So today were doing another review and its this big guy here. Well, hes, not too big hes, just a sort of like pickup truck suv off roader type of thing, but guys before we get started. Make sure i smash the like button and subscribe to this youtube channel ill, be uploading a lot of cardio time coming out. Just because its so fun i dont know why, and obviously we havent played this a lot so yeah so lets check out its stats first um. So this is called the hammer ec aka, the hummer ev and its actually an electric car. So thats quite surprising. I actually know that hummers make electric cars anyways 252 kilometers per hour, totally handling of 7.6, all wheel, drive and 59 dollars dealership and 2653 dollars per mile. So lets get started. So, as you can see um it is an electric car. It doesnt make so much sound. It only makes this electric vehicle type of sound yeah, but its it does look cool, so the lights on ooh, pretty cool, actually, okay, here we go breaking is not too good, though so one city race, now, okay, so before we get started, lets cut some icy Vehicles i have to cut every vehicle, so lets see premium colors. Hmm, this snatch looks good black rims uh yeah lets ill. Take that helpers, uh cant really see them. Thats fine yeah! This is our new hummer, hello, guys its my new, oh, oh! I nearly missed that ashley nearly missed that one go, go, go, go, go, go come on come on, come on, celebration is very good.

Hmm handle is also okay, its not 100 good because it does take really wide turns, and this means, if you want to take a a not so wide turn, you have to break or lift your finger off the accelerator, so thats a disadvantage yeah, but this eevee Its okay, its not 100 good, the turning isnt isnt. What i expected, i expected the turning to be really good, but no, it wasnt reach max b here and there we go okay, so we did that in 44 seconds flat, which is very good. I mean i mean its it its technically not meant for this type of race, its meant for like off roading, so well test out its acceleration now see how this accelerates. Okay, so lets see right, come on homer. You can do this hummer. There are actually a few hummers in this game. I think about three, i think yeah, i think theyre, three hummers and im pretty sure this is the best hummer in the game. Okay off we go there, you go 10.266 seconds that was actually four seconds um quicker than some other some of the other vehicles. I reviewed lately like, for example, the mercedes its faster than that the g63 is faster like its faster than gt3 the dodge charger um wide body. I think thats gon na save the same things, the wide body, the volvo, oh dear, not the volvo. I cant stand the volvo its just terrible in this game.

Okay, so now were going to be doing the highway race, so highways is going to be all about handling and speed highway. Okay now so, overall, this is an okay vehicle, its not 100 good. The braking is a little bit slow as well, and the turning it just makes very wide turns like, as you can see, i made those 90 degree turns it. It made a really really big turn like thats. Those are the two disadvantages i can find so far. It doesnt have exhaust because again its a eevee, eevees dont, have exhausts and best thing of all no grills yay no grill lets go groves are terrible, but yeah thats a good thing about evs. They dont have grills come on, come on, come on there, you go nearly max speed uh there we go at max speed, oh 260. Oh we cant go two hundred think. Ah, oh sixty, hmm its, not bad. Okay, not bad! Oh, this really its top speed because thats a little bit disappointing. I expected this eevee to go faster. Okay, this is going to be a close one. Lets try to do under one minute and 25 seconds. I think we can were nearly there. Oh, oh thats, a little bit floppy come on come on, come on, come on you, hammer, eevee, east hammer, ec thats. What the game calls it its actually hummer eevee. So now were going to do what this car is meant for were going to do some off.

Roading its just a like simple off road course, theres, nothing too hard in there whoa. That was scary. I would not want to be in this vehicle in first in first person mode, but here we are at the dirt race. Oh just crashed, okay! So lets test its off roading skills. The suspension should be okay, yeah, it shouldnt it shouldnt. Actually, just it should just just go through those bumps without any problem yeah, but these are the hummers in the game. So there is this um. There is a one hammer. Two hammer um: what else is there two hammer and theres another hammer at the top and um? Where is it three hummer there? You go hammer three, but this is actually the best hummer in the game, im pretty sure. Ah thats, not what im really expecting. Oh suspension is not too good. Actually suspension is not too good in this vehicle. Oh oh, its, like a supercar going off roading but has higher ground clearance. There you go so this was a little bit disappointing because this actually this suspension is not too good, like. Let me show you guys this oops, so let me show you this. So if i just like go go to these like where these stones yeah look at the suspension, its not even going up the wheels arent even going up like its like what the bentley um bon bon bantaji did, i think its the fantasia not sure, but the Bentley suspension is pretty good.

The volvo suspension was okay, but this one was a little bit disappointing. The suspension wasnt, what i expected it. Oh accidentally, went out of the course its not good yeah, but let me show you guys this uh. How do i get back in uh nope? I cant do that. I guess i have to go through this point yeah, but um. If you have a look at this part where theres like a lot of those little bumps there. If you look at that part, so let me shine my light on it yeah. I see this part look at how the suspension does look. Look at this look at this, and this is when its slow look, its still doing it with like. So many bumps see the wheels arent even going up, so this course, like this part over here, um its also not too good like. If i go fast on it. Look at this look at the wheels its its not really doing its, not really doing what i want them to do like if the wheels went up like that. If these wheels went up like that, a little bit just like what the bentley did ill show. What the bentley did um oops, not the porsche independently ill, show ill. Show you what the um bentley did. What it did was its wheels once up went up a little. So let me show you this. So lets go to look at this. Look how it does this it doesnt so well.

Look at this. Okay, look! Look how it does here, im pretty sure, just see the wheels go up a little bit, but what the hell it did was it just stayed still like whats the point of having this. Like if you, if your suspension is not going to work, then whats the point of this um and whats the point whats. The actual whole point of this hummer, like one main thing in off roading, is suspension. But if youre not going to have good suspension whats the point of even going off, roading right, like doesnt, make sense right now we are not going to test anymore off roading for now were going to be testing out the cars handling in the circuit race. So lets go to the circuit race. Here we go. Oh mr see, the braking is also quite slow, its not too good a little bit disappointing. Okay, this review was a little bit disappointing. I mean it looks good, but when you actually drive it its not too good, so hopefully the handling will be good if the handling is not good ill totally get so so disappointed like the handling better, be good. This is i mean if youre not good, at off roading. You should be good at something right. I just should be good at something its, not good, its, not proper off road in this game, but it should be good something it should at least be good at handling.

Okay lets see, hopefully we dont crash. Oh no uh. Oh, we are kind of in a bad situation. Oh i had to lift my whoa whoa whoa. Oh oh geez, terrible, oh okay, that was okay! Oh, that was the worst circuit race ever. Do you just see it make so many wide turns. Do you? Did you see that guys it made so many wide turns and we nearly crashed into that um and we nearly crashed into one of those walls? When i did the ss, like this car isnt, even good at um, this car isnt, even good at handling like it takes so many wide turns like if i want to take this turn, it takes so widely like why. Why is this happening right? Acceleration this car? Better be good acceleration. Like i mean, every car needs to be good at one thing, or else whats the point of even buying the car right, its not good at anything, but this car very good at acceleration. If not, this is the worst car ever i mean even a fire could be better than this like the fion, you can even do burnouts in it thats one thing thats good. This is an all wheel. Drive no burnouts! No, nothing go go come on come on! Oh okay lets see 6.36 seconds, um 114 kilometers per hour, its actually not bad. I mean im actually glad this vehicle is good at something its good. At accelerating i mean, if you look on an ev, you know that most of them most of the evs out there theyre good at cell racing, so thats the bright side.

Okay, i mean its not all bad, but its mainly bad, its, not the best ev out there all right. So we come to the final race, which is the off road race in the mountain area. So well basically be testing more about the cars off roading skills. Like, for example, the suspension we need to figure out, we need to find out about the suspension, the power to get up the hills and the handling oh see, thats terrible. It just makes so many wide turns. Even even the bugatti makes less than white turns in it nope get out, you know, oh fortunately, i got out wow. That was scary. Thats actually scary, see what i mean it takes. So many wide turns compare that to bentley the bentley is super good. One of the best reviews i did in the bentley so far look at this. It takes so many water, its just just a simple turn. It needs to go up here. Look at that, its just rubbish, ah right off road, oh thats, bad, breaking off road yeah, not all cars, are good in this game. Okay, now all cars are going. This game theres, some worse. Cars like this is one of the worst cars i ever experienced right off road race. This so often race is basically just this part over here. Um well see how it does. Hopefully it does well, i mean, maybe just back then, because theyre like different stuff in this race compared to the other dirt race we did so hopefully it does well lets wish for our best come on hover.

You need to do this. Go uh, oh suspension. Suspension is terrible: uh, oh whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa. That was terrible yo. Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me yo? What are you doing hummer? What are you doing? The suspension is so bad whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa whoa and its too fast. Sometimes, first person mode – oh that is oh, oh well. Suspension is terrible, ah its 40.5 seconds. This is terrible. Literally, this is terrible and look. It has so less ground clearance it nearly. It will actually nearly scratch. The bottom here. Look at this, the ground clear. It needs to have more ground clearance. Look i nearly ground it out there, ah terrible terrible, terrible, terrible, real terrible. This is actually disaster. Dropping this oh geez, okay, so um! Let me do a little ending over here, so this hummer is not too good. Its! Not a car youd, i mean it looks cool, but once you actually drive it, you know why its bad. I i im im pretty happy it. Doesnt have the grill like electric cars, dont need grill, but this this hummer is just not acceptable like. How are you going to take this car off roading when it doesnt have good suspension? How im going to take this car off roading when it sometimes goes too fast? We dont want it to go too fast, and how do you take this car off roading when its just terrible, like you cant, take a car off roading with spat suspension, its sometimes even going to damage it actually.

So, if are you and if i had enough money to buy this vehicle on this vehicle, its pretty much 145k, would i buy it? No, i wouldnt its one of the worst cars in my game in the game. In my opinion and theres, just many other better cards out there, which you can get, for example, this mercedes you can get that this hummer one alpha. You can also get it. I actually never did a review in that, so i dont know about it. I also recommend you get the spently over here, its just its just 3k, more like why not get something better way better than this, its just 3k, more so yeah thats.