BC Hydro 100kW EV Fast Charger Review: How Good Is The Faster Option?

I just wanted to come down here to cloverdale in british columbia. Canada to check it out, so we plugged in were currently charging at 55. um battery temperature is not great because were only at 17 degrees, so here were only getting 50.9, so were losing. Oh now were going up a little bit, […]

Volkswagen ID.4: First Impressions from a Bolt EV Driver

My name is steve, and today the video will be looking at the volkswagen id4, which we spent some time with earlier this month on a business trip down to the tri state area, well be looking at the charging in cold weather, the road trip qualities of the Car and kind of first impressions […]

Kia EV6 Review – My favourite car of 2021 (GT Line S) TEST DRIVE

Overall, though, i love the styling, the interior, everything that this car has to offer. So the last box i need to take is that drive and thats what im going to do today. So if that sounds good, then please make sure you keep watching and lets find out if its still my favorite […]

BMW iX v Tesla Model X v Audi e-tron S v Mercedes EQC: DRAG RACE

Next, to that is an audi e tron s, and next to that is a mercedes eqc and were going to have an electric suv drag race. So let me compare these car statistics, so this bmw has 523 horsepower. The tesla has 541 horsepower. The audi has 503 horsepower and the mercedes has 408 […]

2022 Toyota bz4x new ultimate compact electric suv | Full Review, Exterior, Interior

Electric power is the future of the automotive world and, with ultra efficient, hybrid and plug in hybrid options like the 2021 toyota rav4 prime in its lineup, the toyota brand is set to deliver the latest entry in the toyota lineup. The 2023 toyota bz4 x is an all electric crossover that sets the […]

Pure EV ETrance Neo Ride Review in Telugu I Best Electric Scooter in Budget I Vaibhavs View

A scooter, 2.2 kilowatt brushless dc motor and 2.5 kilowatt hour portable battery on the riding, monitor, speed and range variable economy, model, 120, kilometers, more low top speed. 45 kilometers per hour other drive low range, 110 kilometers and top speed 55 kilometers per hour. Inca sport mode, low 90, kilometers range in east […]

MG ZS EV Long Range 2022 Refresh | Range Test | Review | Discussion

Zs ev long range 2022 edition again, but this time blake had it for a full week. He had it for a road test. He did a bit of a review, so lets get straight into the details. We got our hands on the mg zs ev, only a couple of weeks after the market […]

Shocking! Hyundai is not making its own batteries! Can it stay competive agains Tesla and VW?

7 million units of electric vehicles Annually by 2026 and the key to achieving this target was to develop technologies such as solid state batteries and hybrid lithium metal batteries to attain the elusive 500 miles or 800 kilometer range for its next generation evs, as well as expand its sales base. By introducing low […]

⚡2022 Volvo C40 EV Recharge Review !!

It ought not to be such a shock after all, but they are surely willfully losing a few sales by not simply transplanting the xc 40s many and varied engines, petrol, diesel, hybrid and electric into its morse felt sibling, not least because the numbers it launches with a Punchy for a relatively compact crossover, […]

BYD e6 best ev car full review tamil.20 lakhs.Range 520kms.Speed 130kmh.Great Features and specs.

Boot air conditioner heater adjustable steering automatic climate control, remote climate control, accessory power, outlet, trunk light, vanity, mirror rear. Reading lamp multi function, steering rear seat, adjustable headrest cup holder, front, rear, ac vents seat, lumber, support, rear parking sensor, bench, foldable, rear seat, smart access card entry, keyless entry engine start or stop […]