Where do you find out the cost of insuring these cars yeah its bad enough that they cost so much money and it takes so long to recharge? But where do you see what the insurance premiums are take a model s? It can easily be over 4 100 a year insurance, you own, that thing for 10 years, theres, another 41 grand you peed out the toilet for insurance. For the thing realize the insurance companies wanted the car stolen, they got to pay for it and it cost a lot of money number two theyre getting erect. They have to pay for repairs, the repairs take so long and cost so much if they got to rent a car for you, they might have to rent a car for you for two or three months or more so youre going to pay more of your premiums. You think its bad enough that things cost so much hey over four grand a year in car insurance insurance is based on what it costs to fix them, what it cost to replace them and im sure with some of them, starting on fire. Any electric car thats going to raise the rates, rarely does a regular car start on fire right. Well, the electric cars have a lot more problem. Look at the gm theyre bolts, those piles of junk im, sure the premiums on those will be sky high. If you want fire insurance for them and a lot of people dont think about this cost, but that is a giant cost for these things.

This is magic, oh heres, how it goes its cheaper. No, it isnt! You add all these costs together, theyre extravagantly, expensive cars to buy and drive around it and on a negative side. If you dont, listen to old scott and you buy one and then youre not happy, they have insanely low resale value. I had a neighbor in houston. Bought tesla model x, originally was 120 something grand he paid 45 for it, and it only had 15 000 miles on it. They have no resale there. So if you decide oh, i didnt, like it, youll, be screwed to the wall. On the money youll lose selling, the stupid thing realize that just electric cars generally, they did a study in california found out over 20 of the people said they will never buy an electric car and theyre planning on getting rid of theirs and thats in california, where They have more charging stations, but, of course, in california, the insurance rates are higher too. That was probably part of the deal i got by. The insurance rates are ridiculous for these things think about everything when you buy a car, not just the original cost or what it cost to fill it up when insurance is that high, you can walk on that as far as im concerned, you know thats over 10 Times what i pay a year for my car insurance 10. second chance says: got an 89 f 150 at hard start when its hot it starts flying cold, but when its hot it starts real hard, it did overheat it and we changed the intake.

The first thing is, you got to see: has the engine been damaged, its an 89 might have started to blow the head gasket and, when its hot, its going to be expanded, its going to leak more. Do my video how to tell if your head gaskets blown scotty watch that, if its blown youre going to fix the engine now, if not start good cold, but not hot, you could easily have some type of leak in the fuel system. The fuel pressure regulators often go bad on those and what happens is when an engine is cold. It needs extra gas. So if it leaks a little start better, but when engines hot and you try to start it and the fuel pressure regulator is leaking floods. The engine out makes it hard to start heres. One thing you can check yourself to diagnose it quickly when it doesnt start crank your crank and crank it when you finally get it started, look at the exhaust and if its black, it means its flooded out now, if its totally clear and its not smoking black, That means its not getting any fuel, and in that case you got ta check. The cold start system could be injectors, are dirty, make sure it doesnt have a vacuum leak thats sucking too much air, so it doesnt mix with enough fuel to actually start up but start, like i say, see if that gets cold. If it isnt see if its flooded not enough its flooding out very common problems, those are leaking fuel pressure regulator and as old as it could be, any of the injectors are leaking if it is hard to start and it then smokes black next time its hard To start dont start a crank it and then take out the spark plugs, and if you see that one or two spark plugs are wet and the others are dry, those spark plugs.

The injectors are bad and those two will need replacing its another easy way to check it. Wellness says: got no one ford mustang with multiple codes, its got p1401. P1518. Po340. P1285. What do i need to do? Do my video first fixing a car with multiple trouble code scotty? What you want to do is first get a scan tool erase all the coats then stack it up and drive it as soon as that check engine light comes on turn. It off then check the coats pray. You only have one or maybe two coats, all those coats together. You got one two three four one code can trip a bunch of other codes. The other codes may not be. The problem could easily be the first code that pops up, so you get that first code and then try to fix that first, because that may be going it all the way down the line you cant analyze, four things. At the same time, theres too many possible interpretations of it start with the one by erasing them all driving and the first code that pops up thats. What i do when i work on multiple codes and a lot of times you find out. Oh gee, look the number one fuel injector is bad. First says thats bad, so i replace that and then it runs fine and none of the other codes so start that fix the first code that comes out and pray. It doesnt end up all of them pop at once, because if they do then its just you know a wild mad scramble of you look at the one that seems to be the most important code, the one that would make it run the worst easiest and fix That, first, because, once you get a bunch of coats, it gets to be a rats nest.

Chance says i have a radiator problem with my chevy spark 2010., the radiator cuts and doesnt come off when it gets hot. I replace the temperature sensors. A mechanic says he has to replace the whole fuse box. I know he wants to make a buck. Can you help me yeah? He probably is telling you the truth that the problem is in the fuse box, because those have crappy fuse boxes, theyre notorious for shorting out you dont necessarily have to replace the whole fuse box. Your fans arent working right right. So what i do is you go to the fuses for the fans. Take the fuse back up. Look inside those wires that feed those fuses for the fan system, cut them cut them loose. Then re wire them by splicing into the new part of a wire thats clean, put an inline fuse and then splice that to the other end of the wire on the other side of where the fuse was you dont have to replace the entire fuse box, because One system isnt working ive done that so many times you see one system broken great. You cut those wires and put a stand alone in line fuse. There solder the wires together to where the old ones were, where you cut them and have that heat shrink wrap. First, before you solder them together, put the wrap on the wire then twist them and solder them. Then you can put the heat wrap slide it over heat it up with a hair, dryer or anything, and then it shrinks and it wont corrode anymore.

You dont necessarily have to throw the baby away with the bath water. The entire fuse panel that cost a fortune. You can bypass the problem parts jp says i got a seven jeep satellaster fuse its manual transmission, but it fails. Emissions ive done the tune. Ups filter oil filter spark plugs cap, rotor change the air filter, but its still far from passing emissions. What can i do? Yeah im sitting for years generally, the fuel injection system, the fuel system, is going to be all messed up, so the first thing id do. If i were, you would be, i would pay a professional mechanic like me to put his pressurized fuel injection cleaning system on the car and clean it that way, itll run through the injectors 100 percent cleaner to help clean the valves clean. The catalytic converter then drive it for a few days and see what happens now, just because its sad all that time it could easily, with all that crud have ruined the catalytic converter. You might need a new catalytic converter, but you clean it. Have it pressure clean thats, going to give you the best chance of passing the gum up sitting years, everything in a fuel system gets gummed up and running cleaner by a pro is going to help a lot of that out. You said you changed the fuel filter, so you know, but i mean the whole systems gunked up inside. Have it cleaned professionally, first and pray that fixes matthew said when working on a car? Do you ever leave a tool or something somewhere where its not supposed to be like in a toolbox? Well, everybody is every once a while.

Now my grandfather did more in his older age. He was still a mechanic when he was in his 80s. So, of course, he would sometimes leave things and heres one of the oddest things on earth. He left a wrench in this guys car on the distributor. It was a v8 engine in the back sitting. On top of it, and years later it came back. I was worried, it was still there and it stayed in place and it didnt fall off it kind of amazed me i mean everybodys going to forget stuff over time thats. One of the reason the really obsessive compulsive mechanics theyll do like. Instead of having my background here, all organized, they have their walls with tools set up on pegs and now the picture of the tool growing on the peg. So when they see the picture no tool on it and up, i forgot to put it back and then they find a tool and they put it back in the same place. So they know theres a good organization or if you have those nice tool kits where they come in rungs and they snap in each piece you snap them there with modern cars. Sometimes theyll drive you nuts working on them and youre pulling your hair out, and then you leave something somewhere. So its a good idea of some backup plan for where tools go, it really is a good. Are you still going to lose some here or there thats? Just the way that it goes, but if you have backup plans, what was where you know, a good idea is just get your phone and when youre working on a car take a picture every once in a while the tools and where they are.

And then you get an idea. Well did i put all those tools back and you see the tools? You usually say. Oh, look that ones still sitting on the engine you go get it. Cameras come in real handy and everybodys got them in their phones.