It seems that most brands adhere to the bigger, is better concept, but it looks like toyota wants to beat that trend with the all new c plus pod, one of the companys smallest cars. To date, the c plus pod is an ultra compact battery electric vehicle bev, aimed at boosting the popularity of the bev Music. The c plus pod is currently the most transportable and city friendly vehicle in toyotas, global lineup measuring just 2490 millimeters long 1290, millimeters wide and 1550 millimeters tall with a turning radius of 3.9 meters, modern user friendly and simply designed the c plus pod is unmistakably abev. But designed to retain many of the familiar hallmarks of a city car, the exterior panels are made of plastic to help keep weight down. The c plus pod is about half the weight of the eggo and can be specified in some contrasting color scheme, while the interior is predominantly black with white panel around the instrument, cluster Music, the interior measures 1 100 millimeters across and provides simple accommodation for two adults Sitting side by side, while this represents 200 millimeters, less wobble space than diego, the clean layout and flat powerless floor, create a sense of space that matches the vehicles, physical dimensions, all switches and drive controls are consolidated into the consoles center console Music powered by a 9.06 Kilowatt hours lithium ion battery located under the floor, the rigid yet lightweight bodywork provides an interior that is easily accessible without the need for a hatch to pass an electric motor with a magnet.

After powering the rear wheels rated power. 2.6, kilowatts up to 9.2 kilowatts provides fast, yet stable, steering performance with a range of up to 150 kilometers in top speed up to 60 kilometers, slash, hc, plus pod, designed for non indoor utility via standard wall. It is a full in the five time information through power – 200 volts, 16 afas, but the vehicle can also be used as a separate power source see below providing up to 1 500 watts to support devices during power cuts or natural disasters. Despite its small size. The c spot offers great convenience, especially for passengers corresponding to a city car the vehicle absorbs and disperses energy from all sides, as its outer body panels are designed to minimize pedestrian effects set to support safe driving. This thing includes standard and front safety systems that can identify vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists, plus intelligence sonars that link to the brakes to help reduce collisions with objects could not be yen when running low speed, Music, toyota c plus pod small electric car priced at 16, 000.