First, the chevy bolt the bolt has a 66 kilowatt hour battery with 200 horsepower and 266 pound feet of torque. It gets 417 kilometers, 259 miles of the ev range and its front wheel, drive only the most attractive thing about the bolt is the starting price in canada is just over thirty eight thousand dollars. Thirty one thousand dollars in the u.s so lets go through the high and low points of each vehicle. What does the bull have going for it? Well, the volt is a great vehicle. It offers a smooth ride. I mean zach, you and i are a big fan of it. The only problem with it is that there were a lot of recalls. We put out our video that week on the chevy bolt and the battery started catching fire. This has been a problem for gm, so gm is focusing on, hopefully fixing all of the existing vehicles in the marketplace before they start a production again in february. The date is now pushed back to february. The good news is, hopefully thatll all be fixed and people will be able to get these cars because we think it really does a fantastic job as a little city, urban runabout for the price. It really is kind of hard to beat if it doesnt catch fire. Now its only a front wheel drive option, but in some parts of the u.s and in canada it might work fine with a great set of winter tires or if you live in a place like florida or california.

This video is brought to you by canada, drives shop online for your next used vehicle and enjoy the convenience of two year door, delivery and the confidence of a seven day, love it or return. It guarantee visit to learn more. The next vehicle on our list were going alphabetically by the way is the hyundai ioniq 5. lets find out more about this. The entry level ionic 5 standard range comes with a smaller 58 kilowatt hour. Battery and rear wheel drive only. It has 168 horsepower and 258 pound feet of torque with 354 kilometers 220 miles of ev range. There is a rear, wheel, drive long range with a 77.4 kilowatt hour. Battery 225 horsepower 258 pound feet of torque, but it offers 488 kilometers or 303 miles of range and finally, the all wheel drive long range model. It has the most power and the larger battery 320 horsepower and 446 pound feet of torque. It gets 414 kilometers 256 miles of ev range, so the base rear wheel, drive model starts at just under 45, 000, canadian, just under 40 000 us the base all wheel, drive long range model is just under 55, 000, canadian and just over 47 000. Us all right some high and low points of the ioniq. Well, obviously, it has a wonderful drive to it. Its really smooth – and i love the regenerative braking where you can control it with paddle shifters at the steering wheel. Doesnt have a lot of ground clearance.

It really sits quite low. A lot of people argue its not a crossover, its really just a hatchback. It is long though, so i guess it does kind of fall into the crossover category. Thats really one of the only downsides on this one, but i like the range on it. I, like the charging capacity of it all around its a great ev. The next one is the mazda for americans thats, a mazda mx30 lets get into the stats. The mx 30 has a 35.5 kilowatt hour battery with 143 horsepower and 200 pound feet of torque. It gets up to 161 kilometers 100 miles of ev range front. Wheel drive only the starting price in canada is just over forty two thousand dollars in the united states, its just thirty three and a half thousand dollars. The top trim is just over forty seven thousand canadian and the top trim in the us is thirty. Six and a half thousand dollars all right things. We like and dont like about this one, one of thems, pretty obvious andrew. You want to start with the dislike first yeah. Well, theres, two things: okay, the range obviously like are we back in the time when the leaf came out, come on mazda and also only a front wheel, drive option and also the rear doors are kind of weird. What we do like about it, though beautiful interior, and you know what it drives pretty well yeah it drives really well.

I think that is the shining star when it comes to the drive, because you know what it kind of feels a bit like a gas model. The next one, some controversy around the name is the ford mustang machi lets get into the specs. The mustang maki has both rear wheel, drive and all wheel, drive options, standard range and extended range standard range models have a 68 kilowatt hour battery the rear wheel, drive model has 266 horsepower 355 kilometers 230 miles of ev range. All wheel, drive models have 325 kilometers 210 miles of ev range. The extended range models get a larger battery 88 kilowatt hour battery and the rear wheel. Drive models have 290 horsepower, but 475 kilometers or 300 miles of eevee range. If you get the larger battery with all wheel drive, the power goes up to 346 horsepower and the range is 425 kilometers or 277 miles with the maquis. You have to pay for all the extras. If you want all wheel, drive itll cost you 3500, canadian. 2700. Us and the extended range is 7 000, canadian, five thousand u.s. You cannot get the extended range on the base model. The base model in canada is fifty and a half thousand dollars thats, just under forty three thousand dollars u.s, and it goes all the way up with the gt performance edition for just under 83, 000, canadian or just under 60 000. Us all right lets get into the things we like and the things we dislike.

I think i, like the look of it. Oh looks beautiful. I think its one of the best looking evs out there now the dislike. The name is really controversial, but i think thats kind of past now that its been out for a while people are just kind of getting used to it, and i also think they needed to promote this maki and they thought hey lets, throw the mustang name into It and guess what it got: a lot of publicity because of it yeah, so the f 150 is the most recognized nameplate for ford number two is mustang: they went with mustang now i do have a complaint about the suspension, its the rebound rate of the shock Absorbers big heavy battery, the shock absorbers and the springs compress and then, when they rebound the back end can buck around. I noticed it right away and its all. I could think about you, you didnt mind it, though i actually liked it, and i applaud ford for coming out with a vehicle with this type of suspension, especially with the mustang name attached. I think that if you live in quebec or in areas where you have some pretty rough roads, its not going to give you that smooth ride that youre looking for in an eevee, i think its quite unique. I think actually it does give a smooth thats. Why theyre doing it to smooth out the bumps? I dont know its a its a calibration of the suspension i dont like, and i couldnt get my head around it.

Zach didnt, like a lot of things about the mustang maki, even the air vents making his fingers cold so its its, not a favorite of zach, full disclosure, we own two porsches so were kind of fans of the brand next up is the tycon lets get into The stats the tycons power comes from a 93 kilowatt hour battery with 522 to 750 horsepower and 479 to 774 pound feet of torque, depending on the trim it offers 325 to 400 kilometers of ev range with standard. All wheel drive put your seat belts on here. Comes the price the 4s starts at just under a hundred and twenty thousand canadian or a hundred and four thousand dollars u.s the top ticon turbo s is two hundred and fourteen thousand dollars in canada. A hundred and eighty five thousand dollars in the u.s well well. Well, what do we like and dislike about this theres a lot to like theres? Mostly? I think we like i mean whats there not to like drives like a typical ev smooth, but, oh so quick. We did launch control and take a look at this. You can feel it again Applause. The other thing is youre. Getting porsche build quality on the inside. It really is expensive, but you kind of feel like youre, getting that on the inside on the downside, andrea uh, two things, the back seat is really small. Considering this is a fairly large car and then the suspension, the air suspension you didnt, love it yeah, it kind of made me feel a little bit nauseous.

I dont know if it was because its just so smooth or so fast, but by the end of the day i felt a little bit sick and also our son. He was almost six two. I drove him to work in it um. He didnt seem that impressed by it. He found that the front seat was quite uncomfortable and he didnt have enough space. What its, not that big next is the best selling electric car in north america. The tesla model y lets get into the specs the model y. All wheel drive has a 75 kilowatt hour battery. The long range model has 384 horsepower and 531 kilometers 318 miles of ev range. If you get the performance model, the power is 450 horsepower, 488 kilometers or 303 miles of eevee range. The long range starts at just under 77, 000, canadian or 61 000 us. The performance model is just over 85, 000, canadian and just under 64 000 u.s. The best thing about the model y is the ev range, the power and the charging infrastructure and, of course, lets not forget about all that technology. On the downside, the interior materials are really not up to the price tag. The ride is not adaptive for the price theyre charging for this vehicle. If you compare it to internal combustion engines. I know you people hate when we do that, but when you do compare it at that same price point youre getting fully adaptive suspensions and it isnt available in the model y and after getting in the ioniq 5.

We had just reviewed the model. Why? The difference in fit and finish of the interior is really noticeable. Now were almost done with our list at the end were getting into our category. Showdown next up is the volkswagen id4. The id4 has an 82 kilowatt hour battery the rear wheel. Drive model has 201 horsepower and 400 kilometers 260 miles of ev range. When you add the dual motor all wheel, drive you get 302 horsepower, you dont lose much range 386 kilometers 249 miles. The base rear wheel, drive model starts at just under 45, 000, canadian and just under 41 000 us the base, all wheel drive model is just under 50, 000, canadian and 44 and a half thousand u.s the top all wheel. Drive trim in canada is just under 58 000 and just over 50 000 in the us one of my favorite things about the id4 is the way it looks. It looks like a conventional suv. This could easily be the new tiguan, for example, but no its electrified. So people who are migrating from say a tiguan into this its familiar. It is – and i also like the price point that all wheel drive model starting at just under 50 000.. Canadian is a great price point: theres a lot of value there. If you didnt want to get those extra features, theres an eight thousand dollar package in canada that you can add on, i think youd be fine with the one under fifty thousand.

Next is an electric vehicle that can easily be mistaken for its gas sibling. The xc40 recharge it has a 78 kilowatt hour battery with 402 horsepower and 486 pound feet of torque. It gets about 359 kilometers 223 miles of ev range. Volvo has just increased the range in its new model and volvo has also adjusted the starting price. By about five thousand dollars and now starts at just under sixty thousand canadian and just over fifty five thousand dollars u.s, if you want to get a vehicle that is as close to a gas model as it gets, youve got to get this recharge. It has the exact same kind of look on the outside and the inside. The only difference really on the outside is the grill is slightly different and you get a frunk which is kind of cool, but the inside is exactly the same, and you give up nothing when it comes to space. I think it was really smart that volvo reduced the price on this. I wonder if it just wasnt selling very well. It was priced much too high at 65, 000, canadian, so its nice to see so those are the electric vehicles weve driven recently. Now we get into the showdown lets start with best range. Well, that goes to the model y. The tesla model y, all wheel, drive long range with 531 kilometers 318 miles just want to clarify these. Are the vehicles weve driven yeah, the model s plaid? We have not driven yet so the next category is most powerful, so we broke it down in first, second and third, because its pretty obvious that the ticon is going to win with up to 750 horsepower second goes to the model y performance with 450 horsepower and Third is the volvo xc40 recharge with 402 horsepower, so you probably noticed when we went through the prices of each of these theyre expensive theres one exception thats the bolt at 38 000.

So people are looking for rebates its actually easier to go through the vehicles that dont qualify for rebates. The tyconn model y and xc40 recharge do not qualify for the federal ev rebates in canada. However, in the u.s, the xc40 recharge and tyconne do qualify for the tax credit up to 7 500 u.s. So our final category is best value now were not just going strictly on. Price were going on, a combination of features range size and all of that kind of stuff. So whats the first pick well, the all wheel, drive id4 is priced really well at just under 50 000. with the federal rebate as well as some provincial rebates that you might qualify for. You can really get that price down to make it a little bit more affordable, plus its a size of vehicle that people like and thats what most people buy are compact suvs. It has better ground clearance than say the ionic 5 and it has a useful back seat and cargo area, its actually a well designed product, and i think for the money it might be the one to beat whats next, the chevy bolt. Yes, it only offers a front wheel, drive option, but if you want to get into the ev market in canada, you can get one for just over 38 000 and in the us just over 31 000. This is a great price point and over 400 kilometers of ev range, its a real snappy view, thats a great little fun car to drive in the city.

Every time i drive when i go, this is so much fun its zippy. You can park it anywhere. The downside, the recalls, as we talked about hopefully general motors – will get through this and come out the other side and the other one is general motors. Has some new electric vehicles theyre going to be announcing over the next few years? I really hope that theyre going to keep this price strategy or theyre focused on price, because thats really whats going to get people into electric cars right now. This is the best value and to wrap things up. Another great one is the ioniq 5.. It offers a lot of value that all wheel, drive model starts at just under fifty five thousand dollars, canadian in just over forty seven thousand u.s. Now we didnt put the model y on there, because in canada the starting price is seventy seven thousand dollars. Thats luxury car territory were looking for value here and yes, it is the best seller, but its obviously appealing to people who would probably be buying a mercedes. An audi or something like that and theyre getting a tesla in the u.s. The pricing is much closer for the tesla model y and the ionic five, and if you consider tesla to be a luxury brand, you might make that stretch an extra three thousand dollars u.s to buy the model y all right. So there is our showdown. Hopefully you liked it got.

Some information were hoping to get more electric cars. Our big struggle where we are, is actually getting our hands on them. Its a struggle for everybody, theres limited supply and theres certainly demand out there. So as soon as we get our hands on one, we will cover it. We are looking forward to all these new vehicles coming our way. The kia ev6 is a big one should come out in the spring. Genesis has a great plan in place, as does cadillac yeah theres lots coming so were going to be busy all right. If you want to follow along on instagram, its motormouth underscore andrea, shes, much busier on instagram than me and uh. If you want to do what andrea whats the next thing, oh you got ta subscribe and hit that notification bell youll be notified when all of our reviews drop, we put out a lot of content each week. This video is brought to you by canada, drives shop online for your next used vehicle and enjoy the convenience of to your door delivery and the confidence of a seven day, love it or return. It guarantee visit canadadrives.