It certainly was the model that attracted more interest from the people that are eagerly waiting for the product as opposed to a concept: car ev9 thats – probably at least three years away before we can expect to purchase a production model. He is number one selling model to date and the seventh best selling suv in 2022. The all new kia sportage, is to be released in many different flavors that will satisfy just about everyones taste to further expand its sales. Everything from the standard gasoline model to hybrid and even plug in hybrid, featuring the latest smartstream turbocharged engines. Your question at this point might be what about a pure electric model? After all, battery electric vehicle is the fastest growing segment that everyone is turning to when considering their next vehicle to purchase. In fact, sportage ev or esportage is known in the uk has been long rumored. However, the recent release of the all new second generation neuro ev, which would occupy the same space as the sportage ev, made the outlook gloomy. Fortunately, we have recently learned that there is now a strong possibility of the pure electric version of sportage being launched for the first time in the models history. In this episode of auto vision, we will explore this matter further and offer you an explanation as to what can be expected so before we go on wed highly appreciate your support by subscribing and turning on the notification bell, if you havent already and please dont, forget To like comment and vote on the question thats presented at the end of the video in our last episode, we have explored kias next egmp based 800 volt dedicated electric vehicle ev4, which is another model that is to be positioned in the same compact.

Electric crossover segment with the likes of the nero ev with the imminent release of the all new ev4 on the horizon. Is there a reason why kia should bother at all with yet another eevee that occupies the same compact crossover space? So why is the new electrified version of sportage even being discussed again? There are a few reasons. The first reason is that, because they need to to conform with a global mandate to phase out ice vehicles in the next 10 to 20 years, depending on your geographic location, kias long term ev strategy called plan, s calls for the introduction of 11 all new electric Vehicles before 2025 and seven dedicated evs such as egmp based ev6 by 2027, with only esol and e, nero currently in the lineup for derivative electric models, which leaves at least three additional conventional ice models that they need to electrify to meet its target. A couple of them we already know the first one is the electrified version of the carnival minivan, which is extremely popular in the native korean market, and the second one is the planned electrification of the kia ray city car, the brands, smallest and the most economical car. This only leaves sportage as the most likely candidate to warn electrification, as it is the most popular model for kia having sold more than 6 million units since its introduction. The second reason is that now there is a more desperate and immediate issue that the company needs to address recently kia debuted, its two advanced electric vehicles at the 2021 iaea mobility motor show in munich strengthening its position as a pioneer in sustainable mobility, along with its Sensational ev6 dedicated ev, the all new plug in hybrid sportage, took center stage at the auto show dominated by electric vehicles.

Kia sportage, plug in hybrid, is the much anticipated variant of the fifth generation sportage and its first foray into the plug in electric genre. It features the advanced power plant which is barred from the bigger sorrento sibling, offering a 1.6 liter turbocharged smartstream engine, coupled with a powerful 66.9 kilowatt electric motor and a 13.8 kilowatt hour battery pack to produce a total of 261 horsepower and 258 pound feet of torque. Its capable of achieving 35 miles or 56 kilometers of pure electric range needing two hours to charge using the level 2 charger, which is impressive by the current standard. However, in europe, countries like germany are mandating that electrified vehicles are to attain a minimum of 60 kilometers of ev range before 2022 and 80 kilometers by 2024 to qualify for government subsidies given for the purchase of an eevee. This poses a great conundrum to kia as phevs are stop gap measures and not a long term solution for the company kia and the parent hyundai group are cutting their resources to develop new internal combustion power plants that include hybrids and plug in hybrids. As the companys mission is very clear to stop selling ice cars in europe by 2035 and attain carbon neutrality by the year 2045., this means resources available to further extend the range of the existing plug in hybrid engines may simply not be available. The case in point was the introduction of the all new nero where the power plants of the hybrid and the plug in hybrid were found to be unchanged from the previous model, motivated by the great popularity of the compact eco friendly crossover, especially in europe.

Kia gave us the new model based on the all new third generation platform, but aside from the more attractive sheet metal and the addition of the ev6 like interior, to address the biggest shortcomings of a somewhat boring, looking front wheel, drive crossover, which is otherwise a nearly Perfect car known for affordability, sound efficiency and great performance, its very unusual that the all new model is introduced without any real changes to the power plant aside from the rumored improved fuel efficiency. But that reflects the reality of the turbulent automotive market. Where ice cars are being phased out, giving way to the influx of electric cars? The only practical solution for kia to resolve the problem of the range in its lineup of phevs seems to be to step up the full electrification of the ice models to create fewer evs in the shortest amount of time possible and phase out the plug ins. Eventually, in europe, as is the case in the native korean market, where plug in lost popularity as soon as bd became mainstream, the outgoing nero plug in hybrid marked the last of its kind in koreas, automotive, history. The third reason – and the obvious reason is that, because they can, the hyundai group has created the new third generation platform to make the development of a new car fast and economical. One of the key features of the platform. Aside from quick development time, improved safety and drivability of the car allows for simple movement of power plants between cars, whether it be traditional ice, hybrid, plug in hybrid battery, electric and even fuel cell electric.

This means they are able to utilize any power plants already developed to be used with the third generation platform and easily transfer them to any vehicles built on the same undercarriage. A perfect example was the latest facelift santa fe, where it marked a very unusual instance of a facelift model being completely revamped with an entirely new platform just to utilize, the latest hybrid and plug in hybrid power plant that was developed for the all new sorrento, which Was also built on the newest platform fya, this amazing ability for modularity and versatility is so groundbreaking that even companies like toyota, which still seems to be a firm believer in hybrid technology as a long term solution, is following the hyundais footsteps in its plan to develop Such multi power plant platform called e3 in the near future for use in mainly the complex european market, where the versatility of a platform is required to adapt to any new situations. Luckily, for kia and the hyundai group, they already have access to such a platform and numerous power plants that they can draw from to whip up. Something quick for the imminent need for more electric vehicles, for example, sportage, which is also based on the third generation platform. Can easily draw upon a power electric system thats already available. These include the 800 volt system from genesis electrified vehicles based on the third generation platform such as g80 and gv70. The electrified g80 uses the 136 kilowatt or 182 horsepower motor front and back to arrive at 364 horsepower, whereas the electrified gv70 suv uses 160 kilowatt or 215 horsepower motors front and back for the incredible total of 360 kilowatts or 483 horsepower, with the boost mode activated.

Also, the e sportage has access to the 150 kilowatt or 202 horsepower front wheel, drive unit from nero ev, which has recently made a switch to the third generation platform. Just installing one of the three power electric options would bring about a competent electric vehicle with torque, ranging from 257 pound feet or 350 newton meters to 291 pound feet to ‘5 newton meters. The range is expected to be similar to that of the nero ev. That boasts 2’ miles epa or 455 kilometers wltp from a 64 kilowatt hour lithium ion battery sportage also has access to the 77.4 kilowatt hours or 87.2 kilowatt hours battery from the electrified gv70 and g80, but that seems less likely as for the charging time, if sportage Ev is lucky to receive the 800 volt system. The 10 to 80 percent charging would be possible in less than 20 minutes, but the likely 400 volt system from e neuro would result in a charge time of about 30 minutes. So, whether you are a loyal, sportage fan or simply prefer a bigger car than nero ev with more traditional suv, styling and bigger room inside sportage ev will be just the eevee that youre looking for with the price expected to be in the low 40 000 range. A 5 000 savings over the starting price of the most basic 168 horsepower ev6 may also be a sizeable factor in choosing the more practical suv over the low slung crossover.

The last caveat is whether the first ever sportage ev would be available in north america, as the electrification would be applied to the european short wheelbase version. First, as for the end of the video question which of the following kia, electric compact crossover interests you, the most, the high tech 800 volts egmp based ev4, the proven performer nero ev, or the new sportage ev with the size and the practicality come with a traditional Suv body shape please vote and share your views by clicking on the link in the comment section below thanks for watching auto vision, your best source for the fastest korean car news and rumors dont forget to comment like subscribe and click on the notification bell as not To miss any of our new videos, it would help the channel greatly if you could view our videos as soon as they are uploaded and watch them all the way until the end, which would help to reach more people also to support our channel even further. Please join our membership and enjoy the exclusive content and preview of the upcoming episodes. Finally, dont forget to join our forum and share your passion for korean cars. At