According to gm, the ceo mary barra, the new silverado ev, will be just stunning. That said, there probably wont be a huge difference: visually between the traditional gas powered silverado and its electric sibling. As with the ford lightning, some key changes on the front end will differentiate the ev truck from its gas powered sibling with the batteries requiring less of a traditional grille. But overall the shape likely remains familiar. Our rendering artist presents an educated guess as to what the silverado could look like using some of those context clues. The silverado ev should also see a few updates to the rear, like refreshed, taillights and additional detailing on the tailgate plus. We already know that the truck headed to cess will have a massive moon roof and 24 inch wheels, most likely a concept as previewed by the four wheel steer teaser video Music. The silverado ev will shed its traditional v6 and v8 gas engines for a fully electric powertrain. Naturally, as with the gmc hummer ev, the silverado will adopt gms ultim line of long range battery packs, which could be as large as 200 kilowatt hours in the largest spec gm promises to invest up to 35 billion dollars into ultim battery technology through 2025, with the Silverado ev being one of many upcoming modules expected to use it Music. The chevrolet silverado ev, will have up to 400 miles 644 kilometers of rain with the top end 200 kilowatt hour battery pack.

According to early estimates, thats more than what is currently offered on the gmc hummer ev, which is estimated to achieve around 350 miles of range Music early estimates suggest that the base silverado ev will start anywhere between forty thousand dollars to fifty thousand dollars when it goes On sale, which should be sometime later in 2022, the f 150 lightning, the silverados most prominent rival costs ‘ 974 to start, while more premium trucks like the gmc hummer, one hundred, eight thousand seven hundred dollars and rivien r1t. Seventy four thousand.