The byd han comes with a plug in hybrid phev and electric powertrain. The byd han ev has a range of up to 550, kilometers or 342 mm miles any dc and acceleration from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour 62 miles per hour in just 3.9 seconds. It has to be one of the best bev in latam and the caribbean, which doesnt have a competitive market like china, europe or the us. The han ev fits great design with great functionality. The high performance four wheel, drive version of the han ev is a new energy car mass produced with the fastest acceleration in china. In terms of safety. The ultra secure blade battery brought by han ev has passed the most extreme nail penetration test in the battery industry. In terms of vehicle intelligence, the han comes with the d link 3.0 network linked intelligent system and the d pilot intelligent driving assistance system and can be updated via over the air oda technology. As the flagship of the dynasty byd series, the han ev fits perfectly into chinese aesthetics and style. It adopts byds, ev dragon, face design language and inherits chinese culture into comprehensive vehicle design in its layout and interior details. Han ev has absorbed the concept of chinese aesthetics and the essence of classic luxury design, using nappa leather, real wood and aluminum, along with other sophisticated materials reflecting the pursuit of balance, nature and perfection Music.