First ever pure electric suv. Before i explain everything you need to know about, it make sure you subscribe to channel switch on those notifications and if youve got any questions, do drop them below right then lets get on with it Music. So the samyang corando e motion sang youngs first, full electric car and weve been waiting quite some time for it actually uh sang young first spoke about an electric version of the korando when this generation of the crando was revealed at the geneva murder show in 2019 And its finally here and it does look quite a bit different from the standard, petrol and diesel corandos lets just talk around the exterior design, then so in difference to the petrols and diesels, you get a completely flared in front end, no grill. This nice sort of pattern where the grill would usually be if it were a petrol or a diesel car, nicely smoothed off theres some blue elements in the headlights. These headlights are completely new for this car and well talk a little bit more about that blue theme, because its its repeated elsewhere on the car weve got an emotion badge on the bumper there. So youre left in no doubt that this is the pure electric version. Weve got 17 inch alloy wheels on this car. Nice, simple, unfussy, design, weve got the charging port here. Well, talk a little bit more about that later on blue wing mirrors, thats, just thats, just the start of the blue theme with this car and then moving around to the back.

Weve got new rear light clusters, which are different from the petrol and diesel corrandos um. A new piece of trim along here where corando is proudly emblazoned on it. You dont get that on the petrol and the diesel versions, and i think it looks really quite smart actually and then the blue theme continues down here different, lower bumper treatment designed to make this car just a little bit more error, aerodynamic less drag because, of course, Drag is the enemy of any electric car, and that is the sum of the changes to the all electric corando and i have to say, i think the crando is a really good. Looking small suv normally and this pure electric version, with its smoothed off panels, just looks even better lets talk about whats under the bonnet then so youll find a 61.5 kilowatt hour battery and thats hooked up to an electric motor pang front wheels with 188 brake horsepower, Meaning this pure electric corando is the most powerful qrando you can buy now that 61.5 kilowatt hour battery gives you a range of 210 miles and the max charging speed of this car is 100 kilowatts. So it will easily take a rapid charge from a 50 kilowatt on street charger. For example, Music charging started. The crando e motion may have a slightly smaller range compared to other small suvs with a similarly sized battery. But what youve got to remember with the sangyong is its a much larger car.

It is considerably longer and taller than a kona electric and an mgzs ev, in fact its more akin to a nissan qashqai in terms of proportions. And you can really see that when you look in the boot, for example, because this electric corando still has the crando, petrol and diesels sized boot, so over 500 liters of space on offer – and one thing i really do like about the crando – are the little thoughtful Touches such as the movable boot floor now this is available on the mid spec ventura and above. If you lift up the first little section, you can hide the parcel shelf. You can even put it in that position if you want to divide your boot up as well. Lets just drop that one down. If you lift up the second one theres a space there for your charging cables and a lovely branded sang yong bag, and it means you can hide away those unsightly things like the parcel shelf and the charging cables and still have what is lets face it. A very decent sized boot, of course you can fold down the rear seats and when that parcel shelf is in its highest position, you get a completely flat loading area as well. Little tie tie down hooks in here as well. Um weve got some little hooks here to uh, hold your shopping in as well, and then on this side, weve got a little 12 volt socket and another lash down point as well.

There are some more practical touches in the back and theres easily reachable isofix points in both outer seats. Weve got a 12 volt socket in the center there to keep devices fully charged up, and i love it when car manufacturers do this. There is a handy little clip on the side here, which means that you can put the seat belt there. You can tuck the seat belt away. So when you fold down the rear seats, they dont get in the way of the seat belts really like that. Now the crowned abe motion has a real advantage in terms of the zsev and the kona electric, and that is its a much larger suv. So you get the same amount of space that you do in the petrol and diesel corrandos, and that is pretty much best in class. So there is more enough space for two six foot passengers space in the middle there for a smaller passenger um, but its the knee room on offer, which really does excel. I mean there is tons of space back here to really stretch out right then lets hop in the front inside the emotion and it looks a little bit different compared to the petrol and diesel versions of the crando, namely the blue theme on the outside is continued. On the inside, so you get a blue upper dashboard, which i happen to quite like actually theres a little bit of blue trim for the air vents and which continues across to the outer edges of the dashboard and onto the doors.

You also get this center panel, which has a graduating effect, actually its piano black, and then it moves down to this blue pattern, which i think looks quite smart talking about smart the seats now this is a mid spec ventura trim. So you get this quite nice. Snazzy upholstery with blue stitching and then over on the steering wheel. You also get blue stitching again and you get these blue sections to the multi function features as well. Now this pure electric corando, you get a completely different digital cockpit, and it does look really smart. Actually, its got a bit of a 3d effect to it, and all of your information is clearly at hand. Speed and, of course, the range lets talk about the range actually because you may be able to see down here. Ive got 99 battery and ive got 200 miles of range, so, despite it being a very chilly three degrees today, you can tell by the icicle the little snowflake there, um weve still getting the claimed sort of 200 odd miles. So that is pretty impressive. A couple of other things to mention are the paddles behind the steering wheel now uh they dont control the automatic gearbox, because, of course this is an electric car. It doesnt have a gearbox with conventional gears like in a petrol or a diesel car. Here they control the level of brake regeneration, which is great if you want to eke out the electric range, and the other thing i just want to mention is the gear lever.

Its completely new in this pure electric version looks very smart as well down here. Theres a drive mode function as well and then over here, two features which i think really do, which is. It shows that this car has been well thought out: theres an automatic locking function for the charging port. This button is a really great feature: not all electric cars in this part of the market have this, and this is pre programmable timing. So, for example, you may come home of an evening and want to put the car immediately on charge at 5 pm, for example, but you may not want the car to actually physically start charging until 1am. Perhaps youve got cheap off peak electricity, for example. So you just prod that button to a pre programmed setting you plug the current at five oclock in the evening and then the car starts charging at one am, and the only other thing to mention is the spec. Now this is a really early driver. This car sang young is still confirming all the specifications but theres going to be three versions of this car theyre, going to mirror the petrol and diesel range. The ventura is the mid spec car, and that comes with a 9 inch navigation system. This car here is equivalent to ventura spec. I should add its got fabric seats, heated seats as well. Weve got that luggage board in the back, which i mentioned, and this car comes with a charging cable as standard.

Not all electric cars come with a charging cable as standard, it should be noted and then the top spec ultimate version. Well, that comes with leather seats, theyre heated front and rear theres, an electric tailgate, heated, steering, wheel, front and rear sensors and a really good feature which you often have to spend extra on cars, like the vw id4, for example, is a heat pump and sang young Throws that in free of charge on the ultimate spec right then lets get this car out on the road. Well, then, lets start up the corrando e motion and theres a a little tune. That uh plays. That says you you may now drive the vehicle. The car is ready to go its such a different experience this because im just used to pressing the starter button and a big diesel engine uh croaks into life, but here its just complete silence, move the gear lever into drive, release the handbrake and then, as soon As you do that i dont know if you can hear it, but theres this electric kind of whir that starts and lets move off and that were increases very futuristic and techy um its such a different experience. This because ive driven many corrandos – and you know youre just so, used to having that big engine under the bonnet making a lot of noise. But here, as youd expect, it was complete and utter silence. Although having said that, just because youre driving an electric car doesnt necessarily mean youre going to have a quiet hushed, driving experience now, as i often say, on this channel electric cars, they arent always quiet.

When you take away the engine under the body, it amplifies all the other noises you, you know, your ear tends to tune into things like tire and wind noise. Now, especially at 30 miles an hour at town speeds, you can sort of pick up lots of little noises, little potholes and things, but it is super quiet, even when you like. I am now starting to quick the pacer up a little bit. It still remains very, very hushed in here um now. One thing that does immediately strike me with this emotion is sang. Young have kept the slightly stiff suspension, set up you find in the petrol and diesel carando, and i happen to like that. I quite like a little bit of a firm ride in a car um its not by no means is it uncomfortable i mean even when you do hit a pothole, you feel sort of well isolated from the actual hull, the car, doesnt, bang or crash into it. Youre just aware of of hitting a slight imperfection in the road now the big benefit to having a stiff suspension setup is it improves the body control and you find that with the emotion i mean im just coming to a corner now and throw it in and It it doesnt loll up around, like you might find in another small suv. It feels very well tied down to the z motion. Um now, weve quickened the pace up again were up to 60 miles an hour now and it does its just so impressively quiet.

Now. There are a number of drive mode settings: theres eco comfort, sport and eco plus lets were driving around in comfort mode at the moment, good balance between pretty good speed and sort of easy usability lets put it into sport. The drive mode display turns red and lets just put our foot on the throttle and yeah. It shifts thats a thats, a nice progressive throttle actually youre, not sort of hurled back into your seat sort of tesla style because trust me thats fun for around five minutes. But once you get over the wow factor being hurled back into your seat, every single time you want to accelerate onto a motorway, for example, does get pretty tiring this its got a a nice kind of throttle response, but its just not too insane. This is the steering is just a little bit uh heavier as well lets just pop it back into uh, comfort mode, really, nice digital display in this car, its a quite a big upgrade from the uh other corrandos in the range um. There are a number of different modes that you can go for. I particularly like this one where you can see the energy flow youve got your speed right in front of you and youve got the range on the right hand. Side now lets talk a little bit about brake regeneration. Now there isnt a b mode in this car. If you want to increase or reduce the amount of brake regeneration, you play with the paddles on the right hand, side if you pull the one on the left, you increase it.

There are three settings to this were in the highest setting. Now, if i take my foot off the throttle, the car pretty gradually comes to a halt, its not one mode, its, not one pedal driving at all, but it really does put the anchors on quite nicely actually lets. Take it back off again into the first setting, which is sort of the default setting just gently drive along it is so relaxing to drive being front wheel drive. The crando e motion is perfectly aligned with its rivals. Things like the kona electric and the mg. Zs ev are all front wheel drive, and that is where the market is at the moment and when you bear in mind the average daily commute is 30 miles. A car with 200 mile range is gon na, be more than adequate for most people now, im gon na have to do a full efficiency test of this car uh later on. This is a very early car in the uk and it would be unfair of me to put it through a proper efficiency test, but uh at the moment. Just uh, looking at the screen in front of me, im now down to 94 battery and ive, just clicked under 190 miles, it does seem to be sort of mile for mile the battery goes down, which is exactly what you want, isnt it and, like. I said when i got in this car it was showing three degrees the snowflake was on and yet i still had a range of 200 miles.

I was expecting a lot more battery depletion than that. So that is pretty impressive. The emotion is front. Wheel drive the four wheel: drive version of the crando remains the preserve of the diesel version, and this is exactly where the market is value for money front wheel, driven 200 mile odd small suvs, its going to be whether the competition is going to be at its Most fierce in 2022.. So what do i think to this pure electric sanyonkarando then well with prices, starting at 31.995, its on the money it just comes under the new government plug in car grant threshold of 32 000 pounds, its got a 200 odd mile range and its incredibly well equipped, Especially the top spec car things like the heat pump are thrown in free of charge, which manufacturers higher up the pricing scale such as volkswagen and skoda, for example, dont throw those items in so its on the money in terms of the money its on the money. In terms of the specification and when you throw in the fact that there is plenty of space on offer here, this sanyonkarando emotion may well be one of 2022s best value electric cars thats it for this very short, video review of this pure electric corando. I hope to be able to drive it a little bit longer uh very soon, but if youve liked this video, please do subscribe to the channel switch on the notification button and if youve got any questions at all, do drop them in the comments box.