its nice, so whats it like for space in the back of the mgz suv. Well, yeah its pretty good ive got this seat set up for me. Im six foot, two about 1.88 1.89 meters and i can fit in here absolutely fine. Ive still got just about enough space. For my knee a bit of storage of the pocket at the back. Ive got two heated vents usb connections. Here nice little armrest, two cup holders in that got electric windows yeah like its enough now to see thats grand the materials are kind of okay, but theyre good. You know if youre using this as a young family taxi driver. You know your baby smushes some food into it. You just wipe it off its absolutely fine, but the great thing is the sense of space in here, because weve got that panoramic roof glass. All the way back to just behind my head right here. Yeah feels really good panoramic sunroof check this out.

That goes all the way back. Sunroof itself is 1.9 meters squared so plenty of space up there as well, which we can open up here all electronic and there goes the roof, and it just feels so much more airy because of that, like it so whats it like to drive the mgzs ev. Well, for me, i want to break it down into a few different categories because its hard to give a you know an overall impression of this. The first one lets move on to the the motor lets talk about that first 115 kilowatt motor now thats good for 156 horsepower and 280 newton meters of torque. So its no slouch, you know its not going to be setting any records, but im happy enough with it and this kind of a car its plenty it doesnt need any more it really doesnt. It will be wasted. In fact, if you gave it more, the traction just couldnt keep up with it: ive already um done a few wheel, spins and this kind of damp and wet wet weather and yeah. So plenty there lets move on into the the tekken and what its like inside. The car and its pretty its okay lets just say its okay, relatively speaking, theres much nicer cars out there with much better tech, much more integrated software, but you get most things that you want here. Weve got android auto, you know carplay, and the interface is a bit gray scale and its a tiny bit laggy and stuff, but its fine.

I can do everything i want as long as i accept that when i press the temperature up or something like that, it takes a half a second but thats all right um, as youre driving around youve got some. You know mg pilot theyre, quite proud of this. This um this software, this package and its driver assistance functions. Basically, so weve got adaptive cruise control, the blind spot monitoring. The light comes up on the wing mirror over here when somethings coming up behind you um and its yeah. Its functional ive had this car in the motorway, for you know 50 or 100 miles um since ive had it and – and it works fine, its a little bit jittery at times the lane keep assists kind of pulls you the odd time that you, you dont, think It should but overall its its okay, but then how does it feel to drive? Youve definitely got to break this down into two parts for me anyway. Theres the high speed driving on motorways, so youre 60, 70 80 miles per hour. Driving and youve got your adaptive cruise control for that, so it makes it quite a comfortable and it just takes a little bit of stress out of it. I think i find anyway and its comfortable on the roads. Youve got small 16 inch wheels. Big squishy tires suspension is quite soft sprung, so it just takes the bumps nice and smoothly um, but then what weve got to talk about is when you move on to the smaller roads, the back road, the b roads, those country roads where you could be taking A corner at 25 miles per hour, and then you go behind a tractor and you need to overtake and stuff, but you know that you know those kind of rows im talking about and there this car is not in its element, lets say its a little bit.

Lulls around a little bit, you know you go to take a corner, you turn it into the left and the the car just takes a half. Second, and just goes, you just turn the steering wheel there like yeah and then you know the car leans over the suspension leans in, and then you get your your bit of reaction in the car, so yeah, not quite at home there, but its absolutely fine youre, Not buying a car like this for those at all for those kind of circumstances, um, three driving modes – eco dont use it ever. I want the power there normal and then sport. I just leave it in sport. The whole time for me, partying just dont play. It affects the range that much you know if you want to drive economically just dont press the pedal that much um you got curse, which is mgs version of regenerative braking as well as kinetic energy recovery system and three settings. So one two and three one i mean the lightest almost freewheeling three is the strongest. I would prefer to be stronger, but its okay, its fine im not going to give out about it. It doesnt have one pedal driving and you know its starting to become a standard now you know weve seen it in the nissan leaf for a while. I had it in the honda e. Of course, a lot of more expensive cars are doing it as well um, but you cant really give out about that at the price point that the car is at.

But overall this is going to be used to move the kids around pick up the shopping things like that. You know its itll. Do you do you nicely so were nearly finished up with the mg zsav, but theres. One last thing that i want to tell you about, and that is battery and charging so were looking at a 72.6 kilowatt hour battery, but 69 of which is usable in terms of range whats. Thats going to get you well. Wltp is in around the 270 miles or about 440 kilometers, something like that, but based on how ive had it now, over the last few days, ive put a good few miles into it, im tracking for over 400 kilometers. Like i think this thing in summer, you know pottering around town a few little trips through the country and stuff like that. Thats gon na hit the 300 mile mark, if youre, careful like absolutely fantastic range and the efficiency for something this size is pretty good. In terms of charging it on dc youre, going to peak at in that kind of mid 70s range on ac, it gets a little bit trickier. You can get this in 11 kilowatts on the continent, but in the market that im in theyre just not supplying it. Theyre saying no youre getting your 77.4 and thats it, and but also we got to mention v2l capability. Now i wasnt, given the adapter thats not available yet, but you can plug an adapter into it and draw a power back out at 2.

2 kilowatts. So you can, you know, power up little mini ovens or possibly even charge it with another car. Its, not you know, run power tools off and things like that. But what do we think about the mg? You know i really like it like. No first of all lets go with the negatives because theres a good few things i dont like the design, you know, is it fantastic? No, its not its, not great, really that front collision warning uh sound and its a bit annoying like the feeling, the materials inside isnt great, that the software is still a bit laggy and a bit gray scale doesnt, look great, although much improved from the old one. So yeah there are negatives about this, but then you got to remind yourself of the price and what you get for the money. Look at the range the ride is: okay. The space inside is good sized boot im massively impressed by it, but i dont want to finish on that as me, saying yeah its a great car go out and buy it. What i want to say its more of a conversation piece and its that this car is a shot across the bow to the major manufacturers that are charging a lot of money for evs when possibly they shouldnt be. This car is half the price where i am of a nicely specced audi: q4 e tron, you compare to the vw id4, the bigger battery version or stephen scott eniacs, and things like that and its so much cheaper mg are coming into the market.

Theyre saying yeah were going to give you all those things might not feel as nice, but were going to give you all those things all those specs at such a low price, biggest problem that mg youre going to have a satisfying demand. I think anyway, thank you very much for watching today if youve enjoyed this video, if you enjoy our other videos hit like and subscribe, because it tells our bosses that you like what we do and we get to make more videos like this. Thank you very much.