This is the hyundai corner. Now i have a bit of a soft spot for this because its the first car i ever reviewed on the channel full electric anywhere back in 2018 and the reason ive got it back isnt because its done a little bit of a refresh its you know its Had a few technical upgrades over the last few years, its because back then there wasnt a lot of competition that could really compete with this and its siblings, which ill mention later on in the video. So it pretty much wiped the floor again from a technical point of view with other stuff out there. Tesla aside now, however, its very different theres a huge choice on the market, and i think this is going to have a much tougher time. So how does it hold up a few years later, compared to all the other evs weve got to play around with, as usual lets have a look around the outside the inside and then take it on the road. Unfortunately, no harry on this video hes having a dirty weekend away. So its just me, but in terms of the corner, its a ticket ill leave it car. For me, i dont mind its looks its not offensive its, not brilliant. It is a bit higgledy pigglety from the front. For me, i mean youve got these kind of light clusters here. The indicators youve got the lights down there as well theres a few little nice touches, but its not exactly a standout good.

Looking car for me personally and then, of course, youve got this front valance at the bottom, in the chunky, black plastic, of which im. Never a really big fan of the charge. Point is here which im going to have to get the keys out of my pocket to show you there we go front some other side, some at the back im, not sure where the best place for a charge point is on an ev. To be honest, ccs of course, ill give you the specs later on in the video i wouldnt mind it on my driveway. I dont think theres any issues there, but i dont think i would ever kind of lock the car walk away and then turn around and give it a second glance and think thats. A good looking car youve got creases here. Creases there theyre black plastic more lines going all over the place, no more creases, this little kind of black plastic bit breaking it up, so its theres a lot going on theres a lot going on again its a ticket ill leave it sort of designed. For me, its the car that drives down the road and no one really pays attention to it. Some people like that some people want something unique. Some people just want a car and cant care, less rear entry, very good ill, come back to that later on um, but yeah overall, its its a compact suv and it looks like it its got the usual proportions of the suv.

From this side, youve got a little bit of a spoiler there. The typical sort of fairly steeply raked windscreen, but again its very busy youve, got lots of light clusters. Youve got these youve got. These youve got the badge on the number plate and all these creases going on the other badge, another badge, another badge and then of course, youve got this rear valance at the bottom. There plastic not a fan again and so theres a lot going on and for me, its a bit too busy again, not ugly, but not good. Looking at the same time now, the boot, of course, lets see how big that is. If i just unlock the car easy to open, i want to damage it there. We go uh right now. This is a little bit of a i cant talk today. This is a little bit of an achilles heel when it comes to the corner, its not bad size. I mean to put into comparison its about 40 liters, smaller than a volkswagen golf spoon, but compared to some of its competition in this sort of suv sector. It is a bit smaller, theres, nothing underneath there other than plastic, and i guess you could get your cables out of the way but other than that itll do. But i probably want it to be a little bit bigger if i have young children and all the paraphernalia that goes with them, its quite a long boot, but its not very tall.

So when you start to put anything with a bit of height in it, it can cause a few issues. It would be nice to be just a little little bit bigger. I think overall, though again not my favorite rear end, but ive seen worse. Okay, now on the inside standard steering wheel, nothing amazing, nothing wrong with that. Nice solid button feel a few little nice touches. Yeah thats, okay around here id say hardware in plastic, but i think it can get away with it. Thats soft, solid buttons, easy to use. Okay kind of again cheap plastic around there and there and there decent darbing, but not massive um, so yeah, not too bad, but ive seen better. That feels really nice, nice and solid good build quality hardware. In there same there, this ones got a hood but of course its a high spec car yeah, so the materials arent brilliant ive, seen better if im honest, but the build quality is superb. Now let me turn the car on and do that by pressing this button. There and you get of course, the usual bongs, its a nice and clear display, im glad it says the speed there because im never a fan of these analog digital sort of speedometers. It doesnt really make sense to me, but they are easy to see and if you press a few of these buttons on there, you can change what comes up on the display im not going to go through it all will be here forever.

So its easy to to read theres no real issues there, nothing exciting, but nothing boring either. This screen here is easy to see. The mapping system is reasonably quick, again kind of in the middle ground. I, like the fact weve got actual buttons, so its not all touch screen thats good. I always think the basic functions of car should be physical, so youve got all the climate control buttons down here and your temperature controls and again it feels nice and solid uh. This is just where your phone goes so youve got some charging down there. Youve got usb ports under wireless as well. That can be closed off so its nice and out of the way, if youre ever leaving any valuables in the car, thats good, neutral park driving. Reverse so theres no lever on this one gear stick, if you will its all done by buttons and its all quite easy to operate, i think i think most people will get along with that and thats the electronic handbrake. You got a couple of cup holders, although if i grab my bottle, it doesnt quite fit in that one. But if i move the key out of the way, it certainly fits in that one more buttons along here for heated seats and steering wheel and various other things, which of course not every car will come with now under here, youve got a lot of storage. I mean thats a lot of space there, as well as a 12 volt um socket for whatever you need.

The only trouble is you cant really get to it. If you pull the seat forward, this seat is as far back as it goes. So i could do the filming so once its further up here, you cant really get to it very easily. So theres a bit of a design flaw there back here. Youve got more storage that feels a little bit flimsy, but it i guess its itll do and thats quite deep storage, again thats the handbag, as i call it thats, where you just dump all your stuff, where youll never find it again seats again comfortable. As usual. You dont really get bad seats on modern cars. These days, um ive had no trouble driving around this all week and the glove box, its full length, which is good. You dont have any of that half kind of size, glove box, that a lot of the european manufacturers are doing so see. It is possible now lets jump in the back and see how much space there is for the little kiddies. As always, the seat at the front is in the place of a very tall driver over six foot and just close that i just have enough space to. I could survive a short trip. Lets say that the kids will be okay and, of course, if you havent got a tall driver in front of you, youll be all right as well theres, excellent visibility. I do feel like im in a quite an open cabin.

No usb ports or anything back here for some reason, which is a bit strange. You do have some cargo net storage right lets see what this thing is like on the road now – and one thing i picked up on three years ago, was the fact it had too much power for its own good. I put that down to the tires it had on at the time and it was wet like today, but even when youre doing 35 miles per hour like him now it just spun the tires up so lets see if thats the case now im in normal mud. Not sports a little bit its almost like a hot hatch. I mean hes not got the handling of a hot hatch, but it is good fun. Oh weve got to try this in sports mode now uh here we go and it does look cool when it goes into sports mode. I mean youre not going to be lacking for overtaking ability. Put it that way. It is a bit wall away again. That should be expected, given the fact, its quite a tall suv type vehicle im, not expecting hot hatch handling at all. But when you do have this level of power, i would like it to bring the rest of the components in line. Oh there, he goes now. This car comes in two battery sizes, a ‘ and a 64 kilowatt hour battery, and for me thats the plum one thats, the one.

I would go for its pretty much the only car where you get the range the manufacturers state. You will get 250 miles on the motorway run in the real world. You will get 300 in nice weather, doing kind of urban driving even in winter, on a motorway journey youre, probably still looking at about 220 is 230.. Its way more efficient than it should be. Just like its siblings, the enero and the kia soul, its astonishing, i dont, know how it does it. I genuinely dont know how it does. It can charge this up on the bigger battery version up to 100 kilowatts, if you can find a charger of course that matches that which is getting easier and easier, but for now youre, probably looking at a 50 at most places, i have to say the tyre Noise is a little intrusive im having to speak up a bit more than in other evs now this does start at just under 28 grand for the smaller battery version and for the cheapest biggest battery version youre. Looking at 32 and a half ish again, i think thats well worth that extra, because once you start speccing it you know, for example, if you go for the top range, you go above, the 35 000 pound uk grant limit, and then it costs you a lot More than that extra spec kind of gives you now, it does have some brilliant features which all evs should have for me.

Flappy paddles and you might think thats a bit strange on what is enough: an electric vehicle with no gears, but what it means is that i can adjust the level of regeneration just by doing this. So now, theres, no regen, but im going down a steep hill. So i want more regen, so i can use that to maintain my speed rather than use the brake pedal that increases efficiency and if i hold that down, it slows me down to a stop just using regen, which is a brilliant idea. Its kind of one pedal driving, but you still have control with your hand its just easier. I prefer control. I think the wheels are connected to the steering wheel. You know it kind of goes to the right when i push it to the right, but yeah its its definitely designed for urban driving for turning around on your street and parking and things its uh, its not a drivers car but again, im not expecting that so Thats not a negative, its just a fact so so far, weve got a car thats, not quite for families, but okay. Youve got incredible range, decent value compared to other evs that do this sort of range. I mean to put into comparison its 10 000 pounds cheaper in this battery size than my tesla model 3, and well do about 40 50 miles more than that and im not comparing the cars. So dont panic test their owners im just saying in terms of range.

Its decent value and compared to its competitors its also very much up there still even a few years after it came out, i mean lets look at whats out. There youve got in the stalantis group the e 2008, the citroen ec4, the vauxhall mocha, all sort of that kind of crossover, suv sort of ev. It does hugely more in terms of its range. Even the small battery version goes further and i think i would absolutely go for this over then. Certainly if you can go for the 64., what else have we got the nissan leaf? Well in its uh 62 kilowatt version. This, as i said in the previous video, completely wipes the floor with the nissan leaf. Its not even close youve got things like the skoda enyak and the id4 theyre much bigger cars. So if you need that space, then this is it simply isnt an option, but if this is big enough for you, then again the range of this outpaces them significantly and the builds about the same theyre, very good cars. But i would still probably stick with this. The id3 much bigger inside much more practical, the interior is probably similar in terms of materials used at the higher end. I would go for this over the id3, because the range is just significantly more and it does make a difference it does and of course there is one other thing: this comes with a five year. Unlimited mileage warranty on the car eight years, one hundred thousand on the battery the id3 comes with an eight years, warranty 100 000 miles on the battery, so thats the same, but the car only comes with a three year: 60, 000 mile warranty.

This is a five year unlimited mileage warranty, so does that mean that volkswagen arent, confident in their warranty and their build, or that these are just really confident i dont know, but that alone getting an extra two years. Warranty and mileage is irrelevant. That might swing it. For me, so the car itself is all right, but as an electric car, its superb so theres, nothing really else out there that can touch it or is there you see? This does have one issue when it comes to other cars and its all about its own family. You see, as ive mentioned before this shares its underpinnings, its battery its drivetrain, its pretty much everything with the kia inero and the kia soul. The enaro give, or take five ten miles just the same range as this. Its the same performance, same sort of handling, the interior, i would say, is a bit better in the inero. However, the rear bench has a lot more room and the boot is significantly bigger. Its about a third bigger than this 451 litres, as opposed to 330 odd in this, so as a family car, if youre looking for that, you would choose the inero clearly, because its much bigger, much bigger rear bench and everything else is pretty much the same from A technical uh standpoint anyway, and then you think well, i dont need a family car were just two of us. We dont need that extra boot space.

This is fine all right, then, so you dont need the inaudible space. The kia soul is about the same size as this, maybe a little bit bigger in length the boot similar again, but that is, i think, much better. Looking its got an incredible sound system, a much nicer interior, its a bit bonkers, its got a bit of a personality to it and its far less common on the road, so it feels a little bit more unique its a better lifestyle choice than this is this Is like an ordinary car thats a little bit out there, so if theres two here id go for the soul, if theres a family, i would go for the nero. So, where does that leave this its better than everything else, apart from its cousins, effectively brothers and sisters? Now, please dont think if you own a corner, ive just said: youve bought the wrong car. Quite a lot of people will drive the e nail or theyll drive the sole drive this and go. I dont know i just feel like. I prefer this doesnt matter it doesnt matter. Why does it if you prefer this after driving it, then you get it, and if you do, you will be delighted with this: its a brilliant, brilliant electric vehicle, its not without its flaws, but thats the same with any car. I think ive just figured out what this car is, its phil neville. You see if you look at phil neville, if you were phil nevilles parents, you would be immensely proud at the fact that your son or daughter, you know whoever you are.

You would be so proud that theyve played for arguably at the time, especially the biggest club in the world manchester united. They then went on to captain another premiership team. Everton theyve played for their country its an astonishing feat when you think about an average footballer, but the problem is theres. Also gary neville he played for manchester united for longer and won more things he played for his country for longer and neither of them won anything. But you get my point: he has overshadowed an astonishing kind of career just because theyre brothers, and because the inero and the soul, our brothers or sisters, if you will of this theyre, overshadowing what is an immensely impressive machine so effectively im driving around in phil neville. Not the best analogy, i admit, but you get my point something that should be up. There is second best, at least in my opinion again, if you prefer this because of its looks or whatever thats fine. Well, he just dont put it down. I did not put my foot to the floor, then right so ultimately, a car not without its flaws, a car with impressive brothers and sisters, but one that should absolutely 100 go on your test. Drive list uh right, thats it thank you for watching. As always, please do subscribe if you want more members only videos and to get videos like this earlier, then click the join button. Next, to subscribe, its only 99p, you can pay more if you think its worth more, so you pay whatever you think its worth, but for 99p there are members, only videos and ultimately just helping the channel out, which i fully appreciate.

So thank you for all that.