Nissan Designs EV Race Car Concept; Jeep Grand Wagoneer Review – Autoline Daily 3215

The show dedicated to enthusiasts of the global automotive industry. New car sales in the u.s market for november are in and were down sharply from a year ago, and even down from the month before wards intelligence reports, the tsar or annualized rate of sales came in at only 12.8 million vehicles. A year […]

NEW Mercedes-Benz EQB 2022 review: a 7-seater EV for less than £55,000!

Now the eqb is gon na go up against the likes of the audi q4 e tron, vw, id4 and tesla model y, all of which are currently available in five seater form. Only, although we do expect a seven seater model y in the near future. In the uk now does having a third […]

Ather 450x Electric EV Scooter – End User Real Review

So i want to do a first quick drive lets see. What do i feel and well be doing in depth? What do you say im going to ask him? Why did he offer this? What are the things that he liked and what are the issues that you face with electric evs in the […]

DriveElectric Hyundai IONIQ 5 electric car review

Just behind me so lets go and see what all the fuss has been about. Now. Hyundai are renowned for producing family sized high quality electric cars. So what makes the ioniq 5 any different? Well, its unique in appearance, uh, im, sure youll agree. It really does stand out from its rivals in the […]

Say Goodbye to Modern Electric Cars

Well, since fords jumped into the electric vehicle 4a, they have a radical idea, its not out there yet, but they want to make charging super fast and heres. What their plan is its not just making more charging stations but its making them faster. Ford researchers are working on, a charging system is intercooled, […]

2022 Toyota Bz4x Review | Electric Car Interior And Exterior Concept 2023

The toyota bz4x is toyotas latest electric vehicle that is supposed to be available in june of 2022.. Toyota bz4x is the first model of the new series of eevee ever made by toyota. It is the first car to be introduced under the merchandise of beyond zero introduced by toyota. It is also the […]

HOW MUCH does it cost to CHARGE an Electric Car?

Is it actually cheaper than running my petrol or diesel car lets find out now ive made my way to eden mazda in taunton today, because were starting to get more and more affordable electric cars in the uk, this mazda mx30, for example, as an sel. This comes with things like a rear camera […]

Kia e-Niro (Niro EV) 2021 review | Kona Electric rival tested in depth | Chasing Cars

This isnt the facelifted nero that were expecting to arrive in six to eight months, but you can tell its a 2022 model because its got this rather snazzy. Modern new kia badging and you can tell its the electric model because its got this plug in port at the front blanked off grille and […]

2022 Mazda MX-30 EV, Mazda's first electric car

Electric small suv check out its unique freestyle doors. Aka suicide doors find everything you need to know about. The latest 2022 mx 30 in this walk around review. Video mazdas. First, all electric vehicle is the mx 30 suv which sports a stylish, exterior and simplistic cabin, but fails to deliver adequate driving range. […]

How Electric Vehicles Works (EV | Future Tech | Cars | Technology)

There are various reasons people are investing in these vehicles as they create less pollution than the other petrol or t cell. These cars are environmentally friendly and are powered by fuel cells. In various cases, electric cars are manufactured by converting a gasoline powered car, so its impossible to tell from outside whether a […]