This is one of the first of its kind here in new zealand and australia, so ill be giving you a brief tour on this ev built by kia over in new zealand. So, starting from the back, you can see the typical kia design with the large windows and the u lounge at the back, which kia is famous for Music, then weve got the large entry door over here again. Something kia is famous for as well plenty of storage cabinets all over the top and everything its a very ingenious design. Heres our main control center over here, so basically theres. Two systems in this motorhome theres the high voltage side for the chassis, which is the ldv side that runs a 56 kilowatt hour lithium battery and secondly, for this whole house area, weve got a 12 volt deep cycle battery, which is mounted in the rear section of The motorhome over here so looking at its features, this being a late model. Ev it comes with a two burner induction cooktop over here. The initial ones had the single burner. You get plenty of storage again everywhere you get a large sink with the folding tap over. Here, hot and cold, water and again, a large kitchen galley – something here is famous for as well. Your fridge runs on 12 volts over here at the bottom, and youve got some charging points here as well. So what this motorhome is is basically theres, two separate systems.

Everything to do with the cooking and heating of the hot water is done via 240 volts. So when you plug into a socket like that at the campsite, youll get hot water and your cooktop will work, and it will also charge up your battery over here. So the idea behind this motorhome is you ideally want to book a site where you can plug in the ev side of the motorhome, so it charges and you can plug in the house area as well. So youve got two chargers in this vehicle. This one is, if youre going to a campsite. This is your charging system here. So this is your vehicle side that you plug in, and this over here goes here, its a slow charger. It wont charge as fast as your ac charger, but thats just there. In case you need it and its also quite beneficial, because not all cam sets have an ev charger like that, thats quite good to have so its designed to go to campsites, but its also got the ability to go freedom camping if youre planned with enough range. So having seen the kitchen and the rear section well move on to the front so over here its quite a straightforward standard, car design, theres nothing over complicated about it and, as you can see here, the range is roughly normally about 120 kilometers. But again, this is dependent on your payload, the types of roads, youre driving on so on and so forth, but you can plan to get about 120 kilometers of range which, in my opinion, is quite good for something that gives you a home away from home because You really dont want to be traveling too far id, but you want to stop and take in the sights thats.

The main thing about camping and traveling around you want to enjoy what is there to enjoy so now coming to the bathroom area, weve got a semi large cubicle area, with a toilet and a swivel bowl, similar to what the platinums have got a small sink at The top there shower head light and a little vent at the top there for your shower area. So again, as i mentioned, if you see any of my other videos, these bolts will go around. So it gives you that extra bit of space, if needed so thats the shower area over there over here, is normally where you keep the charging cables or any other storage. It doesnt really matter, but this is normally where the ac charges are located. So this is a two birth motorhome and this rear section converts into a bid which ill show you now so in order to convert it into a bed. You need to remove this table from here and then youve got that one board over there and youve got the other board over there. So well do that now, true! So now you can see with the boards over here they place nicely in there. So if i lift this up, you can see it goes there and there so once thats formed. Then we just basically drop those rear scrubs into this area, and you make up the bed and thats what that large bed looks like over there, its a bit larger than a double and its more than adequate for two adults very comfortable and very easy to make.

As you saw and when youre done with it, all you need to do is remove the swabs and put the boards on either side. Very ingenious design takes a few minutes and then you can convert it back into your rear, lounge area and if you dont want that table over there, it gives you its big enough to see four people over there. Now, coming back to the control center, weve got the usual tank monitors over here, your volt cage. To look so you can monitor your house battery and the charge its got and all the switches over here for your fridge. Water pump toilet range hood, which well cover now and the lights, so the range or do we turn that on weve got the extractor fan over here and weve got lights over here when youre cooking at the top here, so you can turn it off independently and You can turn the fan on like so all the 240 volt power points will only work when youre plugged in as mentioned there and over there at the bottom, including the microwave thatll, only work when you plugged it as well and again plenty of storage everywhere, so That covers the inside of this motorhome. Well, have one last look at it: Music, so now well, step outside and ill show you its features on the outside, so over here weve got our rear storage area, its quite a decent size and its quite long.

This one has a bike rack fitted to it, so the twin bike, rack setup on it, its a fully self contained motorhome, meaning you can also park a freedom campsite. As long as you estimate your wrench, you can easily do that. So this is where you plug. In your house, area of the camper and over here is where the grey water hose is normally kept in your power. Lead underneath here is the grey water hose and coming to the front here on. The updated models is where you charge the ev side of the camper, so you just lift that up its just over here, like so Music and finally, coming to the passenger side shut. That door over here is where our cassette toilet is located and theres your flush system, so just pulled it directly from the tank. So you dont need to worry about topping up a tank, so when were inside when we shut the door, weve got those blinds over here. So at night you can always just close this pull it up or you can leave it whatever you want it and you got your rubbish bin over there and all your lights are over here and finally, youve got a skylight over there, and this opens up as Well, so you can let in a bit of fresh air if needed, driving this ev if youve never driven an ev before its quite a serial experience. Theres, literally no noise, so ill just show you that now coming to the front over here, weve got the key here.

Just put the key in there turn it and just turn it like. You would start a car just turn it once when it says ready. That means youre ready to go. All you literally do is theres your electronic park brake over there, but all you literally do is just put in a drive and thats a noisy hurt. Is the electronic park brake releasing and then you can just move forward and backwards and when you put it back in park, you just have to flip that e brake back on and youve got air conditioning a heater. You go to your usb system, hands free setup. So its quite a nice design, even when youre out on the road, when youre driving ill put up a clip now its a short one, its a serial experience driving it when youre in something this big and you dont hear any noise so finally ill put up A spec sheet now so you can run through it ill leave this up for a little bit longer than the other ones. Because, most i know most people are curious to know what the specs are on this particular vehicle Music. Thanks for watching everyone, i hope you found this informative, and this would this video was a little bit longer than my other videos, just because i wanted to show you the eevee side and everything off this particular camper, because i know a lot of people are curious On this, and i have to say after driving myself, i was quite impressed at the power its got, but then i guess that is standard with most electric vehicles.

It gives you that instant torque, which is quite nice thanks for watching everyone, see ya under the hood. This is what we have over here: basically, our inverter system and all the electrics to run the eevee just in case anyone was curious, thats.