, and now theres a new electric car coming from south korea to europe, but its not from a well known brand. But they have in fact been here for a long time im talking about this seongyoung kurando emotion. It will probably not immediately ring a bell when you hear about sun young, but the car manufacturer from south korea has actually been on the european marks for years now. They sell cars like the raxton, for example, but also their corondo, but not this electric version, but the regular version with a petrol or diesel engine. This is the corondo emotion. This is the electric version and, as you can see its a compact suv and from the outside this electric corando emotion looks slightly different compared to the regular version. But you probably dont know how that one looks so im just going to put a picture up on the screen so yeah. This is what the regular version looks like with a petrol or diesel engine. It is a fairly traditional grill, as you can see, but the electric version that ive got has a completely closed off grille. Well, there isnt, really any grill to speak of the wheels, are also almost completely closed off for better aerodynamics. You also get these led headlights with blue accents, and you can find these blue accents almost everywhere on the car, for example, on the mirror caps and also at the rear theres, a blue skid plate at the bottom.

At the back, you also get a sangyong logo in the center and the tail lights are connected with each other. With this aluminium strip, which has the model name engraved so grando the rear lights, they look pretty cool because they have a clear lens. This electric corondo is the most powerful version that you can get its more powerful than the diesel or the petrol version. It has front wheel drive because in the front you get an electric motor producing 190 horsepower. That does mean that you cannot get a 4×4 system on this car, but that also means that you get a lot of cargo space because theres no electric motor here in the back now, san young models are usually well known for their cargo space and also this Compact suv has plenty of space here in the back, because you got 585 liters and of course, you can also fold down the rear seats, giving you even more space and you can set the load floor in different heights. And, of course, there are some tethering points here in the back as well, and you get a 12 volt outlet here and a little light here in the back as well. Here in the back, you got plenty of room for your feet and your legs because well theres just a lot of room here: im 1 meter 80 and of course the seats are in the same seating position as how i would use them.

And i still got plenty of room left. I can almost stretch out completely quite impressive theres – also plenty of headroom here, of course, in an suv, and it doesnt really have a sloping roof line, so yeah headroom is also pretty decent. You dont get usb ports down here, which is a little bit out, but you do get a proper power socket, which is kind of cool, so you can plug in your laptop or i dont know your coffee machine here in the back. You also get these nice leather seats with perforated leather, and you can even get heated seats here as well. You also can arm rest with two cup holders, three headrests and some glossy black finish here on the door panels. The interior of the sangyong is pretty impressive. If you would have told me that this was a kia or a hyundai, i would have also believed you now, of course, if you like the look of this interior or not, is up to you, what i can tell you is that the materials and the quality In the interior is just very high, the fit and finish in the interior is overall, very good. The materials feels nice and theres a decent amount of tech. Here you get a digital gaze cluster, a large infotainment screen with apple carplay and android. Auto you get a backup camera, a wireless charger for your phone, ventilated and heated seats and a heated steering wheel as well theres.

Also many blue accents in the interior, just like on the exterior. This is after one electrified version. The seats in the armrest have blue stitching and the door panels as well, and you get this blue decorative strip that runs all the way across the dashboard into the door panels. Alright lets talk about the range of this car and what it actually cost. Of course, it kind of depends on where you live, what the car will cost in belgium. I believe its ‘ 000 euros in holland, its 40 000 euros. Now this car has a battery pack of 61.5 kilowatt hours, and the range of this car is 3’ kilometers, which is about 210 miles now, obviously, thats not a mind blowing number, but for the price, its actually pretty decent its about just a little bit more that You get in a base entry level, a kia niro with a small battery pack uh but, of course, a bit less than the e neuro with the bigger battery. And, if you add all the equipment that you get on, this car sangyong actually offers pretty good value. For money id say, the car also has some self help driving systems and the most important ones are adaptive cruise control and lane keeping assist. It also warns when you cross the line, like you just heard, uh, if you use both of the systems together. If you combine them and the car can do some semi autonomous driving uh, which is especially nice on the highway, then the car will keep itself within its lanes and the adaptive cruise control will keep its distance to the car in front of you now, like.

I said the fitted finish in the interior is pretty nice and i really like the infotainment system, its a pretty complex infotainment system, meaning theres a lot of menus, a lot of options. However, the system isnt slow, usually the more options you get in the infotainment screen. The slower it gets take, for example, all the volkswagen models. They have a really slow infotainment system. This infotainment system is pretty fast, its not as fast as a tesla infotainment system or android, auto in a pull start or a volvo car, but it is pretty fast. You got these buttons on the side of the screen, which are not physical buttons, but there are like touch sensitive buttons and if you press them, the manuals immediately start to open and if you zoom out of the navigation map, it also happens immediately. So thats really nice, while youre driving you dont, have to wait that long and youre not getting annoyed by it. What i do miss in the interior is a usbc connection, theres only one usb connection here in the front and its an old school usb, a connection which is already not relevant anymore and theres, only one of them and theres, not even a usb port. In the back, like i just told you so basically, if im correct, theres well only one usb port in this entire car, now of course, theres a 12 volt outlet. Here you get a proper power socket in the back and also 12 foot outlet.

All the way in the cargo area, but still i would much rather prefer another usb port here, and what i also dont really like, is the fact that the car can only fast charge up to 50 kilowatts, and you can hardly call that fast charging anymore. It would have been a lot better if this car could at least charge up to 100 kilowatts. So how does the car actually drive? Well, like most sun young models, its a very comfortable car? This car is not about sporty driving. However, in this car you get a low center of gravity because of the battery pack in the lower part of the car in the floor. It doesnt really tilt in a corner, but you can really notice when you go over bumps that it is more geared towards comfort, this car, so thats it for this video.