I cover all the latest tech news surrounding electric cars. I cover the background, feel and drive the current selling price and the specs and engineering that go into making each car. If you have an electric car that youd like me to cover, let me know in the comments below in todays video im gon na be reviewing the 2022 kia niro ev ill, be covering the most important features to see whether it beats the competition with its respectable Range and affordable price, and one more thing before i start guess – who solved the mystery of the stolen electric vehicle, sherlock ohms. Okay, now back to the video the kia niro ev is a 100 electric crossover produced by korean automaker kia motors the year is 2022 and american highways are littered with unremarkable. Compact crossover suvs with the kia niro ev, serving as yet another electric variation amid a sea of galvanized high riders. It wont blow you away at first look, but, as you learn more about it, it begins to make sense. It has an electric motor that provides quick, acceleration, a well built cabin and a long list of standard equipment. Youll really like that driver assistance, features like lane, keep assist and adaptive cruise control. The nero ev competes against its hyundai kona, electric cousin and the worlds. Most famous electric vehicle tesla model y whats different, is the 2022 version. After introducing various comfort features last year, as well as standard android, auto and wireless apple carplay, the 2022 nero eb gets a new 10.

25 inch touchscreen with navigation, sirius, xm, satellite radio and a harman kardon audio system. Other minor modifications include the cars new corporate emblem, a standard, rear seat alert system and more driver support functions, including highway driving assistance, vehicle departure, alert and navigation based adaptive, cruise control, design and engineering. The external design of the nero ev is an innovative, in fact, its fairly bland. The one saving grace is the aggressive front end which utilizes the kia stingers beloved front, grille, projector, beam headlights, front fog, lights, led daytime running lights, rear privacy, glass, a rear, spoiler and 17 inch. Alloy wheels are featured on the exterior with led tail lights and a motorized sunroof. The x premium adds a touch of refinement because of its proportions. The kia niro eb is categorized as a sub compact crossover suv. It has a length of 172.2 inches, a width of 71.1 inches and a height of 61.8 inches. The crossover wheelbase is 106.3 inches long and it has 6.1 inches off ground clearance, so it shouldnt be taken off road. It has a curb weight of 3854 pounds without including any extras inferior to begin. The nero ev slightly raised right height and wide opening front doors must make getting in and out of breeze adults of average height should have no trouble fitting inside the tiny crossover the inside of the nero is tidy. Yet uncomplicated, with soft touch, plastics and glossy finishes the front seats, provide adequate side support, while the back seats are firm with time these may soften aside from that its a standard kia setup, all of the controls are where youd expect them to be.

Although the main panel might be a little too cluttered, the infotainment and cruise control settings are controlled via the three spoke steering wheel and the dashboard is dominated by a new 10.25 inch touchscreen display when it comes to purchasing a new suv. One of the most essential elements new buyers consider is the trunk and cargo room in terms of cargo capacity. The kia niro is about average for its class. With the back seats in the upright position, you get 18.5 cubic feet of cargo space, however, because to a tall rear tailgate, it appears bigger than it is theres enough room for a long excursion to the grocery store with chairs in place. When you fold the seats down, youll have a whopping 53 cubic feet of space. Thats 7.2 cubic feet more space than the hyundai kona electric offers. There are door side, bottle holders, a center, console storage, tray, a glove box and a small storage nook in front of the shift knob, all of which provide adequate storage. One of the primary reasons we like kia, so much is their generosity when it comes to standard feature requirements, both the ex and ex premium trims of the nero ev come with a long list of standard amenities, with the latter simply adding a few more a 10 Way: power adjustable driver seat, heated, front seats, a leather wrapped steering wheel, a smart key with push button start remote start wireless phone charging and automatic temperature control are all included on the basic model: front, seat, ventilation, syntax, leatherette, upholstery and changeable interior mood.

Lighting are included in the top of the line ex premium. The extensive array of standard driver aid features in particularly noteworthy blind spot collision warning forward collision avoidance lane following assist, rear cross traffic collision warning and new this year, a highway assistant as well as navigation based. Smart cruise control with curve control, stop and go, and a leading vehicle departure alert are among the more notable features even on the base car. With the infotainment system installed in the 2022 nero ev kia has hit the nail on the head. The base models. Eight inch touch screen is replaced with a 10.25 inch touchscreen display from the ex premium, which also includes navigation, sirius, xm, satellite radio and an 8 speaker harman kardon audio system with integrated subwoofer. When the cures just like heaven is blurred through the system, it just sounds so fantastic, two front, usb ports steering wheel, mounted, audio controls and bluetooth. Streaming are also included in the system. It now enables wireless android, auto and apple carplay connectivity as of this year. It seems natural and simple enough for anyone to pick up in a short period of time. The visuals are clear and the audio is good as well performance. The nero ev is powered by a single electric motor with 149 kw 291 pound feet of torque and a one speed direct drive transmission that sends power to the front wheels. The nero ev accelerates to 60 miles per hour in 6.

2 seconds faster than both the chevy bolt ev and the hyundai kona electric onwards to a top speed of 103 miles per hour. Regenerator braking which recharges the car as you brake, allows the nero ev to be driven with just one pedal. The steering wheel mounted paddles may be used to toggle between four degrees of regeneration, which should be appreciated according to test drivers. It also has a more linear brake pedal than competitors like the vw id.4, and it has a more refined ride than its competitors with less wind and road noise than the bolt ev kona, electric or tesla model y. The battery pack adds 700 pounds to the curb weight which is noticeable in the corners. Also, the extra weight helps the nero ev feel more grounded on the highway and in strong crosswinds, but it is described to fall short of curvy roads where body lean and understeer serves are continuous reminders of the extra weight carried the nhtsa has yet to conduct a Safety study on the kia niro ev, while the iihs has only tested the substantially compared hybrid models. In their analysis, they established that the nero had superior frontal collision prevention and generally good levels of safety. The nero ev should prove to be a fairly safe car. Thanks to a slew of standard driver assistance features including blind spot assistance and front collision warning battery life. The nero ev 64.0 kwh battery capacity is in line with the rest of the market, outperforming the nissan leaf matching the kona ev and falling slightly short of the bolt ev.

Yes, the electric kian nero will be able to handle the daily commute without issue, but the good news is that it also makes for a capable long distance cruiser. You may go exploring the countryside within reason, with a maximum range of 2′ miles on the city highway. Combined cycle, the nero ev gets 123 102 112 mpge according to the epa using 100 kw ccs fast charger, the 180 ah lithium ion polymer battery system can be charged up to 80 in under 60 minutes, a full charging cycle on a standard level. Two connection, on the other hand, takes nine and a half hours the nero evs battery life and equal gas efficiency make it one of the most practical electric vehicles on the road price and model range. A few minor tweaks are made to the nero ev in 2022. It now has a redesigned kia logo and additional standard technologies. Kia is known for providing excellent value for money. The 2022 kia niro will follow in the footsteps of other successful kia models like the soul, which is excellent news for buyers. The standard ex has a starting price of thirty nine thousand nine hundred and ninety dollars, thats five thousand nine hundred dollars more than the hyundai kona electrics based model, but twenty one thousand dollars less than the tesla model y long ranges base model. Youll have to pay an extra four thousand six hundred and sixty dollars for the xs premium. If you want a more premium experience, tax registration and licensing expenses, as well as kias 1175 dollar destination charge, are not included, including them would make.

The x trim cost 41. 165, the x premium trim cost 45 825. The federal tax credit for the 2022 nero eb remains at 7 500, but kia only sells the suv in a few states. Kia, along with its corporate twin hyundai, provides some of the most detailed and effective warranties available to automobile buyers. The 10 year 100 000 mile powertrain guarantee is the key selling feature, but the limited and hybrid ev component warranties also outperform what chevrolet and nissan give on the bolt and leaf, respectively. Kia, warranties are a five year or 60 000 mile limited warranty a 10 year or 100 000 mile powertrain, warranty, hybrid components have a 10 year or 100 000 mile warranty and theres no free planned maintenance. This wraps up my review of the 2022 kia nero ev. Let me know what you think of it. Thank you for sticking it out through the very end of this video. Nothing helps out my channel more than youre watching the entire video. These videos take a long time to make and are a labor of love.