2022 Mazda Mx 30 – EV Review | Mazda Electric Car | Small SUV Interior and Exterior

It has been designed from the ground up to meet the needs of the evolving eevee customer. The goal with the mx30 was simple: delivered the design, craftsmanship and intuitive driving characteristics of the brand in an all new all electric vehicle. As with everything we build, the design mandate was to find the ideal […]

Toyota and Lexus revealed 15 NEW electric [email protected] Car Reviews-1

Music. Toyota, president takio toyota has unwrapped no less than 15 wildly diverse concepts for upcoming toyota and lexus electric cars, as he detailed plans for the two firms to launch a total of 30 battery ev by 2030. Music. The machines shown alongside toyotas first bespoke ev, the bz 4x, include a range of […]

Maruti launching 30 Electric Car Before 2030 – Toyota Electric Car- EV cars Update- Wheels on review

Applause, Music drive into the future, unleashing indias. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jCNRTqhKcGI

2022 Volvo XC40 Recharge EV / Quicker than a Tesla!?

Now, typically, all electric versions of gasoline powered cars dont fare too well in the real market, but i think the xc40 recharge should change that here and ill. Explain why? Music, if you havent done so already, please subscribe to the channel and hit the bell for notifications. That way, you get more high […]

EV Exhibition Hyderabad Telangana | Electric Vehicle Expo 2021|EV Road Show Necklace Road Telangana

So today we are here at electric vehicle exhibition happening at people plaza hyderabad telangana. Here multiple brand vehicles are available from ranging from bicycle bikes scooters. You name them they are available over here today. Well, go to every vehicle and well know about them and well check out the whole place well, take […]

2021 BYD e6 review – Electric MPV with a claimed 500km range | First Drive | Autocar India

What we have with us today is rather interesting. This is the all new byd e6 and it is indias first, electric mpv. Now we do love our mpvs weve, seen that with the nova weve seen that with the ertiga, so the idea of an empv is rather tempting. However, with the e6, there […]

MG ZS EV Update Review | The UK’s Best Value EV Just Got Even Better 💯⚡

What weve got here is a facelift of a car that was launched in 2018., so ill. Give you some links to that video. If you want a more detailed review, then this is going to be just of the update. Basically, all right lets crack off the main change with the 2021 mg. Zv […]

NEW Cupra Born vs VW ID.3 review – what's the best small electric car? | What Car?

But is it thats what were going to find out in this review, but before we start for a great deal on your next car, go to whatcar.com and make sure youre subscribed to our channel to see all of our other new car reviews lets start by reminding Ourselves what the id3s interior is […]

Cupra Born 2022 Review: Cupra's new EV is Born to be wild

If you will, if youre a bit of an enthusiast and you like a striking hot hatch style of car, having said that, the koopa is, of course, the sportier offshoot brand from seat and the bourne does have exactly the same batteries as the volkswagen id3 and it Doesnt get any more power either, […]

2022 Kia EV6 detailed walkaround review

And this is kias version of that. And it is a huge departure for kia from the rest of the kia range. Its called the ev6 pricing, for this is still yet to be confirmed for australia. But we do know that its going to arrive in early 2022 and today were checking out this […]