19 2021 im here at the motor stall and im here with the representative of motor. Could you please introduce to our yeah uh hi viewers hi everyone? My name is karthik im from the ue emotorite. That is called like a doodle e bike. This is a bike come by skill, so this is like a manufacturer make in india product, and this is from the pune okay. So absolutely this is like it looks like in a cycle, but this is not an only cycle. Its a bike come by scale, so ill, just take you through the cycle and the specifications and everything yes, so you can have a look. The weight of this cycle will be 28.5 kgs, and this is a 150k just wait. Bearable right and here is another display. I just switched on here right and have a look here. So here is another control x later this speed limit is maxed under 25 and here in the slider mode, so you can go drive up to 50 kilometers on this. Along with this, we have one more option, which is called pedal, assist if im doing like a pedal, assist one pedal right, one pedal it will take up to 40 meters. That means you can add another 20 kilometers, 50 plus 20 70 kilometers. You can drive on the battery okay, and you are in this with cruise mode now this is in a cruise mode. Yeah, the road is very clear, continuously can go on the right and the speed limit max up to 25 again here 24 25 and i applied the brake now its stopped and im just pressing in a long press.

So here is like a led light, which will cover us up to 50 meters, and here is the rear, danger, light and the current part, so this all will works on the battery okay right now. Coming to the point i just drained the battery. For example, the batter is totally drained now its a purely manual cycle. So now what you can do is you can do in a common manual cycling, along with the manual cycling, you can use the gearing system also, if you required so that, like you, know freely, you can keep on moving okay, but still you are unable to drive And you want to bring it back from the place simply you can just fold like this one fold, yeah second, full Music thats it and you can remove the battery from here and you can charge for two and a half hours. You can insert it back. Okay, it is affordable purely how many hours does it take to charge to end off of us to get the full charge. Okay, so once its got the food to end, of course, full charge, you can drive up to 70 kilograms and all what is the battery edge of this five thousand plus kilometers i mean, is that that battery h, the lithium ion battery yes, 10 inch lithium battery Music, so what is the body type of this? Six? Zero? Six, one aluminium? Okay, so its like a lifetime warranty for the body, its a rustler assistant, okay, right and here is a seat.

Adjustment. Okay, and here is a handle adjustment, Music and you have a shock obsessed and, as i said, that yeah have a look. So this is a 10 h battery, which is a 36 watts with a 360 wh, and here is in a drum and the motor which is 250 watts. Okay, so the rear side comes with drum, braking and the front one is a display display, okay, correct and the wheel size wheel, size its like. I can see its a broad size like this one to four okay right and finally, the price of the the model name is doodle didnt, okay, it already launched in the market. Yes, its already launched in the market. Now we are looking for a franchise in entire ap and telangana and as well as in hyderabad and the price part, it will come 79 800 rupees, including gst plus shipping charges, seventy nine thousand and eight hundred rupees, okay and, along with the shipping, its an expensive Electric size, yes, so its because its a bike come by skill. You have like a health conscious in this and you can use for the regular use and at the same time, can i ask you one question: i didnt complete it on this one. So you have a six thousand eighty rupees cashback, also on every referral. Youll be getting six thousand eight rupees cashback on this, so that isnt, the beauty of this yeah. Please so this that, if you look at this uh instrument right so even for emote added basic version, also, you are powered in the same digital instrument cluster right now.

This electric cycle is costing around 80 000 rupees. Right again, you are providing the basic one correct, but some customers may expect something like range predictor, absolutely, sir. The fourth coming we are coming up with, like a doodle place, probably another six months, im asking this side. Yes, so this has been invented by the company, and this is like in the basic they have been given so youre asking for, like a digital part right. No, no for the pricing of 80 000 rupees, okay, the customer will feel somewhat okay as a part of their uh expectations. Correct. Do you think the basic uh digital meter is enough for them more than enough, because what you required in the digital meter, you tell me definitely if, for example, someone is spending 80 000 rupees, they will look for a range prediction. What exactly? What is that, i need to say, look at the odometer range, the five points all right now the price started increasing up to 80 000 rupees correct any indicator. Point like how much ranges are required. For example, 50 kilometers is still left there. You said 45 kilometers of range 50, kilometers, yeah, 50 kilometers of rain. They need to depend on these five battery bars, isnt it correct. So that part that part you can give it in a digital numbers: right: okay, okay, so youre asking for that digital number, certain theres, nothing, nothing great in the getting the digital numbers.

What we believed in and see whenever the battery is getting pain ill. Just you know there is a reason behind this. There is like a one, two, three, four five batteries at the same time. In this also we have five batteries, so whichever is getting the drain so automatically it will be decreases okay. So that is the reason we have been insecure. These are quite accurate. They can rely on absolutely okay and one more point: is you providing 10 amps 10 each lithium ion battery, which is detachable battery, for in case the customer want to upgrade that the battery? Is there any option? No, you cant upgrade the battery okay, but they can buy a spare battery spare battery. They can purchase okay. What is the cost of the battery? It will be approximately in between nine to ten thousand rupees. Okay. So, overall, how many years of variant you are providing on this electric cycle electrical? We are giving one year warranty on the body. We are giving the warranty of a lifetime warranty this one and drum, and everything is in one year so battery also one year one year: okay, what about after one year? They need to send the battery back. If, in case of any issues in the cells, will you going to do service for that? No battery cannot be get service done. The customer have to buy the new battery after one year after if battery will goes, the battery life of the battery is 35 000 plus kilometers okay.

So the life of the battery is 35 000 plus kilometers after that, but it cant be repairable if in case anything afterwards, fine and uh. Finally, if someone uh booked this electric cycle, how many days does it take to deliver? As of now, it is taking against seven working days to deliver once the franchise stores open here. So that is immediately. Delivery will happen. Okay, so thats the complete details about upcoming electricity, which is already launched in the market, emote, radio, doodle electric cycle and the price of this electric cycle is 80 000 rupees, where you can get up to 50 kilometers of range in a single stretch. That is a completely throttle mode, thats what he is assuring and also if you go with the pedaling mode, it will give additional 20 kilometers or 70 kilometers of range. And finally, the warranty on the battery pack is one year for general information about electric vehicles. Please please to follow our facebook page website and telegram group and subscribe to electric vehicle channel.