The enyak iv uses volkswagen group ev technology to good effect based around the wolfsburg conglomerates, advanced meb, electrified platform. It sets new standards for the brand in terms of quality, but the old attributes of value and practicality remain. Take cost range and space into account, and this is a difficult package to better in the segment for mid sized crossover evs. You ease away in an enyak rather than needing to moderate the kind of frantic forward thrust, which does seem more normal in an electric vehicle. These days that doesnt really suit any two ton suv and it certainly wouldnt suit this skoda, the relaxed drive dynamics of which its immediately clear are geared towards lowering the heart rate rather than raising it, which, of course, maximizes drive range its quoted at 256 miles. For this 62 kilowatt hour, enyak iv60 model, the one that most customers choose, it uses a 180 ps rear mounted electric motor. The range is 326 miles. If you go for the larger 82 kilowatt hour. Battery of the alternative, anyak iv 80 model, which has a 204 ps rear mounted motor but which can also be had in all wheel, drive form with an extra front mounted motor and that boosts power to either 256 or 299 ps. And that depends on your selection. Between the atx and vrs versions available in that format, most nx, though, will be rear, driven and rear motor a format not seen on skoda since the brands budget models of the 60s and 70s, and one that benefits this car enormously in town, where it offers an Impressively tight 10.

2 meter turning circle beyond the city limits. Traction is impressive, but theres a bit more body roll through the turns than youd get with the alternative, volkswagen, cupra and audi versions of this same vw group design. The payoff for that, though, is a much better standard of ride, with suppleness over poor surfaces and speed humps, which is quite honestly unbettered in this class and is far superior to most rivals. Charging for the 60 series model takes 9 hours, 30 minutes to 100, using a 7.4 kilowatt garage wall box, itll be 12 hours, 45 minutes for the 80 series version find the 100 kilowatt public rapid charger, and you can replenish either variant from 10 to 80. In about 34 minutes were told that the look of this car is bold, futuristic and immediately recognizable as a skoda. Well, that rather depends on what you expect skoda to be its safe to say that until quite recently, this isnt, the kind of thing youd expect to find in one of the checkmaker showrooms, were now in a new era, though one enthusiastically embraced here by oliver stefanis Design team who set out to create a powerfully elegant, full electric family suv. It certainly makes a statement here at the front. Now a grill may be unnecessary to call an ev, but modern automotive design looks ugly without it and with this hexagonal appendage, flanked by angular, led headlights, skoda has gone all out its from the side that you realize the anyak is a larger, slightly more upmarket thing Than say a nissan leaf, or a kia e nero the near 4.

7 meter length positions, it closer in size to skodas, spacious, octavia and the wheels between 19 and 21 inches in size. The largest ever fitted as standard to a skoda remind you that this is the vw groups, check alternative to an id4, not an id3, a bit like its cousin, the audi q4 e tron. This skoda is available both in this conventional form and also with a separate body style, offering a slightly sportier silhouette in that sportback style, its called the enyak coupe. A closer glance at the rear reveals why the more swept back option was needed. This conventional version would look quite practical and boxy if it were not for the way that this tailgates framed by this matte black roof spoiler enough with the outside lets, take a look in the cabin, and this is going to be nothing like anything. Youll ever have experienced in a skoda before either in terms of quality or design. For a start, youre left pleasantly confused as to exactly what kind of car this actually is. Thanks to the way that the slightly raised seating height of a crossover has been somehow combined with a windscreen which pushes so far forward that youd think you were in a big mpv, then theres dashboard, which is unusually contoured in a series of layers. Its all really very up market, yet combustion engine converts will feel instantly at home with none of the rather weird and futuristic trimming and design flourishes that are championed by some rivals in this segment.

Otherwise, once youve worked out, the start button is actually hidden down here. On the steering column and that the transmission is marshaled by this tiny button between the seats, your first impressions of this cabin are going to be centered around its screen technology. Now the enyak iv ignores the current trend for portrait center displays, but this 13 inch landscape orientated monitor, is still fashionably. Big north, thankfully, has skoda been tempted to follow the tesla trend for mounting driving instruments onto it. These sit instead in a conventionally binacled color screen that you view through this steering wheel here what else, while the seats are just as good as they look too theyre, generously, proportioned and theyre very supportive and theres loads of storage space. Thanks to this vast open 11.4 litre area below the lower center console deep carpeted door bins, and this big 6.2 liter storage box between the seats so lets head rearwards and check out whats in store for those on the back seat, get settled in back here and As usual in a skoda, youll find legroom thats difficult to better in the segment two six footers could sit comfortably behind a couple of front seat occupants of the same size. This is also a wider cabin than you might expect. A mid sized suv to be able to provide and with no central transmission tunnel here to obstruct things. Our three adults could actually fit reasonably easily into the back of this.

Car were going to finish with a look at the boot which, by the way, youll have to use for all significant cargo storage because, unlike some other rival, evs in this class, theres no extra luggage room in the nose of the car thats taken up by the Air conditioning system and the power electrics for the driveline once everythings raised up here at the back, a big 585 litre space is revealed despite the presence of an electric motor under the floor here, which eliminates the possibility of having the usual underfloor central storage area or Of course, any kind of spare wheel you do, though, get this deep, narrow well beneath the cargo bases leading edge into which the charging leads can just about be stored once the rear bench is retracted, theres up to 1710 liters of capacity up to roof height. For us, the anyak iv represents the sweet spot in the family, eevee market, or at least it does in this eniac iv60 form. In this guys, your ev buying or leasing proposition is super sized. The kind of money that would normally get you something family, hatch shaped uh here gets you a car sized more closely to models in the pricey class above a volkswagen id4 sized model for the price of a little id3. You might say – and you wont be too far – wrong. Skoda has certainly made very good use of that same german engineering here, although it is annoying that the drive modes and the adjustable brake regeneration, puddle systems which come with it, are absent here.

Unless you pay extra or you choose the bigger battery, a typical skoda customer might not mind that, though, or the rather relaxed way, that this car goes about its business on the road. The enyak iv is supposed to open up a fresh era for this checkmaker, and perhaps it does future evs from this brand may well be a little more skoda like, but this one sets a trend. We hope those forthcoming models will follow, that of offering more for less its an approach which has characterized this company for as long as we can remember and were pleased its being continued here.