It looks great, but a 100 mile driving range makes this little electric a tough sell in todays market. We, like the 2022 mazda mx 30 ev, and we think you will too provided youre willing to sift through a 55 gallon drum brimmed with caveats, stipulations, warnings and provisos. One notable asterisk is the fact, only 560 examples of the 2022 mazda mx 30 electric car will come to the u.s between now and the end of the year, all of which will be offered exclusively in the electric elysium, that is california, not a resident of the Golden state theres an mx 30 out there for you, yet just be patient. Well, even the 560 folks that do nab a 2022 mazda mx 30 ev will have to exercise more patience, a different kind of patience than they might like. Mazdas first production foray into the blossoming electric car space carries a range of just 100 miles, so plug in and plug. In often mazda builds this handsome compact electric crossover as a commuter car, aimed at the average commuter who, according to mazda market research, only covers 30 miles a day. By that logic, a 100 mile range is more than triple. The average buyers needs forget road trips. The 2022 mazda mx 30ev might beat this curated canvassing by three to one odds, but one hundred miles of range in a car that begins at thirty four thousand six hundred forty five dollars is a tough sell in an electric car market Music, where similarly priced competitors, Like the chevrolet bull, duv and hyundai kona, electric double that distance and add around an extra 50 miles for good measure: Music, the mx 30 doesnt blow mines with charge speed either its 35.

5 kilowatt hour battery pack charges from 5 to 80 percent and 36 minutes. On a level 350 kilowatt fast charger for level 2 bring a book, the same charge range takes just shy of 3 hours. Those stats were all right for 2015, not great for 2021 brand reps told us. The goal was to avoid building a battery on wheels. Job done on that part as theres barely any battery on which to mount said rollers. It also claimed the smallish battery size was chosen over a presumably larger battery pack for weight savings. Yes, just imagine the weight of a battery with 300 miles of range, but er also imagine the sales, less substance, more style. Everything else with the 2022 mx30ev is chic and cheerful in typical mazda fashion, particularly the tidy styling and excellent footwork. While on the move, if you couldnt guess the mx30 takes much of its structural bones from the cx 30, so the general swept back origami edge proportions are familiar. The new mx30s exterior duds are quite sharp. They look very much like someone slimed the cx 30, with a coat of pureed volvo xc 40 and hyundai ioniq 5., more so than any crossover coupe, the mx30 nails, the not a two door, two door look with the return of reverse opening freestyle doors. Last seen on the bygone rx 8 speaking of mazdas rich apex, sealed past a tiny rotary engine range extender is possibly bound for the plug in hybrid variant.

If it comes to pass, the mx 30 will be the first dorito engine car sold on our shores. In about a decade when it drops cover sometime next year, well, we hope mazda remains on forthcoming as to when this more practical mx30 will make landfall, but were thinking good thoughts, Music electric. Only for now the 80.9 kilowatt front motor is all you get for propulsion. It delivers 143 horsepower and a flat 200 foot pounds to play with compare that to the cx 30 standard 2.5 liter four cylinder with 186 horsepower and 186 foot pounds and the optional turbo 2.5 liters 250 horsepower and 320 foot pounds. Frustratingly mazda sells the mx30 in its japanese home market with a mild hybrid 2.0 liter drivetrain a setup. We dearly wish we could sample here in burger land. It really is a shame. As the 2022 mazda mx30 evs aesthetics are wonderful. The interior continues. The apparent japanese scandinavian, mashup interspersing, recognizable mazda structure and presentation with sustainable materials like reclaimed fabric and trim spun from recycled plastic bottles theres a healthy amount of cork trim on the floating center console and door grips too an offbeat and very welcome material choice. But here its simply a thin app leak over plastic scandinavia via japan. All this stuff feels worthy of the high ish price. Ignoring for the moment, if you can, the limited range in our loaded out premium, plus example niceties like a bose sound system and heated steering wheel, impressed, as did a suite of driver, assist systems that includes active blind spot, assist and front cross traffic alert.

Two firsts for mazda, a new center console mounted touchscreen display offered climate controls, a conspicuous contrast to the decidedly non touch infotainment screen on the center of the dash top a setup still controlled by a large knob on the center tunnel. All this clean cool finery comes without the nasty buzz and nash of a four cylinder engine weve previously found mazda four cylinders to being congressly coarse when compared with the same vehicles, finispin, chassis and upscale interior in blunter terms, its usually the worst part about the whole Experience youll find none of that roughness in the mx 30ev. It seems. Mazda still goes hmm in 2021 with nothing but the familiar gentle thumb of the front mounted motor and the soft tones of the acoustic overlay that seems piped in on every modern electric car mazda. In motion the mx 30 drives like a mazda 2. It steers stops and slaloms with poison characteristic of its designated segment. We had precious few miles on one of orange countys, many canyon roads whose path appears more scribbled than sweeping, but the merits of mazdas hard work shines through even in congested city environments, the manufacturer reworked its trick.