. The first step on that road is the 2023 lyric which aims to pack the traditional qualities of the 118 year old brand into one vehicle. Modern electric crossovers lyric is due out next year, but forbes wheels recently got a live preview of what buyers can expect from this new machine. General motors original intention to enter the electrified space dates back a quarter of a century back with the ev1, the late and very heavy two seater that finally went down the road of giants long but paved the way for the electrified bowl two decades later. The bolt is the spearhead of gms modern electric vehicle program, and the automaker now has plans for 30 electric global models by 2025. The lyric will be one of the first to appear Music, with 20 inch wheels pushed to the corners and a contoured sports suv hood. The lyric trims an attractive shape, but a full look around unravels the stunning details of its new flagship car cadillac. There are 736 radiating leds on the front and back characteristic, upright headlights and daylights create new interpretations of cadillacs, classic crested girl and raised door pads spotlights embroidered with a black crystal grille, featuring an illuminated cadillac crest. The unique led headlight consists of nine vertically stacked lights with the top three powering. The high beams along the lamp compartments are vertical bars for daytime lights. That is reflected in the rear near the end of the rear, bumper up higher, where the rear end of the windshield is angled.

The taillights increase in size, as they code morse from center to edge. The horizontal line takes a big turn as it wraps around the body work and balances the d pillar with the chrome strip separating the roof from the windows, its been a ride. Man moving inside the real wood trim pieces on the door have dozens of small cuts. Matching details found on the speaker covers headrests and elsewhere. A glass canopy accentuates the spacious airy cabin and the wide yet unobtrusive 33 inch curved led display showcases the technology packed into the lyric Music Applause Music. From the front. The cabin feels like a well finished space with an elegant style that stands out from competitors like the audi e tron jaguar. I pace and tesla model x, perforated leather seats and lyrics minimalist cabin lends more resonance than the show car with interesting details like cutouts. In the veneer trim creating a backlit feature in the door panels, cadillac interior design director crystal windham, says the cabin design has been tweaked to create a cleaner space and flatter surfaces, as evidenced by the fact that interior door handles are now positioned horizontally to the side. Under the side window, the battery architecture frees up the cabin to feel spacious and airy, as does the glass roof which is standard on the original model and can be covered with an opaque accessory. The roof is paired with a number of standard options, including the companys semi autonomous supercruise system, a 19 speaker, akg audio system and an advanced led display with a 33 inch diagonal screen that covers almost the entire area control panel section.

The display is positioned low to aid visibility and provides two areas of touchscreen usability: a left, vertical strip, four key display functions and a large area on the right for traditional multimedia controls. The prototype on hand offers a sharp bright display and can handle more than one billion colors, but doesnt yet work due to global chip shortages. The display is complemented by a number of hard buttons that are discretely integrated below the thin strip of hvac vents controlled by a small knurled knob rotary tucked away in the center stack, are two hidden storage bins directly in front of a large tray that sits low Between the front foot rests: theres a knurled control wheel to the left of two large cup holders, a slot for wireless phone charging and another storage compartment between the seats. Although the multimedia system on the prototype, didnt work, a cadillac representative reassured forbes wheels that it would feature android, auto and apple carplay connectivity in production form. The rear seats have ample legroom and fold down almost flat to open the cargo area into the cabin providing 28 cubic feet of volume, with the rear seats upright and 60.8 cubic feet when folded down. Those numbers are comparable to the audi e tron, but smaller than the tesla model x. Teslas numbers are bolstered by its height, which offers more vertical space, but not always usable in the real world. General motors is launching a new line of vv battery technology with lyric called ultium.

Scalable technology allows the automaker to produce batteries in sizes ranging from 50.0 kilowatt hours to 200 kilowatt hours, although the largest sizes are said to be only for full size. Ev pickups, like the gmc hummer ev suit coming soon cadillac claims that the lyric will offer a battery pack with a capacity of around 100 kilowatt hours and will be capable of driving a range of more than 300 miles per charge. Dc fast charging will be standard, but the lyric will also be able to charge on a home outlet. Music. The lyric will come standard with rear wheel drive with an electric motor on the rear axle. All wheel, drive will be optional and add a second engine up front to drive those wheels. So far, cadillac hasnt revealed details about the lyrics all wheel drive system, so we dont know how much horsepower it will produce the rear. Wheel. Drive model is said to produce 340 horsepower either way. Acceleration is bound to be fast, at least at lower speeds, thanks to the instantaneous nature of the electric motors energy distribution, for example, the i pace spiked to 60 miles per hour in just 4.3 seconds. During our testing, we expect lyric to deliver similar performance Music. However, we expect cadillac to pack it with plenty of driver, assist features and cadillac says the brands supercruise semi autonomous driving technology will also be offered. Key safety features could include including standard automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection.

Lane departure warning available with lane keep assist adaptive cruise control available with semi autonomous driving mode like the cadillac, xd5 and xd6 compact suvs, the lyric will come with a powertrain warranty, thats superior to other premium. Consumer warranties cadillac currently includes the first dealership service visit, but rivals like the i pace offer longer free maintenance periods. We expect that the lyrics battery warranty will be equivalent to the chevy bolts, warranty of eight years or 100 000 miles. Limited warranty covers four years or 50 000 miles. Powertrain warranty covers six years or 70 000 miles free maintenance covered on first visit. The lyric starts at hundred ninety 59990, including destination for the single engine, rear wheel, drive available at launch thats, at least ten thousand dollars. Less than luxury competitors and the lyric comes with more variety than comparable luxury base models.