I should say that very, very important, so its like nothing based on the bike based on your classic bike. That means almost 6 to point five bhp. I think im not sure about it. I will calculate money soldier five point: eight to six point: two: three php on the produced, one of the individual. More importantly, in the maintaining a five hours charge upon, you know zero to eighty percent charge ever and zero to hundred percent charge. You have to charge for seven hours in a seven hours charge per day in the one day. One almost 85, i think, im not sure 85, 70 plus 70 plus to 70 to 85. When the range is one thing, thats called the mileage, so were charging 70 kilometer for short travel, primarily and more than that in the water style aboard the telegraphy so maximum in the one day or the top speed developer now, im, not Music Music foreign. Its a very good so almost 50 kilometers um um is Music. Acting as foreign Music was at the moment. Just you can switch through the traffic at a faster pace, so thats the most important point that you need to think about it, so otherwise suspension this vehicle is suitable for uh, millennials or youngsters, or why son of a bangladesh like the most important thing that you Need to know today is buying the electrical vehicle so sadhana, you know energy consumed for this vehicle and the cost.

For you know, uh maintaining this vehicle is very, very less because lets say when they were alphas. You need to regularly maintain that with the oil etc. So otherwise, 700 to 800 rupees, every five thousand kilometers expenditure and, more importantly, either two kilowatts. They are sweet and best.