FIAT 500e Icon First Drive Review: FIAT's Most Important Car!

It will do around 199 miles of range according to wltp, i havent seen more than 164 just being honest, but this is also a nine second zero. 62 car, which will top out at 93 miles per hour so were gon na jump in the car, were gon na, go for a drive and […]

MG Marvel R Review | Recharging ⚡️

So is this car as good as a value as that set as ev hello, there monsters and men? Ladies and people mg is lucky that they are not sued by disney, because this is the mg marvel r and welcome to recharging Music. Only that name marvel r. I mean it, doesnt really fit. […]

టాటా నెక్సాన్ ఎలక్ట్రిక్ కారు కస్టమర్ రివ్యూ – సర్వీస్ బాలేదు | EV Telugu

You can see petrol prices at la haika air, so danter comparison, its completely uh, quite a contrast, opposite kind of thing. Yes, it comes around 220. 230., hardly 40 to 50 example. Name. Basically, i love to drive in sports mode youre gon na get sports mode booming, though the main reason i have […]

MG5 Long Range – Full In-depth Review

A lot of people have been looking for this, so lets get straight into it, exact same styling on the outside as the original one. To my knowledge um. This is based on in on the row e5, which is a combustion engine uh estate in china, and so the front of it. You dont […]

Best Electric Cars for 2022 | Top Rated EV Cars, SUVs, Trucks

According to audi audi positions, the q4 e tron, with the proportions of a small suv, the wheelbase of a midsize and the interior space of a bigger vehicle, the size of the q4 e tron, is around 108.7 inches. This vehicle is not as rapid as the audi q5 suvs gasoline engine. However, its […]

Volvo XC40 Recharge EV Review | Even More Greatness Than The ‘Normal’ One…And So Much Speed

It goes like this. Oh, this is awful theyve totally ruined it, not really it actually goes. Okay. This is basically the same, except quite a its a bit quicker its a bit more expensive to buy in a bit a lot cheaper to run tada volvo xc, 40, electric actually thats, not quite true, […]

DC Fast Charging Is Our Biggest Problem To Mass EV Adoption

What were doing in this video is, we are talking about dc, fast charging and just charging stations in general a little bit on the economics behind them, but i really want to open the door for conversation of charging electric vehicles. You know we review a lot of the cars here on this channel. […]

Our Test Drive: Kia EV6

A bit came to a set of traffic lights and it was red. So i stopped obviously but right in front of me – was a first generation kia seed sw and i can remember driving that seed sw the little estate version of the first generation seed when it was brand new and thinking […]

Skoda Enyaq IV | New Car Review | Cort Vehicle Contracts

The enyak iv uses volkswagen group ev technology to good effect based around the wolfsburg conglomerates, advanced meb, electrified platform. It sets new standards for the brand in terms of quality, but the old attributes of value and practicality remain. Take cost range and space into account, and this is a difficult package to better […]

Best 10 new EV cars coming in 2022

Unabated. There are cars on offer and an increasing number of SUVs and pickups., And there will be a wider range of plug in hybrid models that can run mostly on electricity for some time than the petrol engine starts and run the vehicle more like a traditional hybrid. Are you excited to find out […]