My name is chad and today well before we get into todays video. I just want to wish everyone out there. A very happy holiday season, but today well today, were talking about lexus and toyota and specifically the 15 or so electric concept vehicles that toyota just launched. This is actually really exciting. Yes, i know theres a lot of enthusiasts out there who see the coming electric future as the automotive apocalypse. Personally, you dont get much more enthusiastic about automobiles than i do. I have a ton of projects. I have a screaming mustang thats going to be getting boost. I have a volvo hatchback pushing over 300 horsepower to it. I did most of the work to it myself. I am an automotive enthusiast and i am here to tell you that these new electric vehicles are cause for excitement. So today, instead of going through all the technical details and all of toyotas ambitions, which is 30 new, electric vehicles by 2030 by the way, were not really gon na sit here and tell you exactly what all of these cars can or wont be able to do. What im here to do is im going to look at each one of these vehicles through the eye of an automotive enthusiast kind of a reaction, video to every single one of these new models or new concept, cars that toyota just released all right. So obviously we kick it off and we have a whole array of all these electric cars that toyota could potentially bring us via all of these concepts.

There are a few that are interesting. There are a few that are well lets just face it in the world. We live in pretty much required. We start things off what theyre calling a sedan concept and, to be honest, its pretty pretty cool it manages to be futuristic. It manages to look like its new and different without being so over the top that average consumers are going to be afraid to buy it, because the styling is just so loud now lets just think of this as effectively a camry replacement. If this was the camry id really consider potentially buying one of these, we have a crossover another crossover, this ones a little edgier, this ones pretty much aimed directly at younger buyers. We have another small crossover hatchback, looking thing that, while funky looking is still pretty cool, i mean if this was a hot hatch kind of thing. I kind of get my juices flowing a little bit only thing with these electric cars and everything is the grill. What do you do with the grill to make it both identifiable and yet work? You know this space you have here right down by where the license plate is uh theres a lot of dead space. There tesla kind of started with this. You might see some black paint just to give you know: regular consumers hey this looks conventional but its not. We have another small crossover another one in the flesh. It is what it is.

Crossovers are ubiquitous. You need a crossover to be successful and well here you go younger person would probably look at this and say this is incredible. I absolutely need to have this. This is a crossover that stands out in the sea of boring, crossovers heres, your more conventional suv type. Looking vehicle, this has a vibe of their current rav4 4runner highlander with the nose. Here again, i think it looks really really good its clean its contemporary, but again it suffers from that. What the heck do we do with the front grille when we dont need a massive opening to cool the engine for ac condensers things like that. I really like this black on silver motif. You have another small crossover, small suv here it is again. This is basically designed at public transportation, and here you get to some really funky k, car type stuff, some really funky personal transport, but isnt huge, really. What japan is known for inside of japan k cars havent really made it over here because lets face it. Theyre tiny, they have tiny engines, we dont really have a need for it, but if you start making stuff that kind of looks like this, you might attract that younger consumer. We were talking about before. I really want to know what that paint coat is because i want to put it on one of my cars. It just looks really good. You have this uh, it kind of throws off scion xb, vibes uh.

It could be a cargo van, it could be just you know, one of those big people mover type things uh. It might be industrial, it says box on it, so it might kind of be their box truck replacement. Who knows, but again it looks way too cool to just be sort of a amazon delivery vehicle or a ups delivery vehicle granted. This is what this could actually fill as far as a roll is concerned, but it looks really really cool toyota killed it with this and its more than likely going to be a utilitarian commercial type vehicle and then heres that funky little k car again uh. One really cool interesting thing about this is the qr code here that is literally a rick roll. So if you scan that with your phone, it well lets just say its never going to give you up probably wont. Let you down dont, really know what it has to do with the future of electric cars, but it is kind of a cool, little easter egg to show that theyre in tune with a younger market – and here were starting to get into the stars of the toyota Brand well get to lexus in a second, but here we have the compact cruiser ev and if youre, getting some serious fj vibes with this thing, well, thats for good reason, its basically a smaller version of the fj. I think it looks incredible. I think it could be an awesome little off, roader hey.

We acknowledge that the off road market is still going to be there when the world goes electric, and here you go, it looks like an fj, its electric. It looks really really cool. I personally am a huge fan of this heres effectively a taco replacement. I love what they did with the grill here again. The grill space is something that designers are gon na, have to figure out how to utilize that space. That was otherwise an engineering requirement to keep the car cool. This looks awesome. I absolutely love this. If this is an electric taco im very, very interested to see where this goes because im in the market for a truck, this kind of fits all of my needs. I dont need something at crazy range and a pickup truck electric thats kind of that smaller pickup truck than say. The f 150 lightning is right in my wheelhouse, this is really really cool and then we move on to what is undoubtedly, in my opinion, the star of the toyota lineup from this little ev concept reveal you look at this and you immediately start to think mr2. Even though mr usually stands for mid engine rear drive, this is obviously electric which could be rear. Wheel drive could be all wheel drive, the engines are on the axles. Obviously, you see what im getting at, but this thing looks amazing if they are able to produce something like this. It is going to be a huge win for toyota, especially in the electric sports car market, and this really has a big chance of going to production, because when you think about electric vehicles, you think about the skateboard concept.

You have the suspension on, obviously the axles. All four corners, and then you have the battery pack and then you can put whatever body you want on top of it, it is hugely modular. Now we move on to the lexus side of things, and you dont really have to look all that hard to see. Wow, these are the most exciting vehicles of any of the toyota launch, mostly because, yes, you have your suv and crossover over here, and even these look pretty amazing, especially this one right here, but look at what it is. Theres, a ton of sporting potential here, obviously highlighted by this eevee lfa kind of looking vehicle, but right next to it, you have what looks like a shooting break. Shooting brakes are pretty much non existent in america because we dont really buy wagons, unfortunately, but if they can bring something that looks this good to market like its little cousin right here. That is amazing and, like i said, the ev platform allows for vehicles that you otherwise wouldnt, really put much effort into making a production version of it makes it a possibility, because evs are so versatile from design you have to skateboard. You can put again any body. You want on it, so we look here. This is amazing. This looks incredible and its and its lexus, yes, lexus v8s and their v10s and their engines in general are hugely exciting. But so is this body. This gives me huge hope for the future of lexus, because again were just looking at sport car after sport car look at this sedan concept.

This could be an is, it could be an es, but a sports sedan that looks like this short lacks. Some of the drama of an internal combustion engine, but man this is another vehicle i am so excited. We go to the suv and this again were keeping with from the basically the front door back. We have whats classic lexus as we know and love right now. The front end kind of follows that design aesthetic this looks kind of like an nx things like that, and then we still have the hourglass well its, not a grill, but you have that hourglass branding in the front. But again this suffers from the. What the heck do we do at the front of these cars when we no longer need them for a functional mechanical purpose? This is probably your big lexus suv and again it looks awesome, but the grill a lot of space, where nothing, nothing is going on more suvs, more suvs and thats, pretty much it but again go going back stuff like this sedan has me hugely excited the shooting Break that we have here two of them we have a convertible. What looks like a small sports car in the background lexus basically make all of these as legal as you possibly can, but keep this design aesthetic, because it looks amazing and thats going to do it for todays video. Like i said, there are a few models from toyota to be very excited about theres, even a camry potential replacement in there.

That is actually really really exciting, something you cant exactly say about. Well, almost all of the the previous camrys out there you got an off roader, you got a pickup truck and you got a little sports car all very exciting, and then you have the lexus side of things. They have a few suvs and things of that nature. But wow the sedan, the sports car convertible concept, the lfa kind of electric concept, all of the lexus cars are again wow. They are hugely exciting. Yes, theyre electric, but man from a design standpoint. They absolutely killed it. These cars are beautiful, even the humdrum luxury sedan looks awesome and aggressive, and oh, if youre a fan of lexus get really excited because even though theyre electric cars, you still have cars for huge huge excitement but, like i said, thats a wrap on this video guys. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and ill catch.