The only problem for citroen is this is an extremely competitive corner of the market. Im talking the volkswagen id3 and the kia e nero to name but a few so is citron onto a winner with the ec4. Well, today, im going to try and find out, but before we go any further, if you like what we do, why not give us a thumbs up and subscribe for more awesome videos just like this one were going to start things off with what makes an ec4 And e c four and its this thing right here: a 136 horsepower 260 newton meter, electric motor that sends power to the front wheels now, admittedly, that doesnt actually sound like a lot of power even compared to other cheap electric cars. Now itll send you from zero to 62 miles per hour in 9.7 seconds, which is hardly electric, and it has a top speed of 93 miles per hour. So if youre driving an ec4, you probably best avoid a german autobahn. Unless you want to really scare yourself but the ec4 isnt about performance, its about wafting and you can waft along for up to 217 miles, courtesy of a 50 kilowatt hour battery, now thats about on par with some other entry level, electric cars. But still you can get cheaper evs, such as a nissan leaf and a kia e nero that are about the same price. That will give you more range. It is, however, better than what you get on a mazda mx30, as is the case with a lot of evs, and you can watch my review of the mx30 by clicking the link in the top right hand corner the ec4 might not be that quick in a Straight line, but when it comes to charging, it can be quite lippy and thats, because it supports up to 100 kilowatt charging.

All you need to do is find a suitable charger and when you do youll be able to go from zero to 80 battery in around 30 minutes, which is pretty quick. The ec4 isnt the kind of car that you get. If you want to make a statement about being an electric car driver, because it looks pretty much exactly the same as the standard c4, the only real differences are youve got blue highlights around the front bumper here, instead of silver youve got some more blue highlights down The side of the car, a few e badges and different 18 inch wheels theres also no exhausts at the back of the car either for very obvious reasons, but i actually think the new c4 generation is a seriously good. Looking car, particularly with this new x, motif at the front of the car that is highlighted by these new lights – and i really like this light pod here, which kind of reminds me a bit of the light system that you get on a porsche. You get the same kind of x, graphic at the back of the car too, and because its all done with leds, its a really punchy look particularly at night, and what sets the ec4, apart from the rest of the competition, at least in terms of design, is The roof line, which is much more like a coupe like roof compared to other hatchbacks and crossovers, and that harks back to the original c4 from the mid 2000s now alter pricing.

How much does the ec4 cost? Well, it all kicks off at around 34 000 pounds for the entry level car with the top spec model coming in at 35. So not a big difference between the entry level and the top spec car. And if you go for that very very top, spec car, the shine plus the only real differences, are a bit more luxury inside. You get a better sound system and you also get a suite of semi autonomous driving modes and its pretty competitively priced as well, because it goes up against the mid range of the vw id3 lineup. Of course, you dont have to pay full price if you dont want to, because there are plenty of new and used deals to be had on ec fours over at The ec4 actually has the same boot capacity as the regular piston powered c4, which is actually quite rare because a lot of cars when theyre converted from a piston car to an ev, they usually store the batteries either below the rear seats or underneath the boot floor. But in the ec4 its stored underneath the passenger compartment – and that means weve got 380 liters in the back here, which is very much on par with the rest of the competition now theres. Actually, an extra compartment below the boot floor, which is a great place to store your cables and leaving the rest of your boot for things like luggage and groceries and dogs, maybe, and its also an adjustable boot floor.

So you can open up even more space in the back now, not all of the ec force competitors have that if you love putting stuff in your car, leaving it there for decades and forgetting about it, then the ec4 is the car for you and thats, because Weve got not only a relatively deep storage bay under the armrest, but we also have a storage bay with two cupholders in it. A storage tray under the dashboard, with another storage tray, hidden below it and another storage tray above it that on top spec cars, features a wireless charger. But best of all is the hidden ipad storage tray and stand. So your front passenger can sit and watch movies on a long car journey without physically having to hold their ipad. The overall build quality and design is pretty good too, and the seats that im sat on are incredibly comfortable and you can get them in leather. If you go again for that shine plus top spec car now all cars come with a 10 inch touchscreen infotainment system, which is relatively easy to use. Although its not the sharpest and most responsive thing on the market, and of course, you can use apple, carplay and android, auto, which pretty much bypasses the whole system anyway, plus theres a digital instrument cluster on all cars. And that not only shows you things like your speed, but also critical information like your range and also your efficiency, rear leg room in the back of the ec4 is actually pretty good.

So im just below six foot, ive got the drivers seat in my position and ive got plenty of leg room, but headroom is a bit on the tight side. So if youre six foot and over it might be a bit of a squeeze and its all because of that coupe like roof line. As for the rest of the back seats, well, theres not a whole lot to do back here. Theres no rest, which is a bit of a shame, but you do get climate vents and theres also a couple of usb ports. One of them is a regular usb and the other, a usbc on the road in the ec4 and, admittedly, its a bit of a mixed bag. Now i want to start off with performance, because earlier i said on paper, this really doesnt sound like a very brisk car, but being an ev theres, always this near instant torque. So, even though we dont have a lot of power, it still feels as though its really good at getting up to speed quickly, particularly if youve got it in sport mode and thats. When it really starts to get a bit of a move on. When you put your foot down, admittedly, though, most of the time im driving ive got it in eco mode, because i want to use up as little battery as possible because were now going to get onto the bit. That really confuses me about the ec4 and it is the battery and range so, like i said earlier, its got a claimed range of about 217 miles in the real world, thats, never the case, its always going to be a little bit less than that.

Now, youre, probably looking at between about 160 and 190 miles, and when i calculated the efficiency in here, it came to about 3.7 to 3.9 miles per kilowatt hour, which comes in at around about 190 miles. Im a bit confused, however, because i dont think you can trust the estimated range in this car now this morning i covered 55 miles and i had a full battery, so it said i had the full 217 miles and i used a little bit of motorway driving A bit of town driving and also some country roads as well. So there was a lot of opportunity to recoup some energy both under braking and when youre just poodling around town. However, it says i have 85 miles left, so i seem to have used about 140 miles in the space of 55 miles, which is a little bit confusing and itll give you some serious range anxiety because then again, im poodling around at the moment at about 40 Miles an hour ive covered two miles and on here it says: ive covered five and for you ev buffs. If youre wanting to know what the temperature is its around about 15 16 degrees today, so its not the warmest day in england, but its by no means the coldest either. So we should still be getting pretty good battery efficiency and how about the drive? Well, its a citroen, so it feels very soft and in most parts this is really very lovely, because weve got a very soft suspension setup.

You can go over some really nasty bumps and it just doesnt make any impact in the cabin whatsoever. This car is seriously comfortable on most roads. That being said, the ec4 is quite a bit heavier than the regular c4 and im not sure if theyve adjusted the suspension to handle the extra weight, because if you put it through a corner at anything above 30 miles an hour, you will experience a fair bit Of wallow, it will lean over quite a bit and because youve got these very comfortable, but not massively supportive seats. Youll find yourself moving around a bit as well, because with all that extra weight, when you hit the brakes, there is a little bit of pitching forward. So if i apply them now, you really do lean forward. Now, most of the time you can be quite smooth with your braking inputs, but its when youre going around start stop traffic, particularly on the m25, and you find yourself constantly doing emergency stops. Youll find the car lurching forward a fair bit now. It does sound like im having a go at the ec 4, but its worth, bearing in mind that this is citroens first proper stab at a mass produced ev. I do think theyve done a really good job and i think its one of the most comfortable cars you can get at this price range. It just requires a different approach to driving even for a citroen driver, and i think, if you live outside of a town center, you might find yourself suffering from a little bit of range anxiety, its not the best in class.

I think if i was to go for an ev in this price range id go for the slightly better, if not quite as interesting kia e nero.