Now, as you can see over our shoulder here, weve done a quick review on this before youre. Welcome to look at that now. If you havent already seen it, but we recently had this thing for a week from ford and we got to real world test it, which we were not able to do on the first review right and full transparency. I was a little bit harsh on it initially, because i really didnt get to know the car and i think ive come around a little bit and well get to that as we go through it. But craig you took it on a road trip which has been the big question for us. We live in texas. We do a lot of trips that are over 300 miles, and what do you do with that in an ev, because the rated range on this one was 270, the one that we had. It was an all wheel, drive with the extended range, but its usable mileage was not that because once you get beyond 80 percent its hard to recharge beyond 80 on a road trip because of the recharge time. So i want to get into that. Um were gon na. Do a proper hipster technical review. Weve got coffee for that, and i want to get into how did it work for you on that trip, so lets get into some of the stats real world. My commute right ive got a 240 volt charger.

So i get to take advantage of that. I didnt need 100 im not going to use electrify america because most people are going to buy this car theyre going to go to work. Ive got a really long commute, but its got the range right lets. What does it cost to drive 123 miles round trip through hills and highway? What does it cost? Our rates here in texas are 11 cents a kilowatt hour, so were pretty fortunate for that national average is 13 cents, so it wont be too different, but it cost me uh five dollars to go 123 miles so round trip five dollars, five bucks. What does that? What does that same trip cost you in the most comfortable ford edge, the most comfortable four to edge. So when i get the highway mileage that its at it cost me 13 and 17 cents, okay, so more um. So basically, the mock e is 38 of the cost of the port edge, so its 62 percent cheaper than a ford edge, yeah thats, where i have to cost so yeah heres the crazy thing, though brian i drive a economy, kind of economy, car yeah that gets About 35 miles a gallon right, its half as cheap as that that little car getting 35 miles a gallon cost me 10 and 50 cents, okay, so monkey only five im glad you brought this up because when i first did the charging station at electrify america, i Thought myself, this costs as much as a gas car does.

What are we doing? The argument of im going because youve got a few reasons why you would buy an electric right? Youve got the green aspect. Youve got the cheap aspect or youve got the its just. A dragster in the shape of a crossover aspect, performance wise. I immediately went well. The cheaper aspect is gone, but i was wrong about that because i we realize now after using it more if you own this car and you plug it in youre, going to plug it in your house – youre not going to go to the electrify america. Unless you were out and about – and you happen to see one or youre on a trip – and you plan your stops right so im glad you brought that up now. My daily commute is 30 miles each way, so you can just cut all those numbers down. Even more, i want to compare to something else were in texas. We like trucks, an f 150 on your drive, will get like 18 give or take so its going to cost what three times as much right exactly yeah exactly so man its im getting more impressed with the more were talking about it, thats all im saying so That role leads us into the road trip the road trip. Please tell us about that. What did you do? What did you see and how did it perform for you? So we had a crazy idea. We you, i told you – i was thinking about going out to west texas right to high guadalupe mountain, which, ironically, is the oil fields of west texas oil fields in west texas and the highest peak in texas is guadalupe mountains.

National park, we decided hey, my daughter and i were going to go. Lets, go hike, thats, a good photograph, and i told you its like man, its the maki. I cant take it for a road trip and youre like no. You should try it yeah. You should. I pushed you on thats, not pushy hard. I dont know about that, so it took three days to talk you into it. So i started looking at the map because heres one of the logistical problems of a road trip in an electric vehicle. You got ta check. Where are these charging stations right? The good news is im staying out in van horn, which is right off i 20 okay and theres on the grid theres a lot of charging stations along the way right and theyre at walmarts, mostly theres. This its also a sonic theres, no shortage of walmarts at the time, so theres sweetwater midland pecos and van horn. Those are my stops, theyre, all within 200 miles of each other okay, so your operating range was 200 miles, not 270., because i go 80 of the 270. okay. Let me ask you this: how long would it have taken you in a gas card to that trip about six six and a half hours door to door? Well, just driving, but youre gon na have to get a gas stop, because the range is not enough. How many miles does that drive uh its 400, its about 500.

? Okay? So a lot of gas cars arent going to get that in one hit so plan on one gas top one guest. Stop so call it six and a half hours, maybe seven, depending on how long lunch and stuff like that yeah, you were forced to stop in the ev. What was your run time, and now you worked in your your meals and your bathroom breaks at these stops right, but you didnt take any unplanned stops. I did not what did your time end up being in the evening eight hours so its about an hour longer through an hour longer: okay, but look you and i we drink coffee. We got ta pee. Sometimes i dont think that writes the vehicle off for that. So im getting it, i agree, and that i was surprised with that. I really thought it was gon na take me longer to charge. But what happened is i stopped at each charging station and i get it to 80 as soon as its 80 percent lets go right before we get off road trip, yep tell me about cost good cost so lucky for america we kept track of how much it Cost each time we charged right for the entire trip it was, an entire trip was a thousand mile round trip. Okay, we spent 111 or 11 cents a mile, okay thats better than it would be mm hmm. What would that be in the edge uh ice engine? All wheel, drive ford edge, all wheel, drive at three dollars a gallon right now, yeah in our area, right around 13 cents, a mile if it was all highway, they didnt use just a combined rating, maybe 12 cents a mile, okay.

So about a little bit more. But not much, i was shocked because one of the things about a road trip in one of these everybody says yeah, but if you road trip it its not its not going to save money right, you still saved a little bit of money in this thing compared To that cut my guard, because i was telling you before you left – this will cost you more on the road trip and i was wrong. I was absolutely wrong. I was shocked by that yeah then compared to an f 150 getting 21 epa rating, which good luck getting 21 in any full sized stream. Well at that speed, youre talking to 18 17, but that would have been 15 cents a mile. Okay, now heres, where you get streaky so almost like 40, more for a truck heres where it gets tricky. A hybrid still makes a lot of sense because you dont have to the charging problem, but you still have electricity, helping you out right. A ford escape hybrid, kept it in the ford family for this one okay would have been eight cents. A mile. Oh wait. Okay, hang on so thats interesting yeah! So now youre like okay, see. I knew this wasnt that great right yeah on the surface yeah but theres one wild card a little asterisk. Next, to that 11 cent smile, i told you earlier: we werent using the membership electrify america, if youre an owner heres what youre gon na do for four dollars a month, just four dollars a month flat with electrify america and you can cancel just like a netflix Subscription or something like month a month, if you want to you, go on a road trip, you get the four dollars a month subscription for electrify america.

They reduced your rate by 25. Okay, now that road trip would have only cost me eight cents, a mile. So its right there at the hybrid again roger with the hybrid, is just as efficient as the hybrid even on a road trip charging at a station. Look im not mr conspiracy theory, but i do find it awfully convenient that someone else has done this math and made sure that that argument was solved with oh youre, going on the road trip. Weve got to fix with that uh huh we bring that down. But look thats an infrastructure question which arguably is the biggest hold up on ev infrastructures, not by and large, like petroleum, is currently right. It was hard to get patrolling up and running its gon na be hard to get ev up and running at the amount of energy needed. In fact, the fast dc charger stations about 50 grand a pop in most areas, weve talked to evts about this bunch of other ev companies, yeah im just going to say it. There will be a point in time when you pull into a big buckys gas station. Theres going to be a row of ev chargers and its going to take time but itll get there now, if i may, unless im missing no im good thats road trip, i want to ask you the question about the biggest question on my mind and i want To take into account that engineering wise evs are simpler, theres, no pistons, theres, no rods, theres, no combustion chambers, theres, no shoving petroleum and oxygen and lighting on fire to make twisting energy.

Yes, yeah heres. So youre talking about energy loss, energy loss, yeah, one time, energy loss and simplicity of engineering in terms of upkeep and maintenance for an owner theres, no oil change involved right right. You rotate tires. You break that kind of stuff. The shocks that kind of stuff but and is eevee really the future – is it really viable? I think its a huge part of the future okay, i dont know if its the final complete only answer, but its a big chunk and well get into energy density. Here. In a minute – but i mean thats thats, one of the issues with it um, but it works for the for passenger vehicles, its a big chunk of it. Okay – and this is what my takeaway was when i was done – driving this – i really in fact weeks after i keep thinking back on it for almost every person. I know this is a viable vehicle for them. Oh yeah and theres. Now, if youre a long distance, hauler thats, not thats, not going to do it for you, if youre road tripping routinely its probably not the best choice, although weve proven its doable, its biggest drawbacks are, if youre out of a major metro area or if youre off A major interstate charging is going to be. You got to really think about that and get that figured out, but thats kind of it yeah thats kind of it because around town.

Let me tell you right now, if youve been to los angeles on a hot summer afternoon – and you cant see more than a mile through the sky – that i want this idling in on the the 10 traffic, i dont want a car emitting fumes at the back Of it, thats, where these make a ton of sense, yeah and ford theyve done a good job, making this one interesting its not trying to look silly and be like. Oh, look at me: im green, its just a good looking crossover that happens to be electric and thats where the lightning is going to go and im really excited about that, and so that thats yeah. You mentioned energy loss and efficiency that i mean thats, where these make sense in a passenger car. The thing thats great about gasoline and one things were excited about – is theres a possible carbon neutral synthetic fuel solution right, porsches working on it yep its gon na be awesome, heres, a problem porsches fuel right now. It costs about 38, a gallon yeah, its not going to work totally viable um. But lets be honest, though theres a lot of infrastructure, propping going on by governments for ev networks, sure you can prop synthetic fluid as well or fuel as well. So i can see it happening if it sounds really complicated, but we dont know about that. Talk about it here, but thats interesting to me for the gear head that wants to keep the exhaust crackle going on.

That can still happen and the reason gas still makes sense in diesel so make sense that density of that fuel tank for what you get out of it. You get a lot of range and power out of this, not a whole lot of space right versus a battery vehicle, its a whole board a lot of space, its not efficient as far as density goes yeah, but transmitting that energy to the drive wheels as youre Talking about earlier yeah theres only about 10 loss, energy transfer with this versus a gas motor at least 50 or more, is being lost and well refining, drive, train and yeah before it gets to the car yeah and also when it comes off the flywheel and then Goes for differentials and changes direction. You lose 15, usually on cars, just from flywheel to tire all right, craig heres, a big question. This is just an eevee general question. Is it green because a lot of the gear heads out there go? Oh wait a minute. You got ta refine the battery and a long time ago, jeremy clarkson declared that a land rover defender was as green as a prius based on the acid rain situation with old batteries in canada. Yeah and i get it weve come a long way, though thats not happening anymore. Is it green today so that thats a great question and thats, where it gets really a little murkier and a little tricky? The bottom line is yes, the, but what you need to be factored and considered is at least in our state, if youre plugging that thing in at home, its coming from a natural gas plant, most likely yeah theres a lot of carbon emission.

There youve got numbers on that 25 yeah, so in terms of at least in the state of texas. We refer to our region: green energy accounts for 13 of the states, energy resources. So when you plug it into the wall, its 13 green, which means what youre getting on the wall, is actually great energy right so yeah, i just want to wipe it across the floor now i – and this drives me nuts. Actually, people go oh well, im saving the planet because i bought an ev youre helping the planet but its not were not green enough. Yet infrastructure infrastructure, wise heres. The thing are: evs better for the environment than a gas and ice. Oh yeah. Yes, yes are they? The only the only solve no right, if thats, what im saying if we switch that if everybody drove an electric vehicle tomorrow, it doesnt solve the energy problem. No, we still have an integer problem. We still have a carbon problem and thats what grossly nuts is theres. A lot of theres a lot actually its a part of the solution, theres a lot of media coming around from our cohorts and a lot of outlets. Big outlets saying that ev is the salt, its not the saw its a big part, its a big part to it and im not saying im anti av. I just want to be clear its not the only thing we can be doing very good point. Um now weve said a lot about evs.

I want to wrap up just particular to the car. Yes, what do you think about it? Because we have lived with it? Ive already alluded that i enjoy it and i do enjoy it whats your take on it. How do you feel about it? Is it something that you consider for yourself even or do you whats your take on the car heres, the magic of the maki? We learned on the road trip and driving at the working back, the magic of the maki? Is we talk about the competition a little bit if you want to go, buy an electric vehicle tomorrow and its a regular car for regular tasks, hauling kids around getting groceries going to work and back theres, not a whole lot of options out there, especially if you Want to go to a dealer and get dealer service and things like that: okay, yeah, theres, the tesla world, but the model 3 is only comparable, thats, a smaller vehicle and theres, not a dealer. Networking theres, not another network, theres service, centers and that kind of stuff. But you have to go through an app or call theres a model up right, but its double the price yeah way more expensive, theres, a bunch of other evs coming out soon: toyota subaru and a bunch of other people, theres a hot, the hyundai ioniq fives coming Out something that looks cool yeah, a lot of stuff in the pipeline, looking cool, thats stuff coming, but theyre all about three same range as this yeah.

If you want a electric view, like its 300 miles range and is in the 50, 000 mark and doesnt look stupid and actually is functional this is it theres, nothing else, theres, nothing else out there. So really what youre saying my real question was? Is it any good and youre saying? Yes? Yes, because a few things i keep coming back on as you talk about range were seeing concept cars claiming this things range its already here and theyre bragging about it. This already has started doing it, yeah so hats off to ford um. We can complain about the name. All you want sure thats, fine, we shouldnt have much things sure sure me too call it. The monkey take the muslin part off thats fine, but if they had not named it mustang we wouldnt be giving the attention we are. It was a marketing stunt and it worked yeah and im gon na wrap it up there. I think its im impressed as the the gasoline gear head im impressed with it im happy with what ford is done with it and, more importantly, the biggest game changer for the eevee world. Im gon na say right now is gon na, be the ford lightning, because that is the f. 150 is the number one selling vehicle on the planet and if anyone can solve a problem through volume of sales, its going to be forward with the 150. theyre going to fix the infrastructure for a lot of people, its going to benefit other automakers too.

So, im excited about that. Just like aluminum bodies on the truck theyve made it mainstream and look if you have a utility company thats going to make a lot of sense too, because you plug in your plumbing truck at night. You never go to the gas station. Yeah, it kind of makes sense, so i think thats good. You want to wrap it there. I think thats, it theres nothing else to it. Um 80 is the key yep um and the range is still 200 miles with that and thats why this works, yeah and look weve our buddies at gt garage talk, had a monkey and did a similar trip and didnt plant it quite as well, and had some More stops and they their only complaint, was man. If i had to use 300 miles, it would have solved their particular route yeah and im glad you brought that up, because i think thats, the last little hurdle theres a little theres. A little gap jump over right right now and thats the range factor yeah. This has gotten really close and for most people it solved the range factor but five years ago this was not. This was concept, pipe dream, stuff and theyve made it happen, but once we cracked that we cut weve cracked, the 200 basically yeah, once you start cracking the 250 300 at 80 percent, usable use them yeah. Now, all of a sudden youre the same as a gas car youre going to stop and get gas between them, anyways thats, the last apology thats it all right, thanks for watching thanks for listening, uh, be sure to check us out on breakthrough, show.