Quite a bit to like here and in this video were going to take a good look at its design, features how it drives and how it stacks up against other evs and, of course, the more affordable ux variants, including the hybrid. So is the ux 300e. A serious effort to compete against other luxury electric crossovers, or is it just a half assed attempt by lexus to enter the ev world? I remember when lexus first bought out the ux. I sat in it and i remember thinking this is so quiet and sort of modern that it really lended itself to being an ev fast forward three years and theyve done just that with this ux 300 e, which, as i said before, really does not look any Different to the normal petrol and hybrid ux versions, theyve even got the big spindle grille like a lot of ev versions of existing suvs or cars. You know they do more with a type of blank grille, but i think if they did it with this, it would look bloody terrible. So that said, theres really nothing behind it, because it doesnt need to be there. But you know it is, as is, as you see, with lexus and its a sort of part of its design, language, which i think people didnt like at first but were really getting used to it. So i think lexus would have been mad to do anything different with it. Um its got.

A little blue highlight around the back to show its an ev, but so does the hybrid, but to the kenai. There are a couple of ways you can tell this. Is the ux 300e, mostly down the back here, including the electric badge just in front of the rear, wheel and youll notice? Its got two filler caps on each side for the charging, this ones for ac charging and on the passenger side you plug in for dc charging. But as you can see, this is just very much a lexus ux with that familiar suv, coupe style shape the rising window, line that squat stance and the rugged plastic wheel. Arches. Before the arrival of the ux300e, the priciest ux variant was the all wheel, drive hybrid ux250h sports luxury, with a starting price of sixty four thousand one hundred dollars going fully. Electric will see you pay 74 000 for the ux 300e luxury and 81 000 for the sports luxury standard. Exterior features include led lighting, including drls and fog, lamps, headlight, washers and acoustic windscreen glass, with the sports luxury spec, adding tri beam, led headlights and led front indicators coming around the back, and it stands out with a power tailgate with kick sensor and full led lighting Inside theres also virtually to distinguish against the other ux variants, um its its a nice comfortable car. I quite like the way the seats almost recline and have a nice laid back low, feel like a lexus sport sedan in the luxury spec.

You do get sort of vegan, leather and really nice looking trim, but this sports will actually sort of brings that a step up with proper cow leather, nice stitching along the dashboard and this sort of stitching here, which is inspired by kung fu uniforms. Apparently, each front seat has heating and ventilation, and the steering wheel is heated as well. Other things to look at here is the center console which sort of envelopes you really in the cockpit, and you do sort of really feel cocooned in here in a nice way. Its got the usual standard sort of um nice, big bin there to put stuff in a couple cup holders a wireless phone charger on which to put your phone. Now, if you want to plug in your phone to use apple, carplay, thats all done with a couple. Usbs in here there are door bins, you know if your water bottle and all that sort of stuff – but you know its a lexus and it wouldnt be a lexus review. We didnt have a dig at the infotainment system a bit its got a nice big 10.3 inch touch screen. I was going to say touchscreen, but its not a touchscreen. Unfortunately, youve got to use this trackpad here, which can be really fiddly, especially on the move and using apple carplay, to go from sort of one function and get into the menu, and you go into something like spotify, its an absolute nightmare really but other than that.

It all it has plenty of good features, and it does work pretty well comes also with a 13 speaker mark levison stereo, which is really good. And while this is a really quiet car to drive just being able to crank that up without having any wind or engine noise to really get in your way really makes a nice sound system. The gauge cluster also seems basic compared to a lot of other evs um. You know ev sort of its nice having all different displays to show you an ev. Apart from that sort of charge, eco power gauge theres nothing much there theres a couple displays on the multi function, display which show things like your charging level, and you can do things like set when you charge. So you might just want to charge off peak itll. Come on on a timer when youre plugged in at home and that sort of thing, but other than that again, theres, really not much here, thats showing you that youre in an ev one thing the sports luxury does add. On top of the roberto is a head up display which shows sort of um navigation and driving things and also a 360 degree parking camera, which is pretty much the only major difference. You also get a sunroof, but having driven both the sport luxury and then jumping into the luxury as well. I cant say i really miss the features between the two. The ev powertrain differs by having a big battery under the floor pan, which seems to make the floor a little bit higher, which means you cant really get your feet under the front seats and what that means is leg.

Room just feels a bit tight theres, not much too much knee room here, headrooms also limited because youve got. You know that sort of sloping, roofline being a cupe suv, but otherwise youve got nice front and side vision and the seats themselves are pretty comfortable. Lexus does do comfort well, even in its smaller cars, which i quite like amenities for rear seat. Passengers include air vents, a couple of small usbc ports and seat heating for the outboard seats and, of course, the fold down armrest with cup holders. Looking further back, the boot space is a handy 413 litres, thats just 6 liters less than the petrol variant and 45 litres more than the hybrid. Unlike the others, there is no space saver spare wheel with the space below the floor, used to store charging cables and a puncher repair kit. Its worth, noting that as well as all this luxury lexus has introduced a few sweetness for anyone. Considering a ux300e including a free, 7kw, ac home charger with installation, three years of complementary rapid dc charging through the chargebox network and three years of complementary membership of the lexus encore, platinum owner benefits program, the ux 300e is also the first lexus model to come with A longer five year, unlimited kilometer warranty, though this will apply to the rest of the lexus range from january 2022 and will encompass all vehicles purchased in 2021. Before we go for a drive, lets talk electrons each ux 300e comes with a 54.

3 kilowatt hour battery, which gives a driving range of 360 kilometers its, not the most powerful battery out there. But the upside of that is a pretty quick, 6.5 hour charging time with a 7 kilowatt home charger using a 50 kilowatt dc. Rapid charger will do the job in about 80 minutes. The ux 300e is equipped with two charging ports towards the rear. A type 2 socket for ac charging on the drivers side and a chademo or dc charging port on the passenger side. Chatimo ports are still the preferred option in japan, but are becoming less common in australia. However, there are still plenty of compatible charges around australia, including at most charge fox stations. The ux300e is powered by 150 kilowatt 300 newton meter motor, which drives the front wheels through a two stage reduction gear like most front wheel. Evs, it doesnt offer the kind of break neck acceleration. We see in more powerful bevs, which isnt a bad thing, as that would result in a lot of front wheel spin, but it manages to provide enough shove to send the ux 300d from north to 100 kilometers. An hour in a claimed 7.5 seconds, which is more than a second quicker than the mercedes benz eqa250. Each version has a eco sport and normal modes, and if you flick it to sport, you do feel a bit more of a power boost. When you put the foot down it also stiffens the steering for a bit more accurate handling around bends, it rides on a relatively rudimentary suspension setup with mcpherson fronts and rear wishbones, but the ride is pretty good.

This is quite a rough road here, and you know you can definitely feel the road imperfections, but it really absorbs most jarring and everything really well, but yet, despite being quite softly, sprung for rougher roads, it doesnt really impact handling at all. You think, when putting a 400 kilo battery you know below a car like this, it would somehow have an effect on handling and not in a good way. But the fact is, the weight is quite well distributed, so you know it. It really feels quite composed and well planted. Another thing the battery does is lower the car center of gravity from 594 millimeters in the hybrid to just 530 millimeters, which makes it feel a bit more a lot more like a sport sedan. The result is really good. Sharp handling, which is helped by having that sort of really good front, end compliance which the ux already had. But you know, youve got really nice light a lighter front end too, because the motor is about 100 kilograms less than the weight of the petrol engine, which mitigates the sort of extra weight of the batteries. The regen braking in the ux 300e is a bit more subtle than in other evs. You can control it with the paddle shifters, but you know it doesnt have that you know it. Doesnt just want to stop as soon as you sort of take your foot off. So you know, but if you do wanted to sort of embrace sort of one pedal driving with a lot more stopping power.

When you take your foot off the accelerator, you can just engage the sort of b setting in the gear shifter, which is also a feature in the toyota and lexus hybrids, and what that does is is give you a bit more braking force. So you know youre not having to actually use the actual brakes when youre coming around bends. The other advantage of an ev is you dont. Have that sort of complex gearbox, its just a single speed reduction gear? That means, then the car will just respond to your throttle inputs, whether youre, speeding up or slowing down instantly and thats really helpful for sort of. Obviously, when you enter a bend but then exiting as well, so that way, if you find yourself overcooking a bend youre going to find it much easier to get yourself out of trouble pretty well just by getting your foot off the accelerator, the ux 300e luxury rides On 17 inch, michelin, primacy, 3, rubber, and this sports luxury has slightly bigger 18 inch tyres, but i reckon the handling is a little sharper. Needless to say that you know all these values we see when driving it to its extreme. You know really coming to their own in town, where its just quiet, nimble and just really relaxing to drive youve, probably almost noticed too im doing 100k out here in the countryside, and road noise is quite limited. The nvh levels in this car is really good and, of course, theres no engine, but you know normally, when im driving a car, you know with an engine, doing something id probably be yelling at the camera, but im not theres, just a normal conversational sort of level Of voice – and it is a very quiet car and its quite a windy day too so im quite impressed by that the engine makes a nice sort of whirring noise when you get going im, not sure if they do manufacture that to give some noise, so pedestrians Arent caught short, or it was just the sort of just the natural sound of the of the motor, but you know i dont mind the noise at all when it gets going, it sounds a bit futuristic, Music, other safety features include eight airbags and advanced driver assist Systems, including autonomous emergency, braking with pedestrian and cyclist detection, parking support, braking all speed, adaptive cruise control, lane keeping assist road sign, assist blind spot, monitor, rear cross traffic alert and automatic high beam.

All that is enough for the ux 300e to share and five star ancap safety rating with its petrol and hybrid siblings, Music. The ux 300e is likely to be the only existing lexus model to receive an ev version with the next lexus cv to come on a bespoke ev platform. One could argue that this is just a stopgap model by lexus to join the eevee party. You know, alongside its uh luxury competitors, and there could be an element of truth to that, and while it lacks a more powerful battery and longer range of some of its rivals, this is a pretty solid effort by lexus, which has you know, taken the ux, which Is a really a good fun, sharp car? Add a navy powertrain to it without at all ruining its dynamics and, if anything, its arguably better, but whether people choose us over more advanced evs in its price range, such as the tesla model, 3 or ionic. 5 remains to be seen, but the standard features and buyer incentives should play well to lexuss loyal customer base, which finally has the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of quick, silent emissions. Free driving, along with the brands, ownership experience, and i reckon they wont, be disappointed.