This is the interior of the suv all right another side. This is the uh where you will put the plug in order open. It youll have to right underneath the seat right here. You have to pull this button and it opens up the charging port say, for example, if you want to charge it, it brings in the cable, and somebody like to smith, receive here all right all right. So we once it clicks, thats how you know, youre ready to charge and the plug can go into any standard wall outlet lets close this over here in the front we have uh jumper cables. In case you ever run into one of those inconveniences all right cup holders in the back. Okay, we can close this all right. We can also close this. We dont need it in order to open this, just have to press this little button right here to release it and then close. It um close that all right im also going to send you a link unless im pretty sure, maybe you might have already seen it all right. So it has a little lever down here and then you pull im just going to put the seat back a lot of cars. Have this feature unless you want to press the power button. Take note: in order to drop this volume Music there you go peace and quiet all right, so you can see. We have a lot of features here.

We have the auto eco um eco, low eco high. You can switch this mode um in order. I guess be more friendly to the environment and also save on power and or fuel. If you want to call it a little storage right here, i have another storage here we have this storage up here. Also, all right in case. You want to put anything else cup holders on each door. Also, this thing right here i should let me maybe have to do it from the back. Give me a second yep. I have to pull this and that simultaneously and voila. You have some cup holders here in the back. Lets put that back, thats a leg room in case you want to bring any friends or family and have them feel comfortable, get the e brake all right. You also have that parking button right now, once we press that all right, thats, usually what you press when you park um, not when youre trying to unpark in order to unpark it will do it automatically. You see how the light just disappeared. When you press it parks, i let my foot off the brake and uh put my foot off the brake. The cars not moving all right, so press reverse all right cool. So we got a backup camera this one. Another neat feature and just uh put in my seat belt to be safe. Okay lets see lets get to the park on it.

Let me see if i can bring in these windshield wipers super fast all right, so this has charged immediately. I guess they uh hadnt charged it recently but ill. I guess ill. Just keep it inside the parking lot just to be safe. All right see im speeding, well, not speeding, but its a very quiet car, as you can see dont mind that those are just the uh irregular shapes in the ground, but yeah all this and more at newport motors. All right look forward to hearing from you. My friend lets just target foot off the brake.