Whats also got me excited, is that i am going to be doing something. Ive been wanting to do for a very long time a road trip in an ev. This is the mg zs ev, and this 600 kilometer journey is sure going to be very interesting. First, stop is going to be to pick up roman, who has no idea about my choice of wheels, a road trip to goa im so excited theres, a reunion happening and im just waiting for nikhil to get here hope, hes on time, Music, Music, so powering up And charge is at 100, so its all systems go goa. Here i come Music. The zsev has a certified range of 419 kilometers, but todays drive wont be under test conditions chatting with ev owners while planning this trip reveals that the journey wont be all too different than one by a petrol or diesel. Car ive chalked out a route thatll comfortably, get us to the charging stations on the way and nope no hypermiling theres, going to be 200 kgs plus of ruman and me our luggage and ill be driving the zsev as any other car with the ac on lets, See what roman has to say morning good morning, why have you brought an eevee along? Do you know we have to go for a road trip to goa right? How will we even make it relax? No, why are you so cranky so early in the morning? I have a plan just calm down.

I cant believe you sometimes really im telling you. I have a plan, well, make it aram say just relax. You sleep a holiday enjoy it. I have this strange anxiety right now, Laughter within minutes. The grinch passes out and so starts our journey to go up its done by the time we make it to the mumbai pune expressway traffic is heavy even at this early r, its smooth sailing, but i do notice a pretty substantial drop in range over the climb To lenovola inclines take a toll on an evs range but were still very much in the clear it helps that the zsev has a relatively large 44.5 kilowatt battery pack. Roman re emerges closer to pune. Thankfully, the little nap has done his mood, some good Music wow man. I havent slept in a car like that, since i was a child uh firstly good morning yeah good morning and welcome back to reality. Uh, i think you can credit my absolutely smooth and perfect driving for your sleep quality. No, thank you its more like how quiet the zscb is, and its really nice to travel in an eevee. Ive. Never done this before what the zsev silence also amplified was the sound of romans rumbling stomach. I also hate to say it at this point that i am a little bit hungry. Well, i am always a little bit hungry, so lets do one thing lets grab a bite at a place where we can also juice up the zs, so hello mg hi.

How can i help what are the nearest charging stations? I found more than one charging pile, which one would you like to pick. You can request your zsev to take you to the nearest mg charging station roman, a water power aficionado, however, had an other place in mind. Good news is that its close to one of the 25 kilowatt dc chargers on route, and i have plans to make the most of it Music, as roman left on his quest of deep, fried delight, i put the zs ev on a quick 15 minute charge in The 136 kilometers covered so far, weve used 47 charge. The 15 minute stop adds about 13 range and costs 115 rupees. I dont remember a three digit bill on my petrol car Music. We could have fit in a few more minutes before roman. Finally, strolled Music back are now well into a working day, and this is reflected by the traffic on our route. Also in holiday season account for crawling traffic on the combat keyguard Music. Things do open up after this point and its here that i experiment a bit with the zs evs driving modes, so ive been sticking to the speed limit, which is largely 80 kilometers, an hour 100 kilometers on a few stretches, and i have noticed that there is Somewhat of a difference in range between sport mode, eco and normal, but the good thing is even when youre on eco, you dont lose that much in terms of performance.

You can really keep up with the flow of traffic and when youre on a long road trip. In an electric car, i think its just good to play on the conservative side Music. I think my response on the silence triggered something in nikhil because hes out to wreck it with a vengeance with some electronic music Music. He sells it by saying its in keeping with the electric theme of the strip he couldnt hold me hostage for too long, though the zsebs ghana app came to my rescue with my music channel through the six speaker sound system. Soon enough, i was hungry again, look were in one of our country, yeah, just let me have it. I wont be long honestly ill just have maybe about three yeah, okay ill. Let me time it properly so that everyone is happy, including the car. Okay. Why arent? You eating my intermittent fasting yeah. It shows we stopped 132 kilometers after our last break at umri resort outside sathara, its a cute place, thats home to a 25 kilowatt dc charger as roman disappeared. Once again, in the quest for vada powers, i put the car on charge and headed in for a snack of my own, a 45 minute charge added ‘ to the battery. Getting the battery to 54, the charging cost us 325 rupees Music. We arent too far away from our next stop at kolapur its a stop. We need to make as its the last fast charger before goa, at least at the moment the 108 kilometer drive to the mg dealership in kolapur goes by quickly.

What will follow are the real fun twisty roads and its the bid i want to do. Kolapur is going to be a relatively long, stop so ill have time to sweet talk or coerce nikhil into giving me the wheel for the last leg to goa its showtime Music Music. That was easy, a relaxing cup of coffee or three later we were good to go our one hour. 16 minute. Stop, has juiced up the zsev from 16 to 82 and has cost us just 576 rupees next stop goa Music. I can sense romance taken a liking to the zsc. How is it its nice to drive very smooth, very refined and honestly im? I could get used to this sort of acceleration on a daily basis, very honestly, but this ones nice its instant and also relaxing at the same time, yeah its evening by the time we are on our way and theres. A noticeable drop in temperature, too looks like really nice weather out there. No yeah, okay here check this out. Yeah hello mg im listening. Could you open the sunroof, please wow? Oh look, thats cool wow youve got a nice view. Now. My eyes are on the road. Remember, kids, never to stick your head out of that sunroof yeah, thats, good advice, the route to nipani where well turn off nh4 for goa is fast and smooth, but you do climb a fair bit over the journey, the suns low. By the time we make it to nipani, the drive via ajra amboli sabanthwari and into goa will be in the dark.

Okay youve been driving a long time now. Uh. I see that the roman in the morning is very different to the roman in the evening. Where did all your strange anxiety go? Well, honestly, its the car im actually liking the fact that this is an suv, its got absolutely ample ground clearance, and another interesting thing is that the curse works really well, because i noticed it brought up the actual range by a few. You know uh points which is quite helpful, yeah, so thats the deal with regen right. What goes up must come down and when youre coming down, we really saves the day, helps if youre coming down fast, its great fun going down amboligat and the fact that were not losing range is the icing on the cake and its nice to know that were Cocooned in safety, the zsev has six airbags and esc. The last bit of the drive sees us on a fall in highway city roads, and what not – and the takeaway for me is that the zsev doesnt feel out of place in any setting Music its late into the evening. By the time we make it to our stay for this holiday, villa shaolin by arma stays in trails, and i dont recall feeling quite so relaxed after such a long road trip Music but its been a long day and we decided to call it an early night. Music except theres, one last thing to do Music, so here are the facts and figures of our trip.

We made it to goa with 10 percent charge, but no sweat, because willa shiolim has an eevee charger. We spent just over a thousand rupees on charging on the way, while a full charge at home the night before cost 300 rupees more all in it cost about 1300 rupees for a 570 kilometer mumbai to goa road trip, which is brilliant just for reference. At current fuel prices, a petrol suv would need four and a half thousand rupees of fuel and a diesel upwards of 3200 rupees. And yes, there was the satisfaction of doing the distance without emitting any emissions stops accounted for two and a half hours of the 15 hour journey and it helped to sink food and charging stops. Oh, and i think we have a new eevee fan in roman too ruman. Have you seen this place its incredible? No yeah man? I just took a tour. I mean the rooms are class as expected, but theres a pool theres a pool table just so much space to lounge around here. Im telling you i know we had plans to go side seeing but im not going anywhere today. No, absolutely, i think the guys are just going to love it here. That reminds me. I think you should grab a quick bite and then we should head to the airport to pick them up. No yeah, i think ill, do that so catch you in a bit. Yeah, Music ev charging right at home is a boon, but what ive learned from the trip is that, with a bit of research and timely stops, you can road trip in your eevee, and things are only going to get better with that.