My name is derek reilly. Today were looking at the ford mustang mackie lets get straight into it, starting at the front. Youll know this is the regular mackie, or so it comes in a couple of different variations. Standard range, rear, wheel, drive and then all wheel, drive and then extended range, rear, wheel, drive and all wheel drive and then theres the gt version and ive already done the gt. I was at the european launch in croatia a couple of weeks ago, ill. Stick the link up on the screen and in the description and youll, know the difference between the gt and the regular version because of the front grill area is blocked off on the gt version, but on the all, the other versions, standard and extended rear wheel and All wheel drive its just the same body color on it, starting to tap all the way down up the top of the windscreen. You have your ford badge theres only two fords on the one in the car and one in the key. Everything else is all mustang. Some lovely curves on this bonnet. This has a franklin underneath ill show you afterwards, depending on the version, so the standard range has regular, led lights and then the all wheel, drive or sorry the extended range has the adaptive led matrix lights, but lots going on here. Some people dont like this some people, think it looks like a bit of a mustache on the without the black insert on it.

The gt version also has a different um splitter at the front as well, but i really like the designs of it. Um moving down along the side, then you have a choice of 18 or 19s and then on the gt of a 20 inch wheel. You have, depending on the trim, if its body colored wheel, arch or not. This is where your chargers are its 11 kilowatt on ac and then on dc. If its a standard range, its 115 kilowatt, if its dc its up to 150 kilowatt, the differentiator along the side, is the youll get the machi and then, if it is extended range, it has the x and if its all wheel drive, it has the four for Four wheel drive as well. Has this large black glass area down along the side again, depending on the version youll dictate whether you have the glass black retractable um. This is a first edition, so its kind of a mix and match, but normally the extended range um. All will accelerate the larger battery will have the the black glass also on the extended range youll have the standard technology back is what theyre calling it its the panoramic sunroof and bits and pieces out. You can inspect that with the smaller battery doors wise. You have a little button on the front doors and theres a little handle that pops it open. So you can, when you press it, it opens it up and theres a little bar on the inside that stops it coming out and on the rear.

Theres. No little handle you just press it open and theres kind of like a rubberized bit in underneath otherwise, with the suv roof line. You also have the fact that theyve color coded it and two toned it. So it looks a lot more sleek than it actually is because the glass black, the top of it youve, got your shark fin aerial large spoiler at the back as well, so thats pretty much everything down along the side and at the front lets spin it around And have a look at the rear before we have a look at the rear. Well, have a look at that front, storage area or flunk or flush theres a lever on the inside passenger foot. Well, you need to pull it twice. Catches some people out underneath the bonnet. Then you have 81 liters. It is divided out im, not sure what the story is there. Maybe people were thinking about putting other people in there if there is a drainage hole. If you wanted to have ice and beers and theres also a glow in the dark button, if somebody does get trapped in here to pop it open another area on the side of the mustang mackie on the drivers door, you have led little combination light. So if you wanted to leave your key inside and not use it, it will um, you will be able to activate it. So when im standing beside it thats, you can see it there and so youve got the handle there there as well, but yeah.

If you wanted to use the combination on the drivers door, you can do that as well round at the rear is where youll really see the mustang influences with the mustang lights, you can see that large spoiler with the high level brake light window wiper, which im A big fan of, as you know, and with the tailgate, its a power tailgate, you can use the key fob, itll open it up inside then youve got your flexible cover that you can take down and put in underneath it has two levels. You can use the floor uh the floor moves out and you can store your cables in underneath or at the front. Youve got some side pockets areas. Youve got the isofix fixings on the 60 40 seat in front youve got your 12 volt youve got your hooks and youve got your lights there as well. Some tie off points its actually not the biggest boost its about 420 liters, where you compared to some of the other ones which are in the 500s its because of that looping, sloping roofline, but overall, its a decent rear end. A lot of people like a lot of people comment on the lights. Youve got that large mustang sign and then on the gt, its a gt badge rather than the mustang, and will signify whether youre using the all wheel, drive as well and a lot of glass. Black, with your 360 degree, cameras and your parking sensors there, as well, probably one of my favorite sides of the car whats it like on the inside inside of the mustang mac so on the door handle itself or the door very substantial.

As wed expect. You have your lock and pre lock and youve got three set memory with this technology pack, youve got a large b and o speaker system in the door, and then youve got some decent enough door bin, depending on the spec, well dictate what the he says on The sill this has first edition and the door handle releases like a little lever. You have all your electronics, your retractable wing mirrors your front and rear electric windows adjustments and you can lock if you want as well good pud. Decent steering wheel, is good. On the left hand, side youve got your driver, assist like adaptive, cruise control, lane keep etc. With your mustang badge and then on the right hand, side youve got your audio volume track voice assistant behind that, then youve got a little infrared system to keep an eye on the driver, left hand, side stalks are indicators and um lights right hand. Side. Is your wipers in front of my right knee it is lights um and then it is also the de mister for the windscreen, which is an unusual place watch as well as a physical button. If, if the screen doesnt work behind that, then youve got a 10 and a quarter inch screen on the left hand side. It has your range, then it has any all of the um, whether youre using adaptive cruise control and your sensors with regards to lane keep and on the right hand, side.

Youve got your kilometers per hour. It also says miles per hour, so it kind of inverts. It, depending on what market youre in you can see whether youre in park, reverse neutral, drive or l, and then it has your um mileage, etc. As your temperature on the screen as well and your automatic no heads up display, the dashboard is very similar to im told a regular mustang with those two binical covers uh john, you know you are, he calls it cleavage um and it has that speaker up in The middle as well on this technology pack, you have the bno soundbar built into it. Youve got some carbon e fiber effect. Youve got some red stitching. Youve got a decent glove box. Wireless charging pad with usb a and usb to a type c. Two drinks holders kind of um ish floating, because underneath that wireless charging pad you have another storage area, this is kind of probably my one of my least favorite parts of it. This drive selector because the park is on the left, sometimes its difficult to get it into reverse. If youre doing three point turns, etc. Youve got your handbrake and youve got your hazard lights and your um auto hold in underneath here then as well. You have a cover and you also have storage area with a usb uh. 12 volt. Sorry, not usb seats are nice on this. It is the bolstered seats, not as nice as the gt seats that i recently reviewed, but decent seats as well, and they are heated, heated steering wheel on the main area that youre looking at very similar to tesla model s.

You have your vertical 15 inch portrait style screen its very big. Is it too big? Potentially youve got your home option at the top and youve got your typical phone. Radio navigation has a tire pressure, etc, and then it has wireless, oh android, auto and apple carplay, and then within at the bottom. Then you always have your climate control and along the bottom, its heated seats, etc. Then youve got your dual zone um and then you can press the little car icon on the top right and you get your settings so that could be drive mode and well talk about that. When were out for driving, weve got 360 camera weve got and weve got parking assistance, driver assistance, valet mode, etc. So well, talk about that when were out driving starts out. Button is above my left, knee comfortable well built cant knock the build quality. I like the seating position, because it is more of an suv than some of the ones ive driven recently like the ionic, 5 and ev6, where, for my height, which is six foot, two 187 centimeters, i feel, is just just shape wise, its just a small bit Too low and now that ive reviewed 50 or 60 evs im getting a feeling as to what i like personally up on top here, youve got your head unit with your sunglass holders. Youve got your lights. Youve got your ambient light. Your sos button youve got your two visors with vanity mirrors with lights.

The panoramic sunroof does not open. That seat is set for me: im 187 centimeters, nearly 178 100, nearly 1.9 meters, six foot, two and lots of space and thats what you get when you get that dedicated ev platform theres about 20 or 30 millimeters youve got your um magazine holder in the back Of the seats in here youve got your vents. Youve got your usb type, a and type c really nice seats. Would you fit three adults in it? Yes, because it is single floor and even in the center seat, it has a bit of headroom in it. Another ford badge there actually on the glass um, but otherwise two usb uh, two ice office. You also have your holder, a cup holder and armrest. Three head rests, the panel sunroof is lovely and youve got the panoramic. Sunroof comes back so that you have that extra headspace, so youre not again, like those smaller electric crossover suvs, you felt yet youre a small bit tight in the back um little lights here, led lights. You have your sound system built into the door. Again, your electric wing mirrors and the door lever as well good, big substantial door as well great space here in the back. Can it be nice if i had tries on but space wise, really really good? Take it out for a spin before i take off for a drive, went through some of the specs and some of the choices that are available in ireland.

You have rear wheel, drive, standard range and rear wheel, drive extended range, then you also have all wheel, drive, standard range and all wheel drive extended range and then the gt version ive done a separate video on the gt version. Prices are starting at 53, 100 for the rear, wheel, drive standard range and then, depending on whether you want a bigger battery, all wheel, drive or the gt. That goes all the way up to 82 100., so theres 30 000 euros in the difference. The one that i have here today is the first edition, and it is a bit of an amalgamation of a couple of things. So the lucid red color comes in eight colors and you saw on my gt version. I had the um cyber orange, which i really liked and then theres a grabber blue, which i really like as well, but this red looks well in it today um. So this first edition with all the bits and pieces that it has, is coming in at 76, 100, so its a lot of money and its very close to the gt version. So you, if youre up in that kind of price range, it probably will be going for the gt version, but some of the things were going to talk about on the uh on the drive in we will get through to with regards to whats it like to Drive and the features that are available so prices battery sizes, weve talked about the charging.

The battery options are 68 kilowatt hour, usable and 88 kilowatt are usable. Ford are doing some weird thing on their website. Whether i dont know what theyre talking about. I dont think we have any different battery sizes to anybody else, but the maybe in the uk market, but anywhere anywhere ive looked at it. It is usable 68 and 88 on the ford website. It has 70 and 91. I dont know im going to stick with 68 and 88 um wltp for the smaller batteries coming in its saying at 440, but ev database is saying 345 and this one, which is the larger battery its saying wltp of 610 cloud cuckoo land um real world at The mid 400s between motorway driving, different temperatures, etc, uh zero to one hundreds, can go from uh seven seconds all the way down to four point: four going for a drive – and i talked about this when i was sitting inside in the cabin that its not my Favorite mode selector gear selector, whatever you want to call it, it just feels a small, i dont know it could have been a nice little lever, etc. I dont know it just. I think they might have missed a trick there and its just sitting on its own. On this little leather island, but i do like the fact that you swing it all the way right, no matter what youre doing it definitely goes into drive its that reverse perk id prefer if the reverse was all left and then the park was in the middle, But they have this l um mode in the middle.

The um take up our spin anyway lets see what weve got this uh. The gt version has the magneride suspension. It is a firmer suspension. Definitely on this. So with the modes you have a couple of different drive modes youve got active, which is your standard. Then youve got whisper, which is a bit more um, its obviously a quieter mode, and then you have um untamed and in the u.s, if youre watching from the u.s. If my u.s viewers youve got unbridled with the gt version, then youve got untamed or unbridled um extended, which just splits the torque, and i talk about that in the other video, but its not its only on the gt version. And then you also have one pedal: drive im a huge fan of one pedal driving. So thank you for putting that in, but there is no different stage regen um, which i do like for motorway, so whether youd have to go in and turn that off. If you wanted to be able to take on uh more or to utilize your battery or your energy, when youre freewheeling im not its an interesting one, i prefer to have that the paddle option, steering wheel is lovely, seating position is lovely. The height is great um. Overall, i really like the ford mustang, i cant say ford, its a mustang lucky its not a ford and the reason that theyre calling it the most of my key because its obviously their premium brand um.

And if you said to somebody that youre going to buy an electric ford for the gt version, 80 odd thousand euros, theyll be looking at you like, you need to get your head checked, whereas the mustang is a nice brand and i think theyve done a good Job here, um theres, that firmer suspension yeah, i love the 10 and a bit inch driver display, i think, thats, really smart and, as i said, i love the steering wheel. The seats are nice. There are nicer seats in the gt, but these are good. The firm, the fit and finish of the materials excellent. I love looking out on the bonnet, and i said it in the gt video as well um with regards to the shape that they have theyre very curvaceous, Music yeah its nice. I, like it, probably a bit on the pricey side but yeah ford if they bring out if they, if they bring out an electric focus or cougar fully electric if they use the same technology that theyve used here, yeah theyre on to a winner. I love the propulsion sound, so you can turn that on or off as well. So, depending on whether you have i put it into untamed there Music. Hopefully you can hear um yeah. I like that propulsion, sound, otherwise, 360 cameras, theres assisted parking. There is valet mode. The menu option is actually decent. I think that screen is probably a bit too big. It doesnt need to be that big if they rotated a portrait like tesla, have done on their model s and made it a 13 inch screen its plenty um, because it is a big slab of tech thats sitting in there in the middle, the uh, the rotary Knob thats, in the middle with regards to volume, you have it on the steering wheel anyway, but yeah its a nice touch, its stuck onto the screen and then the bottom section of the screen, like the bottom fifth or sixth of the screen, is all climate.

The dual zone, with the uh, the coffee cup holder, the bottle holder, whatever theyve in the bottom of it, its the stickiest substance in the world. So if you want to open a bottle its nearly as good as the skoda, the little the way theyve set up in the enyak, but that more so works with water bottles that have the little feet in it. Whereas this one, you can open and close a bottle and it just wont let anything move its some kind of a rubberized finish its good. I, like it yeah. If you buy it, you wont be disappointed. I suppose the point is with everything else in the market. Does it take enough boxes for you for me as a taller person, i love the seating position more so than the key ev6. Its got a rear wiper, which is better than the kiwi v6, which doesnt have a rear. Wiper has the pano sunroof, but it doesnt open, has wireless um, android, auto and car apple carplay, so theres a lot of things that i like about the the mustang my key. What dont i like about it indicators are too loud, too quiet. Small thing. Price is probably a bit too expensive, which is a big thing, but yeah, you wont be, there wont, be a lot of them on the road, and so, if you want something different its definitely here, let me know in the comments if the mustang mackie is for You, if its something that youre interested in, have you ordered one? Do you have one already because its been out in the uk for a while its just launched in the irish market? What are your likes? What are your dislikes, hopefully youve enjoyed todays review.