I mean mazdas intention with their all new first fully electric 2022 mx30. Well theyre good theyre doing this for the right reasons. Theyre also taking advantage of the fact that theyre using this to reintroduce some very specific to mazda thinks you know that enthusiasts and just car lovers, as as a general rule, enjoy about nasdaq products. But the thing is that there are two very specific problems. One is is really really obvious and theres a very closely related one. So two major issues and flaws – i guess, is the right word. I dont want to use them. I dont know why im trying so hard to be nice to this vehicle. Typically, i enjoy putting them down, but look well ill. Tell you right. There are two things about the mx30 that i really like. One ill just show you right now: mazda has reintroduced the rear suicide doors that were well first seen on the rx8, which everybody remembers and most people love. So you know you can pull up beside some guy or girl and with their rules where hes, calling and say hey, ive got rear suicide doors too right so, and the other thing is that mazda, very discreetly very recently announced that they are bringing back the rotary Engine as a range extender for next years, plug in hybrid version of the mx30, so its i dont know it just im pumped about this vehicle but theyre, you know there. I see it the two issues.

The first is obviously its range. I mean mazda wants to show the world that they are working on electrifying the present and the future as part of their lineup as most automakers. Not all of them have done or are doing, but the thing is that, with 100 miles or 161 kilometers of estimated range you cant boast about that theres, no theres! No, especially in north america, there isnt a scenario where that is good. It might be enough for everyones typical commute, but ranging range anxiety is still a real thing and to say, you have 100 miles of range, its just its not going to fly, and the other thing too, is probably right around the time when mazda, usa and mazda Canada were working out how to price the mx 30. Well, nissan said: hey, you know what were going to do with the leaf were going to drop the price so starting price of 42 000, its about 5 000, more than a base leaf with the 40 kilowatt hour battery, which has more range more power, or just A little bit more power, i mean those are the two issues: the pricing and the range, but im still really enjoying this vehicle. To summarize all of that, the mx30 is about five years too late, but its here. So that means were going to do the walk around point out a few other things that are interesting and unique novel to the mx30 and then theyll take it for a little drive.

So as far as styling is concerned, i mean theres no mistaking the mx 30 for anything else than a mazda. Just based on looks alone, i mean no other automaker is actually going to carve out a grill from a bumper and a hood and make it fit. The way mazda has made it fit on the mx30 and the proportions are very unique and special as well. I mean this is a true definition of a crossover and theres still a lot of ev buyers out there that want something, unique, special and different. Certainly, the mx30 is exactly that. A cool detail are the tail lights. They very much remind me of type of tail lights. You would see on a 50 mm 50s american car when turbines and jet engines and all that were all the rage now lets talk about pricing and the u.s base price for the base. Mx 30 33 470 dollars the premium plus is thirty. Six thousand four hundred eighty dollars: now, unless you live in california, you cant get an mx30 in canada. The scenario is a little bit the same. You know i touched on forty two thousand dollars for the uh mx 30 starting price. 42. 150. Is the exact base price for the gs which this model happens to be very, very happy about that? Now for that price, you do get these 18 inch wheels. You get an 8.8 inch display on top 7 inch display on the bottom apple carplay, android, auto, led lights, heads up, display, navigation series, satellite radio, heated steering wheel and so on and so forth, so its very, very well equipped.

The gt is thousand one hundred fifty dollars and adds a leatherette to moonroof, bose, audio power driver seat and a few other things my opinion. The gs has absolutely everything anyone could possibly really want in an ev. I feel bad, but because i have to 2022 leaf sv with the 40 kilowatt hour. Battery 250 240 kilometers of range is thousand four hundred ninety eight dollars and the s plus, with the 62 kilowatt hour battery and 363 kilometers of range. Forty thousand ninety eight dollars. So two thousand fifty two dollars if my math aint so too bad less expensive than this. Obviously, everyone is eligible for all federal and provincial incentives. Speaking of provincial, this car is only available in quebec and the bc all right so lets complete. The tour um ive been unable to find official boot space or boot volume numbers, but what i did manage to find focus 325 to 350 liters back here, ive seen as high as 500, but just based on what i can see 325 seems about right. There isnt exactly any storage under the floor, not exactly very wide but very usable and accessible, and that kind of reminds me of the back seat in many ways of the mx 30. By the way was that 88.5 degrees. As far as the opening is concerned, door handle for the rear, and here you get a shot of how easy it is to get in and out of this thing, especially in the front, you also get to see the cloth seats, but the back is whats more Important you do have to duck a little bit given how high the seat is off of the floor of the vehicle, but uh yeah.

So once you do that you climb a board and you quickly discover that its kind of snug in here this is the leg room based on my driving position. Another thing, too is my legs are well. I dont know if you can see that well enough, but its not exactly comfortable for long distances back here you can sit two across easily and uh, but visibility, not that great and the rear windows do not go down there. We go that went well, but yeah. The cloth seats, i love the material, its so nice, everything about the materials in here the cork, its so cool. I love that such a simple thing, but you dont, see it in cars ever look fit finish more materials. I dont know how to describe this. Its kind of like a cotton felt type of thing. It looks um like itll wear out fast, but it doesnt feel that bad, yes, im wearing gloves. I know, but i touch it without the clothes its just cold outside right now, but getting in and out of the front row is nice and easy start it up. Music! Yes, lets! Try it again! Okay, we got this okay, so here are your gauges. As you can see, uh the battery is nearly full uh no over here yep 94 and thats. When i left, i had 158 kilometers of range indicated so very straightforward, nothing ultra special or crazy. Here theres, the eight point inch disco display on top, which isnt touch sensitive.

You navigate it down here, um, but its fairly straightforward and very functional. This is your seven inch display over here with all the hvac controls. So you have your heated seats, heated steering wheel, its really straightforward thats. Really, the operative theme here for mazda is everything is very clean. Very simple, spartan, elegant premium and visibility happens to be really good. When you look over here um, the shifter is a little bit odd. I dont know why theres like an extra step but odd a lot of people say i have odds so that works out fine as storage, as i kind of showed you is actually pretty damn good theres. A big bin down here come on focus yeah right. There cover them up if youre not using them or make yourself an extra bin, its its its well thought out anyway, but uh. Now is the time for a drive all right so standard for all. Mazda mx30s is a 35.5 kilowatt hour battery um that can be charged if we go say from a 20 to an 80 state of charge on a level one charger at home, 120 volts and its about 14 hours. If you get a level two home charger youre. Looking at about three hours, which is really quick and if you go to a dc fast charger, 35 or 36 minutes to get your 20 to 80 state of charge thats, those speeds are mostly a result of the fact that its well, i think the smallest battery Currently available for a full ev in north america, which explains why uh you get 100 miles of range 161 kilometers of range, you know not not something.

I think i mentioned it, that you really want to boast about. Um and another thing i mean well before i go on uh, look every time that ive charged the highest indicated range was 158 kilometers, so which leads me to believe that at a hundred percent in normal driving conditions, i mean we had snow yesterday right now, driving Conditions are good, but its really cold outside might be able to squeeze out 185 kilometers of range ive, not driven any more than 80 kilometers in one sitting so far, and i still had over 40 kilometers of range left. Most of that 80 kilometers was done on the highway, so extrapolate, but i dont think youll get anywhere near 200 kilometers of range. Unless you do a lot of city driving. If you do do a lot of city and driving, you can adjust the regen braking, which is kind of a neat feature. I always like that. You can do that. There are four well. I guess that works out to five, because you can go down two for maximum engine re that went on because im still at over 90 88 state of charge, so regen breaking is limited. So you have like the strongest region breaking setting and then one up and then neutral and then full like coasting ability which im doing right now, which is well feels like its actually under throttle. So thats, a nice feature that you can play with that um.

But yeah so range whatever well power too. The other thing i mean im im very, very lucky to have driven nearly all currently available for sale, new evs in canada, and they all have one thing in common and thats that that is that they are snappy and fast and the mx 30 well its. Not that either i mean on the floor, yes, yeah and then, if you emerge on the highway and you keep your foot in it, it kind of drags its feet to get up to speed. I mean even compared to a leaf, but the 40 kilowatt hour battery, which only has a few extra horsepower than this uh by the way, 143 horsepower 200 pound feet of torque from the ac synchronous front, mounted electric motor the leaf feels snappier, and if you step Up to 62 kilowatt hour version, i mean youre looking at 240 horsepower and it feels like the rocket in comparison to this so youre not going to boast about range youre not going to boast about power, but you might boast about the drivability. I mean this thing. Is extremely refined, it feels like a mazda which is, which is an absolute compliment. I mean, despite the electric power steering, obviously i feel like theres, some kind of connection between me and the front wheels and theres a little bit of a lagginess. You know in the on center feel, and sometimes the assistance varies if youre doing you know like some switchbacks, but even so, i feel like theres natural resistance from the front wheels uh, which is a nice thing and the brakes feel great and the chassis, the suspension.

The way its tuned, its its really really nice, nothing its a rear torsion beam, but in a mazda that probably means more positive than anything else. Um ride quality is nice. It handles nice its. So you know the drive is great um, but the thing is and im really racking my brain and im gon na be absolutely honest with all four of you watching and im. This is like my third take and im trying to find a good reason that you want to get this. You know normally youd, say or id say. This is a great first tv, but its not really because its too expensive compared to the leaf uh, its id, say its a fabulous urban eevee because of its size and nimbleness. You know good driving characteristics, but its too expensive um. I mean i kind of mentioned that you know this this. This ev would have been great five years ago, but even five years ago, for about the same money, if not less than this, if im, i think first year for the e golf was 2017. or moments away from 22, so an eagle had more power, more range For less money it wouldnt fit. Even then, it truly really absolutely breaks my heart that i cant say that you have to go out and get an mx 30, because its its a revelation, in fact its not its it just got here, but its already behind its really sad, its quirky, its unique.

Its special, but it technology the reason why you buy it the range, the performance, its not up to snuff, that is at least until mazda, decides to drop the price of the gs by five more like six thousand dollars and thats it.