The big push for electrification has well and truly begun. Over the last year, weve seen the launch of flagship electrified offerings like the bmw, ix3, the ford mustang mach e and the volkswagen id4, just to name a few. So as we approach the uks 2030 petro and diesel ban, which are the evs that we can look forward to next year in todays video im going to walk you through the five electric cars im most excited for next year, exploring what to expect the specifications on Offer and, of course, how much they cost so will any of them be your perfect electric car theres, only one way to find out before we jump into proceedings, then lets start with an honorable mention for the tesla model y, its finally making its way to uk Shores next year, but ive decided to emit it from this list just to shine the spotlight on other vehicles also worthy of attention. I also want to shout out the nissan area: the japanese brands first fully electric suv. We featured this in last years, roundup, and it still was yet to make its way to uk roads, but it is on sale now from around 41 000 pounds and customers can expect deliveries next summer. So if youd like to find out more about this really exciting and gorgeous ev, then make sure to click that link up there to go check out last years. Video. Okay, then. My first pick is the volkswagen id5 its been just over a year since volkswagens.

First, all electric suv: the id4 arrived on uk roads and is already being followed up with a coupe shaped variant in the form of the id5. Think the audi etron sportback to the regular e tron dimensions are identical to its sibling and both cars share the same modular, electric drive, matrix or meb architecture, but a benefit of the id5 is improved aerodynamics thanks to the swooping coupe body style. Ever so slightly increasing the maximum range over the longest range id4 from 319 miles to 323.. The id5 will be available to order early next year, and prices are expected to start from around 40 000 pounds for the entry level rear wheel, drive model. This version is powered by a 77 kilowatt hour battery, which comes as standard across the range paired with an 172 brake horsepower electric motor it achieves a not to 62 miles per hour time of 10.4 seconds and a 99 miles per hour top speed. If youre looking for more power, you can upgrade to the mid range pro performance variant that offers 201 brake horsepower and an improved 8.4 second, not to 62 miles per hour time, but all eyes are on this athletic gtx model vws. Third, high performance electric car, in addition to the mesh lower grille, larger alloy, wheels, sporty interior, highlights and a more prominent roof spoiler. This variant adds a front motor for all wheel, drive and drastically boosts performance in exchange for range. This drops to 304 miles, but in return, youre rewarded with a naught to 62 miles per hour time of 6.

3 seconds, thanks to an impressive 295 brake horsepower. Combined output optimizations made to the meb software has improved charging capability over earlier versions of the id3 and id4 150 kilowatt. Rapid charging is now supported and, if youre able to actually find one of these charges on your travels, youll be able to fully top up the id5 in under 30 minutes great stuff. This is all really exciting stuff, then, and at this time i think i prefer the id5 as an overall package to the id4, but let me know what you think leave your thoughts down below in the comments uh sometime next year. We do hope to bring you a detailed test. Drive of the id5 so do make sure to subscribe to the osv channel and do check out our community page where we post daily updates on the latest videos coming to the platform. My next pick, then, is something a little different and it will be interesting to see how it performs in the uk market, its the aura cat, never heard of aurora dont worry. We had an either until a few months ago, when the chinese electric car brand revealed that its funky five door, hatch, is heading to uk shores. The aura cats, distinctive retro, stylings long range and competitive pricing will compete with rivals like the fiat 500. Electric honda, e and mini electric prices are expected to start from around 25 000 pounds, so it may be eligible for the governments plug in grant unless its already been accounted for in this figure and first deliveries are expected in the first half of 2022.

. Well, get two different battery sizes to choose from the 48 kilowatt hour unit expected to deliver a range of around 209 miles on the wltp cycle. This is the global standard by which ev range is measured or a much beefier, 63 kilowatt hour battery pack. That aims to deliver a 261 mile range, which means it will comfortably outperform those aforementioned rivals in this particular department. With both configurations, a single electric motor drives the front wheels for 169 brake horsepower and a naught to 62 miles per hour time of 8.5 seconds. The cat supports 80 kilowatt rapid charging and you should have more luck. Finding these chargers out and about on uk roads plug your cat into one of these and a 10 to 80 charge will take you around 40 minutes perfect for quick lunch. Stop! How big is this cat then well expected to be similar in size to the volkswagen id3, with a decent amount of legroom and headroom by small electric city car standards inside the cabin a large 10.25 inch infotainment screen with wireless apple, carplay and android also come as Standard, as do four led headlights and a 360 degree parking camera, so theres a generous amount of tech on offer here to entice customers away from those more familiar alternatives, trim levels havent been confirmed yet so well. Keep you posted in the comments when we find out more about this very promising small ev im very excited to get behind the wheel of my third choice: the mercedes eqb, the fourth and latest addition to the german manufacturers.

Eq sub brand is a fully electrified version of the seven seater eqb suv. It will be available to order very soon and first deliveries are expected to commence next year. Both five and seven seat configurations are on offer positioning the eqb as a more practical alternative to rivals like the skoda enyak and the bmw ix3 two variants will be offered from launch with an entry level. Sport version arriving later down the line. Uh prices start from around fifty two thousand one hundred and fifty pounds for the eqb 300 formatic model. In the entry level. Amg line trim this outfits. The car in 18 inch alloy wheels sporty stylings and interior comforts like heated front seats and automatic climate control upgrade to the amg line premium model for an extra 1 500 pounds for 19 inch alloys, wireless smartphone charging and a panoramic sunroof aside from performance. Then there isnt a huge amount of difference between these two powertrains. Both are all wheel, drive thanks to that dual motor setup and they are powered by a hefty 66.5 kilowatt hour battery pack that delivers a claimed maximum range of 247 miles. The eqb300 outputs 225 brake horsepower for a naught to 62 miles per hour time of 8 seconds, while the more powerful eq b350 produces 288 brake horsepower to push it off the block to 60 miles per hour in just 6.2 seconds, all rather impressive. For a car of this size, charging isnt too bad either plug it into a standard 11 kilowatt ac wall box and itd take just under six hours to top up from 10 to full, or if you manage to find 100 kilowatt charger, it will take 32 minutes To go from 10 to 80, so yes, its, essentially an electrified version of the glb, so do expect the same boxy form, factor, brilliant levels of practicality and advanced intuitive technology, courtesy of that mbux infotainment setup.

So will you be getting the five seat or the seven seat configuration then guys? Let me know in the comments: are you thinking about going electric in 2022 want to prioritize range over performance or vice versa? Osvs vehicle specialists can help. You find the perfect maker model to meet your specific requirements so get in touch today by clicking the pop up banner above or just call us now on 01903 538 835, its time to talk about one of the most visually stunning evs launching next year. The only thing that really lets it down is its slightly awkward name, its the toyota bz4x after spending decades mastering the hybrid car formula, the japanese brand has finally unshackled from its comfort zone to launch its first all, electric suv, its the first toyota model, based on Its new dedicated ev architecture and the first car in its bz sub brand reserved for fully electrified offerings prices. Havent been confirmed at the time of recording but expected to cost around the 35 000 pound mark to keep it competitive with rivals like the vw id4 and the ford mustang mark e. The bz 4x shares the same underpinnings as the recently revealed subaru sultera suv that manufacturers first pure electric car toyotas venture is powered by a 71.4 kilowatt hour battery pack for a 280 mile range on the wltp cycle, and two powertrain options are configurable. You can either have the entry level single motor setup that produces 201 brake horsepower for an 8.

4 second, not to 62 miles per hour time or a dual motor. All wheel drive option that boosts output to 215 brake horsepower, achieving a naught 62 time of 7.7 seconds. Like the id5, then the bz4x supports 150 kilowatt rapid charging to recoup around 80 of charge in 30 minutes really impressive stuff, but perhaps the most intriguing feature of this car is its optional solar panel roof. This extends driving range by harvesting solar energy to generate electricity. For the cars battery toyota says this can be used whether the car is on or off and can give up to 110 miles of range per year want to see this feature in more new evs. Let me know in the comments and finally, i need an excuse to talk about one of the weirdest electric cars to hit uk roads next year, its the one and only citroen ami, since making its debut in its home country. Last year the citroen ami has been turning heads around the globe after much speculation. The brand confirmed just a few months ago that the small electric car will launch here in spring of next year and when it does, it will be one of the most affordable new cars on the road with an expected price tag of around six thousand pounds. Its also a highly anticipated offering, with over twelve thousand uk drivers, having registered their interests to secure one, but why well, the amis small form factor aims to provide an affordable and zero emission solution to urban mobility, so its powered by a tiny 5.

5 kilowatt hour battery Pack – and this is combined with an eight brake horsepower, electric motor, giving the car a range of up to 46 miles and a top speed of 28 miles per hour. Heres three interesting facts about the amis, so it is classed officially as a quadricycle. It will arrive in the uk as left hand drive only and a full uk driving license is required to drive one, and this is unlike other european countries, where drivers as young as 14 can get behind the wheel. Uk cars come with a type 2 charging adapter, in addition to a 3 pin plug both enabling a 0 100 charge in around 3 hours, inside its pretty bare bones, with just two seats: no boot space and a holder for the drivers smartphone instead of a high Tech touchscreen, this is to ensure the ami is as lightweight as possible, weighing in at just 485 kilograms. So what do you make of the citroen ami? Would you actually buy one? Let me know in the comments below okay guys. Do you agree with my list and which electric car are you most excited for in 2022 much like last year? Nothing has really changed. A lot of the electric cars coming out in the future seem to be these small suv crossover types, which is why its really refreshing to see cars like the ami and the cat offer their take on their body style and just shake up the formula a little Bit but do let me know your thoughts on the overall ev landscape.

Are you ready to go electric in 2022, but you want to explore your options more closely with an expert as the semiconductor chip crisis continues to plague the motor industry, vehicle prices are expected to rise in the new year. Thankfully, osv have some great value special offers that you can take advantage of before those price hikes kick in so make sure to get the ball rolling on your new vehicle search as soon as possible. Our team are on hand to answer any questions and help you secure your perfect make and model so do get in touch today on 01, 903, 538, 835 or click the link down below in the description to book. A free consultation thanks so much for watching this. Video until the end guys, if you did enjoy it, then give it a thumbs up subscribe to the channel as well. If you havent already done so, and once you are subscribed, then make sure to click that notification bell above to get notified as soon as a new video is ready to watch and thats all for today. Guys.